Hey. I just had to do this for an assignment, but I felt like posting it. Enjoy.


And all around the ark an orange light was growing.

And there was no water.

There was only fire.

David groaned as he woke up. He sat up and looked around, wondering what had happened. Was it all a dream? Or… could it have been reality? There! There was Zanna… but wasn't her name Rosa? It couldn't possibly be true, and yet, it felt right. Like they were both her name. And close to her, there lay Arthur (or was it Harlan?), Elizabeth, Lucy (Penny?), Tam, Bergstrom (StrØmberg?), and all the others that had somehow been involved, here on Earth, and in that seeming reality, that he felt was real, but couldn't quite be sure. Some were peaceful looking, while others wore troubled expressions. David seemed to have been the first to stir, out of that world of fire. If he recalled correctly, it had apparently engulfed them, and there had appeared to be a pause, as if the world had been waiting for something, and that had been when he woke.

David's watch beeped and he jumped, startled. Hurriedly, he flipped the watch open to receive the call from G'Oreal. He felt his eyes transforming into a scalene shape: dragon's eyes. After all, he had been illumined with a dragon: Grockle, to be exact.

What has happened, G'Lant? What went wrong? Demanded G'Oreal.

The Fire Eternal destroyed Earth, I think, but we were sent to another world. Co:pern:ica, it was called. David replied.Although, now it seems we are back on Earth, and in our original forms. G'Oreal thought for a bit.

Find your i:lumminis, G'lant. We need you to come to the Wearle. There is trouble brewing… and it is to do with the sibyl, Gwilanna. David sighed. Orders were orders, but he didn't want to leave his friends - and family – alone.

David called for Grockle, as they could easily communicate mind-to-mind. Then, he sat down and waited, as Grockle could come first, or the others could wake up. Not that that was likely, as Grockle was a fast flier. As all dragons were. After waiting for half an hour – Grockle had been in Antarctica when David called him – Grockle arrived, breaking out of the clouds, and hovering above where David sat, ready to merge with him and become G'Lant, the fain i:lumminus. David rose, and Grockle's wings enveloped him, with David seeming to disappear as he merged with Grockle. With one last glance at the humans, G'Lant rose into the sky, heading towards the Arctic, where the Wearle were situated.

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