Prologue: The Daisy and the Stone

Professor Oak sat at his desk staring at the letter he found on the counter that morning. It had been a month now since he casually made the suggestion to his granddaughter that it was time for her to live her own youth after she was forced to grow up to fast for Green's sake. He never suspected Daisy of all people would actually leave to finish the adventure she never got to complete when she was 11 years old, let alone leave in the middle of the night just leaving a letter saying good bye to him and Green. He read it to himself for the 5th time that morning.

Dear Grandfather,

I hated to leave you like this but I knew if I waited until morning to tell you goodbye I wouldn't go through with it. Since you made the suggestion as Leaf and Red's birthday about how Green was all grown up and it was time for me live my youth. I've decided to go to Hoenn and recapture my dream of being a Top Coordinator.

That comment you made at the time made me think about a lot of things. Before now I was forced to grow up and become Green's mother at the age of 11, to everyone else I was nothing more then the great Professor Oak's granddaughter and Viridian Gym Leader Green's sister. I want to be my own person and not forced to live in Green and your shadow's grandfather. I want to find who I'm supposed to be. I'm only 20 years old, older then most who go out on their journey's but to me this maybe my final chance.

By the time you read this I'll be on the boat to Littleroot Town where I have arranged to meet with Professor Birch. I was surprised when he agreed to give me a starter though I guess it is because he owes you a favor or two Grandfather. Once I get to his lab I'll give you a call and you can yell at me then for leaving without saying goodbye to Green and you to both of your faces. I guess even I don't do the right thing all the time but who said I always had to.

Goodbye Grandfather and Little Brother. I'll be back before you know it but keep rooting for me in my contest like you did in the two I was in before I gave it all up.

Love, Daisy

Oak sighed looking at his phone picking it up making a call saying, "May I speak to Mr. Stone?"

Oak waited on the phone soon hearing the voice on the other end saying, "It's me, Old Friend."

"Oh Professor Oak," the voice said enthusiastically over the line, "What can I do for you, Professor?"

"I think I may know how to get that son of yours out of the slump he has been on since Wallace defeated him 4 years ago," Oak said mischievously back to Devon Stone, President of Devon Corp.

Steven sat back in his leather chair looking through a crystal in his hand up at the light. He was bored in his office as Vice-President of his father's company. When he first lost the title when he was only 18 4 years ago he refused this position opting to wander around the regions meeting trainers when he could and battling.

Though as much as he didn't want to admit it he had lost that joy for battle he once had when Wallace stole his title as Champion. He was glad when Wallace lost it a mere month and a half later to Brendan Ruby who in Steven's own opinion deserved the position more then even himself did at the time. When Brendan came to seek him out deep in caves of Meteor Falls 3 years ago to offer him a chance to win back his title, Steven had gladly accepted the battle only to be defeated soundly by the new Champion. After that he gave up battling fully taking his father's offer to be Vice-President and hadn't battled since. To everyone who knew him personally he seemed dead inside and his crystal blue eyes had turned soulless lacking the joy they once held when he looked for rare stones or battled with his steal types.

That was until about a year ago after a routine visit on his part to Silph Co. in the Kanto region. There he met a cheerful girl named Lyra who had recently became Champion of Johto who sparked the need for battle in him once more and gave his eyes a bit of the joy they once held. He needed an adventure something to get him out of this dank office and into the world once more. He was only 22, he shouldn't be stuck in an office like this working day in and day out on whatever his father wanted of him.

He shook his head clearing his mind of the thoughts as there was a knock on the door. He stood up asking, "Who is it?"

The door opened revealing his father standing there a smile on his face saying, "Son I have a proposition for you."

"And what is that, father?" Steven asked sitting down looking at the man with his crystal blue eyes.

His father came over closing the door behind him tossing a pokeball at Steven saying, "A new adventure through the region, start over. Give yourself a second chance."

Steven caught the pokeball looking down seeing it as an Aron before looking up at his father raising an eye brow asking, "Why are you coming to me now with this idea?"

"Because a friend of mine's granddaughter who is around your age is coming to the region to start over on her own Journey and he thought you would be a good traveling companion for her," Devon Stone stated simply looking at Steven, "Plus I'm tired of you being in a slump, son. So how about it? "

"Fine," Steven said with a sigh running a hand through his silver hair, "What's the girl's name?"

"Daisy Oak," Devon said simply walking from a office leaving Steven looking after him in shock glancing back once, "Get ready soon, you are supposed to meet her in Littleroot."

Steven sat down a hand on his forehead leaning back looking at the pokeball still in his hand whispering, "Daisy... how long has it been?"

Daisy leaned over the side of the ship looking out at the distance toward the shore that she was heading to. She smiled hearing the announcement behind her, "Littleroot Town, 10 minuets."

She smiled happily thinking to herself, 'Here I am going to finish my story finally after 9 years. I'll be known as only as Daisy not anything else.'