Eternal- Aro & Sulpicia

Chapter 4


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The sun was just about midway through the sky by the time I headed down from the tower and into the hallways of the castle. Earlier today Aro instructed me to come get him from the throne room in the afternoon for my schooling. I walked down the hallways, waving and smiling to any members of the guard I saw. Some, however; didn't say anything, or even acknowledge my existence. This happened often, so I figured dwelling on this fact wouldn't do me very much good. I shook my head to clear my thoughts and continued down the hallway. It was as I reached the back of the throne room, near the small back entry, that I began to hear voices.

Though Aro had always told me not to eavesdrop, I still crept a small bit closer when I heard Aro's light voice. I had just decided to take a step inside the room when I heard Caius mention my name. I quickly stepped backwards, careful not to make any noise.

"Aro," Marcus said in his light wispy voice, "She is becoming a distraction." I moved to the right slightly, just enough to see inside the huge room. Marcus, Aro and Caius were standing in a circle, talking quietly.

"Yes, brother, I see where you are coming from," Aro quietly said back, "She may seem this way, but eventually, don't forget that Sulpicia may be a great asset to the Volturi." I pressed my ear as close to the doorway as I could, straining to hear the conversation between my masters.

Caius sounded as if slightly angry when he spoke to Aro. "Do you really believe this girl will be any asset to you, or the guard if human? There is no actual reason for having her reside human, unless you would prefer her this way for a legitimate reason..."

I stepped back slightly as I heard Caius's statement. No, I shook my head. Aro would never let me become a vampire… At least, I had never thought so. "She's everything. I will not let this girl- my girl become one of us. Brother," he said to Caius, "You surely must understand." No sound came from the room. Everything was silent as they contemplated Aro's words.

"You are fond of her," Marcus said simply, almost whispering. I took another step back, completely surprised by this accusation.

Aro sounded as if in disbelief, "How do you propose this?"

Caius answered this time, "We can all see how you act when around her. Proud, cheerful, as if slightly less in control. Perhaps you would like to explain why you even brought her here 17 years ago in the first place?"

Aro sounded quiet, "She was alone and perfect. What else do you propose I should have done? Left a little orphan with deceased family in the streets?"

Marcus, "That was certainly an option, Aro."

Aro sounded calm, "Brothers. We must not dwell on the subject of her coming any longer. The main point ahead is where her future lies."

Caius talked quickly, "She will not be able to remain human. You are very well aware of this. Making your decision on what she will be once turned, is your next course of action." My mouth dropped open slightly as I learned my fate. I would become a vampire…

Before I could justify my thinking, I walked quietly into the throne room. All three rulers looked my way immediately, their faces all showing different emotions. Aro wore a look of recognition and surprise, while Caius appeared slightly angered, and Marcus very indifferent. "Sulpicia," Aro said cheerfully, clearly not yet noticing that I had heard their conversation. I knew that he would find out if he had the opportunity to touch my hand, though, I had been exceedingly careful not to let him for the last few weeks. I wasn't ready to allow him to hear my thoughts- my confused, sad, or angered thoughts.

"Hello Aro, Marcus, Caius," I replied calmly, not showing any emotion. I knew that, at least for now, I had to keep my wild thoughts inside my own head.

Caius merely nodded, while Marcus whispered a brief, "Hello child."

Aro walked over to me, giving Marcus and Caius a quick warning look. "Are you ready for your lessons?" I nodded and began walking out of the room, figuring that Aro would be right behind. It was only when we were in the library that I allowed myself to relay any emotion.

"Sully, would you care to show me what is going on?" He asked, holding his pale hand out to me. I sighed and slowly nodded, putting my hand in his. I silently watched as he understood what I had been feeling for the past several weeks. Anguish, happiness, sadness, anger, confusion- tons of confusion.

Aro stepped back slightly, at a loss for words for the first time in many years. "I'm- I'm sorry Aro," I managed to say quietly, looking up at him. I continued, "I've just been very… confused lately… and."

"Sulpicia," Aro said quietly. "I believe have both been dishonest with ourselves lately."

I looked at him in confusion. "How so?"

"We both haven't believed in the extent of my… love for you."

"Love? Wait…Aro?" I hardly managed to say any remark back. If my mind was spinning fast before, then it had now gone into hyper speed. Shock ate me alive until all I could make myself concentrate on was Aro's voice in front of me.

"You may not have understood before, but since you were very young I have had a fascination with you. I didn't quite understand why, or what kind. But, obviously as you have heard, others have noticed."

I wasn't surprised that Aro had discovered my feelings. My shock came from the fact that over time he had felt a way about me that I had never imagined. Did I want this? Would I really want to be a vampire? I didn't think so. I managed a small nod.

"The fact is, more than before, that Caius feels the abrupt need to have you become one of us. Do you wish for this to be the case?"

My mouth dropped open slightly. I tried to think straight, but I just couldn't. After a few moments of silence, I was able to sort my thoughts, if only a little. "Not yet…"

Aro nodded. "I had always believed this would be the case. I will delay them. Find out an alternative. At least until you are ready. Though I must stress, this decision must be made soon."

I nodded. "I will. It's just-"

Aro cut my sentence off, "You are confused, shocked. It's natural. We can cancel our lesson today, and perhaps we can discuss this at a later time and place." With that said, he walked out, smiling slightly as he did. I shook my head in disbelief, completely terrified, yet hopeful of what would be to come.