OMG, you guys. This is it. The final chapter of the short little story of Audrey Winchester. I must say, although this story wasn't my personal favorite, I loved writing Sam with a daughter. Thanks to everyone who so much as read this story, you really mean a lot to me! :) Without further ado...


So we've been outnumbered, raided and now cornered
It's hard to fight when the fight ain't fair
We're getting stronger now from things they never found
They might be bigger but we're faster and never scared

But here's something in your eyes says we can beat this

'Cause these things will change, can you feel it now?
These walls that they put up to hold us back will fall down
It's a revolution, the time will come for us to finally win
-Change, Taylor Swift

"Bobby... Make it stop..." Dean whispered childishly. The tears were falling freely down his face as he watched his brother- back arching and body twitching.

"Dean, we have to let it stop on it's own. I'm sure it's almost over." Like clockwork, Sam's body became limp and Dean rushed over to kneel beside him. Sam's eyes were closed, his mouth slightly open as he breathed raggedly.

"Sammy," Dean brushed Sam's bangs away from his closed eyelids. "Don't worry. I'll figure this out."


The cry was barely noticeable at first, as Dean and Bobby had come to ignore all sounds outside of Sam or their research. "I'll get it." Bobby slammed his book closed and stood up. "Coming, shorty." He called as he pulled Audrey out of her crib.


"I know. But let's get you changed."

Dean tuned out everything but the screen in front of him as he scoured the internet, save anxious glances at his unconscious brother. If he didn't find anything to summon Luna by morning, he didn't know what he'd do. Hospitalize Sam? Risky, but possible. Hopefully not necessary. He decided to put his faith in Bobby's supply of suspicious items.

He spoke up. "Bobby. How easy's it to find the heart of a raccoon buried on Friday the 13th, aged ten years?"

"Wih that sort of description, like finding a needle in a stack of fake needles, but anything for Sam."

Dean smiled. For the first time things were looking up.

"Mmm... D'n..." Dean shot up and looked around. Sam's eyes were partially open and he moved his hand lethargically to wrap around his abdomen.

"Sam!" Dean practically ran over, checking Sam's temperature and other vitals. "101. Good job, kid, you're fighting it like a Winchester."

Sam smiled feebly. "Audrey?" He asked, but Dean shook his head. "Sorry, dude. We do not want her getting sick."

"But what about you?"

"What about me?" Dean retorted.

"You could get sick, too."

Dean paused. "Yeah, well I'm not sure that's the kind of contagious I'm worried about. We know Luna's after you two, but don't worry. We found a summoning ritual."

"Really?" Sam sounded relieved, but not for himself. "Audrey'll be safe."

Dean nodded. "That's the goal."

"Uh, Dean?" Bobby called from the other room. "Audrey needs a change."

"Spare diapers next to the bed." Dean answered, not looking up from Sam.

"I don't know how to change diapers!" Bobby argued. Dean sighed and stood up.

"You okay, Sammy?"

Sam nodded. When Dean came back he'd ask for something. He felt achy all over and despite the shivers, he was burning up. Not to mention the headache. But Sam was oblivious to what had happened early. Dean wasn't going to mention the seizure to him, though. For one, he didn't think he could even explain it himself, and two, he didn't want to worry Sam about anything. They were going to fix this.

Dean changed Audrey's diaper slowly, teaching the process to childless Bobby so he didn't have to be the only one to change her from now on.

Bobby was nodding to everything, trying to take in all the steps. "Sorry about this, Bobby." Dean apologized when Bobby raised his eyebrows about the complexity and gave a sigh.

"No, Dean. I... never wanted a kid, you know. But, uh," Audrey beamed up, clean and happy. "This one's changing my mind." There was a pause as each man stood contemplating the other's perspective, but it passed quickly.

"I'll go find that raccoon heart, okay?" Bobby smiled stiffly as Dean walked out.

Dean made his way to the computer quietly when he noticed Sam was asleep, but stopped when he saw his little brother's eyes slide open. "Dean? Painkiller?" The medicine was siphoned out and into his hand, as was a glass of water and a straw to swallow.

