Johnny in involved in a terrible car accident. His guilt causes an emotional breakdown.

Warnings for strong language and violent scenes.

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Speed Kills:

Tale of a Breakdown

Speed kills. Johnny's sprint to the grotesquely twisted car ensured he was the first to reach the victims, but it also meant that he was alone when he looked inside the wreckage.

Speed kills. The car had been speeding down the highway, forced by circumstance into a race that placed it the path of danger, and now it lay dead and mutilated, with the true terror hidden deep within its bowels. Johnny's quickness, so admired in high school, so many times necessary as a rescuer, now brought him face to face with a nightmare.

And as he looked inside the wreckage, Johnny's gut wrenched with the knowledge that he had indirectly been the cause of the carnage. He had forced the car to travel faster and faster, until the accident brought the fiasco to a halt. And now he was about to reap the harvest of his speed, falling headlong into a terrifying dream that would tear his life apart…