I do not own The heros of Olympus, or the cane chronicles, this book is not an actual copy. Of the marks of Athena. Just what thought would be fun to write.

Annabeths POV

The gods know I haven't seen him in 8 months. While the argo2 descended in the middle of the roman city. Annabeth was thinking of Percy. Would he rember her? Would he have fallen for some roman girl? No bad thoughts later. She looked over the side of the ship a crowd had gathered outside the city. Including two purple caped figures. Yelling at someone who was trying to make people attack the ship. Jason saw this and muttered something in Latin, and it didn't seem like a compliment. The ship touched the ground and Annabeth saw him yelling at a statue, they're not here to attack. Annabeth might have laughed if she hadn't seen him in 8 months. Jason saw Percy and some other girl and said darn I lost my position as praetor. Annabeth could see now why the look in percy's eyes said he missed her dearly, but he was staying back, and was fine with the purple caped girls presence. She looked at his arm to see if he had a tattoo, she saw a black marking on his arm, and knew it was there. But he also kept his camp necklace. After about an hour of getting mobbed by romans she noticed percy had changed into a t-shirt and jeans. She was glad a toga was just weird. Percy was talking to a guy with a bow and quiver, and some girl. Probably went on a quest together. She walked over and percy seemed differrnt he introduced her and asked who the last four were. Annabeth was confused,(a daughter of Athena is confused)I thought you knew who the 7th was. Then frank said "remember the prophecy Ella told us?" Percy nodded, than asked "who are the 3 from camp halfblood?" "Jason, Piper, and Leo." Percy muttered something than said "according to ella's prophecy you're the 7th". I was happy I could see my boyfriend but I knew these giants were worse than kronos. Then Jason and leo came over and percy told them about me being the 7th. They were happy about that Then percy said "we leave for rome tomorrow." "Rome"? Yes the doors of death are somewhere in Rome. Nico was captured trying to find them. Wait nico knew about this place? Oh well he was captured. Percy said "I am not putting arion in the stables if you have any." "Why"? "he cusses about everything." "Oh and he might eat the ship". Hazel volunteered to load him on and feed him. Frank said "I'm going to patrol camp" he jumped into the air and turned into an eagle. "Is his parent the roman god of animals?" "No Poseidon granted his ancestor shape shifting abilities and he is a son of mars god of war." Percy replied. The rest of the day went quickly though hazel tried to avoid Leo. He was a fire user that is what went on with the tension. Hazel looked like she was protecting frank when she avoided Leo. Percy finally told her his true feelings he missed her dearly but he was praetor he had to set a good example. She punched him and he winced. At just that moment two bronze dogs with sapphire eyes tackled him. They started to lick him but when she tried to pet them they tried to bite her. Down Percy told them and they let him get up. He patted them then apologized for them trying to bite me. They were created to protect him, and until he told them otherwise I was a Greek I was a threat in their books. I sighed and Went to my room on the Argo for the night.