"Better?" Dean asked. Sam avoided the question.

"Uh, Dean?" Bobby called from the other room. "Audrey's burning up!" Sam sat straight, instigating an immediate coughing fit.

"Calm down." Dean kept his hand protectively on his brother's back. "I-I'm sure it's fine..." Dean forced Sam back down adamantly. "I'm sure she's fine..." He repeated, his voice barely audible.


"Bobby. Find that heart." Sam heard from the other room. He could hear the sounds of unwrapped packages and rustling as Dean figured out just how serious Sam's daughter's sickness was and how to medicate her. Audrey was crying louder as she dealt with the hot uncomfortableness and by the time Dean came back into the room, Sam was clutching the sheets, white-knuckled and teeth clenched.

"Dean. Please." He croaked. Dean softened and complied, gently handing the girl to her father. Sam laid back in the pillows, holding her close. The instant Audrey made contact with Sam, the crying lessened.

Bobby was outside making a call and Dean was at the computer, so Sam didn't hesitate when Jessica's eyes looked up from Audrey. "So much like your mother." He whispered.

Tearing up, he rocked her back and forth, but he held her away when he felt the beginnings of a cough in the bottom of his throat. The first cough escaped loudly and Audrey's noise level increased.

"Dean-" Sam managed, and the layers of pain showed on his face as he used his newly freed hands to press against the stabbing pain in his chest. Gauntly pale, Sam closed his eyes and allowed a single tear to escape, marking a track down his cheek.


"You're not gonna believe your luck!" Bobby began, closing the paint-chipped door behind him. "My buddy, Rufus, actually has one. He was planning to use it on an Otapi later this week but he said if I was willing to drive up I could have it."

Dean managed a twitch on the corner of his mouth. "What about the other things?"

Bobby glance over the list Dean had given him. "Shouldn't be too hard." He finally answered. "I'll head out as soon as possible. Go to my place, grab what we need, and get the heart from Rufus. Hopefully I'll be back by tomorrow night."

Dean sighed in relief. "Thank you, Bobby." Bobby squeezed Dean's shoulder. "Don't worry about it."


It wasn't until around noon the next day that both Audrey and Sam began getting worse.

Audrey was screaming and crying, tears streaming down her face. Her sweat, mixed with spit and tears, glistened as she called for a soothing treatment to the illness. Dean did the best he could, and Bobby had informed him that he had made it to Rufus and was continuing on to his place, so Dean could only hope it was enough to help his family.

But the crying broke him into pieces.

Sam on the other hand, was past making noise. Instead he stare at the popcorn roof with bloodshot eyes, breathing slowly as he dealt with the excruciating pain.

"Sam?" Dean whispered at one point, noticing the pale pallor of his skin, the sweaty hair stuck to his shivering head.

"Jessica?" He replied, his breathing increasing rapidly.

"N-no." Dean answered. "It's Dean." It appears confusion was a part of Sam's sickness.

"Hurry up, Bobby." Dean muttered as Sam blinked at him in confusion. "We need you."

"Jessica!" Sam called more frantically. "Jess!"


When Bobby called to announce that he was on his way back, Dean began unpacking his supplies. Among them was a real tub of holy water, his silver knife, and matches.

Dean started shakily with the symbol, drawn on the cheap, gray carpet in the shape of a triangle.

He readied bowls for the ingredients and one larger one for the middle of the triangle. It would hold the raccoon heart. When everything was in place, Dean checked on Audrey, again. He took a cold washcloth and wiped her forehead, a moment of release from the heat of her body.

Sam had actually managed to fall asleep, but it seemed to be an uncomfortable one, including a good amount of tossing and turning. If Dean thought Audrey was hot, he hadn't been prepared for the heat emanating off of Sam. Just being near him was enough to send sweat beads down his neck.

"Just a matter of time, Sammy." He mumbled. "But I'll take care of you. You'd do the same for me, right?" He sighed as Sam turned again. "You make a great father... Audrey couldn't ask for better." The second Dean finished, loud, slow, and sarcastic claps filled the room.

