A short quarrel based on an argument involving me and my friend who had a similar 'discussion' to this.
Set before 40th Day. Enjoy.

"Man I can't wait for my next pay check, gonna go buy me a bunch of nice things" grinned Salem thinking about all the nice new things he was going to treat himself to.
"I'm gonna get a bunch of new things, maybe do my car up some more, go and do some well deserved clubbing..." he counted with his fingers whilst listing off his materialistic wants.
"You know you really should be a bit less hasty with your money Salem" piped in Rios flipping through one of Salem's military gear magazines he had sitting on the table.
"Bro you need to stop worrying so much, I know what I'm doing, there's nothing wrong with having a bit of harmless fun, it's not like I don't have backup cash" retorted Salem in a carefree manner as he rummaged his kitchen cupboard for something to eat.
"All I'm saying is you need to be thoughtful of the future, have something to rely on instead of wasting it"
Salem looked at Rios in a similar fashion to that of someone who just got robbed of the last bit of cake, speaking of which Salem realized he had eaten the last piece of the delicious mud cake he bought the other day.

"I'm not wasting it, I'm just having fun, something you wouldn't know anything about" pouted Salem.
Rios was still keeping a level head.
"Just because I'm not as young and reckless as you doesn't mean I don't know how to have fun, I'm simply looking out for you"
"You're such a mother"
There was a brief few seconds of bewildered silence.
"A mother?" Rios was slightly confused.
"Yeah. You're always giving me lectures about everything. 'Salem don't do that', 'Salem stop being immature' 'Salem you should think more about your future'"
"I'm just trying to be helpful and keeping you from making stupid mistakes" protested Rios starting to lose his cool.
"Dude you're such a party pooper! You wouldn't know fun if hit you in the face, you always gotta make things serious and worry about the consequences or whatever, just live for the moment!" sneered Salem beginning to raise his voice.
"At least I care about my future finances! At least I make sure I have enough to pay everything off and don't go blowing my cash at every opportunity!"
That comment drilled.
"Whatever man, the way I see it, is that we could die any day, especially with our line of work, and with that in mind I want to live everyday with as much fun as possible with no regrets"
As much as Rios wanted to disagree he knew Salem had a point. Life's too short to worry.

"You're right..."
"I... wait, what? Did you just agree with me?" replied a shocked Salem.
"I wouldn't say 'agreed' but you raise a good point"
There was a moment of silence as the conversation went through both men's thoughts.
"I'm sorry bro" mumbled Salem.
"No I'm sorry for not minding my own business. It's your money you do what you want with it" Rios humbly replied, as much as he didn't want to admit.
"Don't beat ya self up man, you're right, I do need to take a look at my money issues" said Salem also taking some advice from Rios.
"Yeah man, truce. Let's go grab a beer hey?"
"I'd like that".