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Chapter 3: First Steps and Meetings

Steven held out his hand to Daisy asking softly, "May I have this dance?"

Daisy nodded placing her hand into Stevens as he pulled her up into his arms. They began to dance his arm around her waist while his other hand held hers out as they began to dance. He twirled her out her cloths changing to a beautiful green gown that went well with his suit. He let her go letting her spin alone though she let out a scream as she spin into a hole falling through the darkness landing on a white cloud. She got up walking as a staircase formed in front of her from the clouds to a building in the distance.

She looked on either side of the building two Rayquaza statues wrapped around the columns looking at whoever was coming to the building. She looked ahead seeing a glowing green stone sitting on a pedestal stepping forward once toward it like it was calling to her but she heard Steven's voice around her, "Dais wake up."

She watched the world crumble around her as she realized this was just a dream. She felt the clouds give away under her as she fell to Earth below she swore she saw a black and gold streak catch her before darkness.

She woke up as Steven shook her lightly. She looked at his face seeing that she had fallen asleep on his shoulder blinking a couple times as she sat up blushing.

"Glad your finally awake Dais," Steven said with a small chuckle getting up offering her his hand, "Birch just said the Ralts was ok."

"Oh ok," Daisy said still blushing as well confused by the dream she just had. It started out as a normal dream where she had been dancing with Steven that part she could understand. Though the drastic change to where she was at a temple in the sky where she saw a dark green stone made no sense what so ever to her. She looked down thinking, 'It was just a dream, I shouldn't read into it.'

She took Steven's hand pulling herself up before walking over to where the Ralts was sitting on a table being checked out by Birch to insure she was alright. Ralts looked at Steven and Daisy tilting her head before getting up going to Daisy holding out her hand.

Daisy smiled leaning down taking the hand with a smile saying, "Hello little one."

Ralts smiled jumping into Daisy's arms hugging her making Steven chuckle softly, "Well it seems you have gotten your first pokemon."

"Is that true, would you want to come with us?" Daisy asked looking down at the Ralts in her arms. Ralts nodded cuddling into Daisy lovingly as Daisy smiled pulling out a pokeball that Birch gave her holding it over Ralts who reached up pushing it. The ball shook in her hand a few times before coming to a rest. Daisy smiled holding the pokeball calling out her new Ralts kneeling saying, "Your name is Fiona then."

She took off her other pokeball calling out the Charmander saying, "Fiona meet Flair, you two are teammates now."

The door opened to the angry May who stormed into the lab asking, "Why didn't anyone wake me up?"

Birch looked at his daughter saying, "Well May we've been here most of the night after Daisy and Steven saved a Ralts from a person who said they were a member of some group called Team Cumulus."

May looked at Steven asking, "You don't think it is a new crazy plot by Archie and Maxie, do you?"

Steven shook his head saying, "I doubt it, those two haven''t been doing anything since they disappeared 4 years ago."

Daisy looked at them in confusion asking, "Who is Archie and Maxie?"

May looked at Daisy saying, "The two leaders of the notorious Team Aqua and Team Magma. Team Aqua wanted to rid the world of land and make it a world covered in water with the help of Kyogre. Team Magma wanted to spread the land with the help of Groudon. Brendan and Steven brought both teams down with the help of Rayquaza."

May then looked at Steven narrowing her eyes at the thought asking, "Do you think this new team wants something similar with the help of Rayquaza?"

"It is possible, the girl did use a flying type and she looked like a pilot. I wouldn't doubt they want to create a new land in the clouds considering the name itself is a type of cloud," Steven said with a nod sighing lightly before glancing at Daisy, "We will just need to keep a look out for them and stopping them when we can, if you don't mind Dais."

Daisy had her head down her thoughts had returned to that dream she had was it really related to all this. She had only ever seen drawings of the Guardian of the Skys, Rayquaza, so why did that stone seem so familiar to her. She felt a poke on her shoulder looking over at Steven who was studying her face with his crystal blue eyes. She realized he had spoken to her responding, "Oh yea, I don't mind. We should try to at least slow them down, it is better then letting young trainers get involved like a few have been over the past few years."

"Right," Steven said then looking at Birch, "Well we probably should be getting started or this adventure is never going to happen. We shall head to Rustboro first. I need to drop off Skarmory since I used it to fly here so I wouldn't be late yesterday."

Birch nodded then May looked at him saying, "Dad give Daisy a new pokedex, hers is outdated beyond belief."

Birch looked at May rolling his eyes going over to a box getting out a pokedex coming over to Daisy saying, "Here, have a good journey you two."