"Bravo!" Luna screeched. "Bravo! Have you ever thought of going into acting?"

"Luna!" Dean hissed, eyeing the knife and the holy water sitting on the summoning symbol. Luna followed his gaze.

"Aw... Did you spend a long time working on that?" She walked over and kicked the metal pots, causing Audrey to start bawling and Sam to wake up with a start. "Did you ever think of just saying 'please?'"

Dean glanced around, and the closest potentially dangerous thing to him was a lamp. Quickly, he yanked the cord out and threw it straight at Luna, hitting her in the chest and knocking her back. Dean flew forward and grabbed the knife and holy water. He didn't even try to open the tupaware container, but simply stabbed the knife through the lid until it was wet.

Sam felt helpless as he lie in bed. He couldn't stand up if he tried, but he didn't want Dean to face Luna alone. "D'n!" He called, catching both of their attention. "Lemme help..." His confusion was turning out to be quite dangerous.

Luna grinned maliciously. "Almost forgot about your friends." She said to Dean. "They seem a little sick... Oh wait! I did that!" Luna cackled as she bragged. "The kid, Audrey I think it is, recieved a nice dose of Scarlet fever. And for Sam, I started with a small sample of the Ebola virus- you've probably never heard of it- and turned it into a pretty hospital-worthy case. In fact, let's move this along a little, shall we?"

"No!" Dean protested as Luna muttered something, pressing her hands to her throat. She opened her eyes smiling and at first, nothing happened. Then Sam's eyes bulged as he choked on a layer of sticky blood in his throat. He panted and stared at Luna, hands tightening around his stomach as he doubled over.

"Sam!" Dean cried. He made a move to go help his hemorrhaging brother, but Luna raised her hand to hold him back.

Sam sputtered more blood onto the bedspread, but he didn't start crying through the intense pain- until he looked over and saw Audrey experiencing the same sickness. Audrey was young, so young, and they all knew this was just about as far as she could go.

"N-n-no!" Sam whimpered. "P-p-please..." Luna rolled her eyes. With a snap of her fingers, Sam's eyes rolled back and he fell down upon his own blood.

Dean wanted to scream, to cry, to check on his Sammy, but for the moment he'd have to settle for revenge. Dean crept up behind Luna while she was distracted, gripping the knife hilt so tight that his entire hand shook.

He shoved it deep into her back, shifting it and twisting it in deranged and vengeful actions, lengthening her pain and suffering until he watched the light leave her eyes. Face stone cold, he stuffed her in a trash bag and dragged her around the back to the lot where the garbage pick-up was. Her limbs flopped limply as the hunter dumped her out onto the asphalt and struck a match.

Dean's heart stopped for just a moment as her eyes flicked open again, as deep red and bloodthirsty as ever. The edge of the flame tickled his thumb and he dropped the match on her surprised face anyway, relishing in her strangled cries and the fact that the last thing she would ever see was his furious look of triumph.

He didn't have time to think about why the holy water didn't work, but later he would look back and assure himself that the way to kill an Ala is to burn it, a technique he would even use a few times later in life.

And Dean watched her burn, realizing how unsure of Audrey's fate he was. "This is for my neice," He spat as he kicked the ashes into the wind.


"Sam, Audrey!" Dean checked if Sam was breathing before turning to Audrey. "Oh, baby, come on..." He picked her up softly and wiped a miniature stain of blood from the corner of her mouth.

Dean's eyes were pricking with tears as he held her close, fearing it was too late. He held her broken body in his arms and cried, sobbed, really if he'd ever admit something like that to anyone.

She was so pale, and a look to the right informed that Sam was just as close to... Dean didn't want to say it. If father and daughter went out like this it couldn't be more tragic. Dean would never be the same.

"Sammy..." Sam was hardly breathing, his skin cold and bruised. It was painful to see him like this, and Dean couldn't help but silently cry all over again. Both of their hearts beat feebly, so feebly Dean hadn't noticed it at all at first.

