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**Visions of Us**

The grip of her arms around my shoulder tightens protectively and a deep groan escapes her throat as Edward starts snarling at me for taking forever to come back from our hunting trip.

He's still unable to read her thoughts and him and the rest of the coven consider this an additional danger combined with the usual difficulties training a newborn always brings.

"The two of you shouldn't have stayed outside there all by yourselves." Carlisle stats calmly, fisting the blond curls of his hair through his fingers.

"A newborn vampire is not an easy thing to control."

"I'm not a thing that needs to be controlled. I feel good. Please, stop worrying about me. I'm fine. For the first time ever I feel normal. It's like I was born to be a vampire."

She sits down on the edge of the couch, pulling me on her lap and I sigh deeply when her nose tickles the bare skin on my neck very gently.

Then she turns her attention to Edward again who is leaning against the wall, his arms crossed in front of his chest. I can see him driving the Vanquish up to the Alaska residence of our extended family but as soon as he remembers Tanya's quite persistent attempts on seducing him, he changes his mind so abruptly that a sharp pain throbs through my forehead.

"You don't exactly like strawberry blonde hair, do you?" I ask him teasingly in my head and he instantly nods.

Bella starts rubbing her throat and whimpers a bit. The excruciating thirst is almost unendurable during the first time after the transformation. She needs to hunt again soon and my eyes widen when Edward volunteers to go with her.

I don't like the thought at all but the thing is that we are all part of the same coven and if I want it to stay that way I need to trust him. He's still in love with Bella but now that the appealing scent of her human blood is gone, his feelings for her are nothing but a faint shadow of what they were.

In front of my eyes, I see flashes of both of them sinking their teeth into the jugular of two mountain lions. She's going to like their taste way more than that of the old deer I had chosen as her first meal.

When the two of them vanish behind the house Carlisle and Esme both turn to me. They tell me everything about the official version of Bella's death the police has come up with. She's going to hate the thought that her parents think her dead but faking a car accident seemed way better to us than telling them she just run away. The human heart seems to be capable of way more pain than we give it credit for and Charlie is probably the strongest human man I have ever met.

"I remembered a bit more about my life…I mean my life before I was changed. I think that they tried to drown me or something in the asylum."

"They used to treat patients with methods like that." Carlisle explains, hesitating a moment before he continues, "Isolation…constant avoiding of Daylight…Electroshock-Therapies…all very popular treatments in Psychiatry during the beginning of the last century."

Esme takes my hand in hers to squeeze it gently. She's the best mother anyone could ever wish for. I'm so happy to have her as a part of my life.

"I'm so sorry they hurt you this much, baby girl." She whispers sadly.

I shake my head and when my lips curl into a crooked smile I know, very deep inside of me that I am not sorry. Everything happens for a reason and what's meant to be can't be stopped, ever.

"My past is a part of me but whether I'm going to remember all the details of it or not…it doesn't change who I am now. For this is what I was always meant to be."

Bella and Edward return from their hunt and I swallow back the bitter feeling of jealousy when he leans forward to pick a dried leaf out of her hair.

Don't touch her like that, I think sourly before I cup Bella's face between both of my hands and kiss her mouth passionately. The taste of the mountain lions blood is tart upon my tongue. We are definitely going to hunt more of those in the near future.

"We are upstairs." I mumble, pulling my gorgeous mate with me to our new bedroom. The headboard isn't going to have a very long life but unfortunately they don't really sell anything vampire-proof. At least the room is soundproof, so we won't have to worry about the others hearing too much of what we don't want them to hear. Sometimes Emmett and Rosalie really have the most practical ideas in this family.

Never breaking the contact of our lips I maneuver her over to the bed, enjoying the beautiful contrast of her pale marble skin against the black silk blankets.

"I'll love you for the rest of eternity." she whispers softly, caressing the palm of my hand with her fingertip while her crimson eyes never leave mine. Soon, very soon they are going to be a warm shade of honey. I can hardly wait for looking into them.

My silenced heart fills with amazingly pleasant warmth as I see all the things that are going to come for us clearly in front of my inner eye.

"You..," I tell her, my own voice trembling a bit in my ears, "You are my past…my present and everything my future is going to be."

Her velvety lips find mine again and while our tongues swirl tenderly against each other I feel like my entire self is consumed and swallowed by the love I feel for her. I wouldn't want to have it any other way.

She's mine as much as I am hers and both of us know that's how it was destined to be.


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