"Thank you Professor Birch," Daisy said taking the pokedex putting it in the bag Steven had went and got for her the night before when they decided to get changed into normal cloths feeling better then in pajamas. Daisy's outfit was a green blouse with a blue jean jacket and blue jeans with black boots. Steven was wearing black tennis shoes, black jeans, a white button up shirt, and a black leather jacket with his silver hair spiked a bit more then normal. Daisy upon first seeing him in the outfit had told him he looked like a bad boy with a laugh.

Daisy glanced over at Steven saying, "Let's get going."

She called back her Ralts and Charmander clipping the pokeballs to her belt turning heading out the door grabbing her bag putting it over her shoulder. Steven waved as he followed Daisy out of the Lab toward Route 101 saying, "The first town we should come across is Oldale Town then Petalburg City is soon after which has a gym though Norman is a little strong for the level my Aron is right now."

Daisy nodded looking at Steven asking, "So you are completely re-challenging the gyms here?"

"Yes meaning the first one I will be taking on is Roxanne in Rustboro where I believe is also your first contest," Steven said as they walked through the tall grass toward Oldale Town in the distance.

They heard a screech though as a Murkrow flew over them.

"Murkrow return," a girl's voice was heard as a red light flew over them returning the Murkrow

Daisy looked from the Murkrow to the girl who had red hair cut short in a pixie cut, black and gold goggles that reminded her of a pokemon's eyes, a black top with gold trim that had the mid-drift showing though it continued down the sides hanging past her black shorts covering the gold belt and black bag effectively, she also had black sheer stockings and black shoes. On her shoulder was a Trapinch who held on with it's front paws looking at them with buggy eyes that were similar to the goggles this girl wore.

"Sorry about Murkrow startling you two," the girl said coming up to them. She was probably around 17 years old and was rather cute.

"It is fine," Steven said looking at the girl in wonder, "Are you training?"

"Oh yeah, I am here to be a coordinator just moved here in fact from another region," she said with a nod looking at the two with a smile, "The name is Carrie, how about you?"

Daisy smiled saying, "My name is Daisy, I'm going to be a coordinator too in fact so we will probably be going against each other it Rustboro."

"Oh I see well then I guess we are going to be rivals," Carrie said then looked at Steven, "And what is your name? You look familiar..."

"Steven and that is probably because I am pretty well known," Steven said with a sigh looking back at the girl's face, "What region were you from?"

"Johto originally but I've been in almost every region," Carrie said with a shrug, "Well I guess I will be seeing you two in Rustboro."

She turned walking off into the forest tossing the pokeball that had Murkrow in it up and down.

Daisy looked at Steven saying, "Strange girl..."

"Very," he said in agreement watching the girl walk off, "Come on let's just get to Oldale."

They started walking again making it to Oldale by lunchtime heading to a small Ramen Shop their. Steven opened the door for Daisy allowing her to go in first. Daisy stepped inside taking a seat at the counter with Steven beside her asking, "So what are the gyms here?"

"Well there is Roxanne in Rustboro who specializes in rock types, Brawly in Dewford who is fighting types, Wattson in Mauvile who is electric though that may change soon," Steven said as he thought of all the gym leaders to list them off to Daisy.

"Wait why may that change?" Daisy asked looking at Steven in surprise.

"Wattson is getting pretty old and his grandson is wanting him to retire so he can take over," Steven said looking at Daisy, "His grandson specializes in Dark Types mainly his Absol so it could really change that town if he takes over."

"I see," Daisy said with a frown wondering if they could help them when they got there, "Oh well, what are the other gyms?"

"Well there is also Flannery in Lavaridge who uses fire types, Norman in Petalburg who uses normal types and he is also Brendan's father believe it or not so we may see Brendan as we go through there since he comes to visit his dad often, then there is Winona in Fortree who uses flying, Tate and Liza who are the only double team in all the regions in Mossdeep who use psychic type, then Wallace who took by his gym when he lost the champion title so he is in Sootopolis and uses water," Steven said Wallace's name with contempt as they got their ramen.

"Oh I see, it would be cool to see Brendan," Daisy said with a smile, "We can tell him about that Team Cumulus."

Steven shrugged as he began to eat his ramen saying, "I'm sure May will if we don't."

"True but we might as well if we see him," Daisy said with a smile looking over at Steven before she started to eat her own ramen.

Meanwhile outside sitting in a tree looking at the ramen shop sat the girl named Carrie. Carrie watched them talking on a walkie talkie that was shaped like Chatot, "You were right, that ex-champion is traveling the region with some girl. It could trouble our operation though I'll keep an eye on them personally, just continue looking for the Jade Stone and stay in contact."

"Yes boss," a man's voice came out of the walkie talkie before it fizzled out.

Carrie placed it in her bag patting Trapinch's head lightly saying, "We will beat that girl in that contest and drive her from the region to make that ex-champion quit this little journey of his so we can work without worry, right Trapinch?"

Trapinch growled in response rubbing against Carrie's hand before both looked back at the ramen shop.