"Don't do this! Don't leave me alone. Without you." Dean whispered.

It was like a miracle. As Dean watched, the bruises on Sam's face began fading, his breathing became more normal, and his skin becoming less pale as his cheeks gained a healthy rose color.

Speechless in happiness, he turned to Audrey, now not laying dying in his arms, but rather simply sleeping peacefully.

Dean could only think of one reasonable answer: All of the non-dead victims of Luna were better, returned to normal by her death. But with this came the realization that in a few more minutes, Audrey and Sam could have joined the ranks of the less fortunate, dead victims. It made him shudder.

Audrey slowly woke up, her small arms waving around as the sleepiness was replaced by the want of attention.

Her eyes widened when Dean began speaking. "Fe!" She squealed. Oh great, so we're back to that again.

"In a minute, Hon." He said sweetly, setting her on the ground by her toys. Taking a deep breath, he returned his attention to Sam.

His temperature was normal, and Dean was thoroughly checking for breaks or injuries when Sam came to. "Dean? Wh-what're you doing?"

Dean couldn't help but smile at the casual way Sam questioned him. He surprised his brother by pulling him into a hug.

"Uh, Dean? You're suffocating me." Dean pulled away at the sound of Sam's muffled voice.

"Y-you've got something right-" He pointed jokingly to a small spot of blood on Sam's cheek, completely ignoring mention of the entire bloodstain on his front and back. Sam wiped it off but went into the bathroom to shower while Dean played with Audrey. He'd called Bobby to let him know they wouldn't need the heart after all- Luna had come on her own accord- to which he'd received some explicit cussing and 'idgit' name calling.

The room was fairly silent when Audrey burst out, "Bitch!" Dean's jaw dropped and Sam leaned his head out of the bathroom door as the shower steam escaped into the room.

"Dean, if you don't mind your language around her I'm gonna kick your a-"

"My what?"

Sam blushed. "Your behind."

Dean just laughed, grateful to have his Sam back. Old Sam. Happy Sam. Even if he had to give up his own ways for Audrey's good, he was thankful for those two.

Dean ended up finding a small home for the three of them in a slightly secluded but near the town spot just a forty-five minute drive from Bobby's place.

This was the place Audrey would grow up. Learn to walk, learn to talk, and use the bathroom by herself. Where she would learn how to protect herself from demons, boys, and alcohol. Most importantly, where she would live life normally.

She would know what her father, uncle, and grandfather do for a living, but she would go to school, join the art club, get the lead in a play, and become prom queen. So what if she didn't have the typical family and so what if Sam still had a few nightmares, but getting better takes time.

"Why are you so happy?" Sam'd asked over dinner the night of Luna's death. "We've been near-dead before."

"But not this close." Dean pointed out. "You don't really know what you have until you think it's gone."

Sam nodded deep in thought, but Audrey had looked up at her father with a huge smile on her face. Sam could see her years from now perfecting this face. All two-year-olds did, and got everything they wanted from their grandparents, and no matter how long John went on about how he wouldn't be that kind of grandfather, it would happen.

In fact, Sam had just spoken to him the other day. They'd patched things up, John especially sorry for missing the wedding when he learned of Jess' death.

"What's her name?" John had asked, intrigued.

"It's Audrey." Sam answered. "Audrey Winchester."

"Audrey... How'd you choose that name?"

Sam smiled as he began. It was kind of a long story. "Have you ever heard of Shaun Cassidy?"

The End.

So Sam and Audrey are alive and living together. Along with Dean, of course. I must say, I'm kind of disappointed that this story is over, but also excited. There's been a Wee!chester idea floating around my head for a while that I promised myself I'd hold back on until this one was over.

For all of those who care, I always imagined a grown up Audrey with Sam's College Thinking, as Dean would call it, and Dean sense of humor and love of hunting. Let's face it: Audrey's normal life probably would've only lasted until she was old enough to shoot. She would be eager to hunt like her family.

Thanks so much to everyone who was a part of this story. I really enjoyed writing it!

Until the Wee!chesters, thanks for reading!