Toy Story: Enchanted

Cert: K+-T

Summery: Woody lost the love he loved the most. He turns to Jessie who comforts him. Something unexpected happens and changes their friendship. They deicide to hide it from Buzz. When he finds out, what will Jessie do? Who will she choose? Who is her enchanted boy?

NOT A SONG FIC (But the Taylor Swift song was the inspiration though. LOL). :-

I'm gonna stop yapping now. PIXAR OWNS Toy Story.

Woody was heart-broken. Sure he'd seen toys come and go but this was different. Pretty much everyone knew why. He hadn't spoken to anyone in the last few days. Woody slumped lower into the storage box where everyone was. He let a few tears run.

"Woody?" a soft female voice asked. A strand of familiar red hair floated past him.

"What?" Woody asked wincing that that came out a little sharper than needed. Jessie looked at Woody and sat closer to him.

"I know what heartbreak feels like. I've experienced it. It's okay to cry," Jessie whispered. She put her arm around Woody. "It's okay." Woody put his arm around Jessie.

"I know. I miss Bo though. I loved her since I first laid eyes on her in January '95. I have no-one," Woody mumbled.

"You have me…"Jessie replied. Woody glanced at her. Jessie blushed. "Not what I meant. I meant you have me as a friend and everyone else! That's what I meant!" The cowboy and cowgirl laughed.

"You're a good friend Jess. I'm glad I got kidnapped by Al. If I didn't I would never have meant 2 brilliant best friends- as well as Buzz." They sat there in comfortable silence. Suddenly, footsteps entered the room and 4 male voices yelled. Andy must have his friends round. Woody thought. He wanted to feel loved again and he thought the hurt couldn't be healed. COULD IT?

^-^' yh sorry for the length. Anyone who has a computer that goes bluescreen knows it goes wrong. I am managing 2 stories: this one and Falling For Someone (victorious.)