Me: Zia and Leo give me a disclaimer

Zia: thomas723 does not own the kane chronicle or the heros of Olympus

Leo: all rights go to rick Riordan_

Carter P.O.V.

Carter here you may know me from the red pyramid or the throne of fire, but if you don't pleased to meet you. But those messes were nothing compared to this one. So any way I woke up and did my morning routine. Then I went down to have breakfast with the trainees. Just as we were starting and Sadie was dodging dusters. Amos and Zia came down from our sphinx. We just cleared two spaces and they ate with us. After we finished I went to my Terries and saw what looked like a flying ship fighting black lines. I went to freak to check it out and I was shocked some kids were fighting what looked like storm spirits and they were losing. They destroyed waves of the forces of chaos but the forces of chaos always were reborn. I went back to the Brooklyn house and told Amos about what I saw. He said they were demigods sons and daughters of the Greek and roman gods. The house tried to eliminate them multiple times, but they never died some used their powers to drain our magic others tried to charge us, some used arrows, some both. I used my scrying bowl to show him the scene on the deck. Was so shocked at some of the losing presences he turned white. He told me there was Percy Jackson son of Poseidon, slayer of kronos titan of time. He sent me Sadi and Zia to help them they could prove valuable against aphosis. Once they were in range I switched on my avatar, and Sadi and Zia redied their staffs. I swung at the forces of chaos and my avatar gave one an idea he jumped of the boat and water took his form he punched and threw his way through the sky demons. Then he let go of his avatar and landed on the ship. They then went to the Brooklyn house, Where we were waiting._

Jason P.O.V.

WE were on our way to camp half-blood to pick up some supplies. Then out of the blue several storm spirits emerged, and more came. We destroyed millions of them, but they kept coming back. Then an avatar appeared and Percy used the idea and created one from water. I reamed tempus the only friendly storm spirit and put him in the stables. Then we headed to a house across the east river._

I want to create a fanfic using bullies P.O.V tell me what you think.