Eternal- Aro & Sulpicia

Chapter 5


I was thinking over the past few months to just let this story go, then decided that I'll just keep going for the next few weeks and see how it goes.

The sun shone brightly outside of the castle, as if trying to mock me. Sunlight signified brightness. It was a symbol of happiness, not fear. What was I scared of, though? The Masters and the guard? No, I had lived with them since I was five years old. What caused me to be afraid was the change- the one that I, partially, was bringing upon myself.

Constantly my thoughts wandered back to the day, only about a week ago, when I overheard the three masters' conversation. That afternoon, Aro said I would become one of them, in my own time. I knew what that meant, and I had gotten over that fact for the most part. What worried me is what he never did tell me. What the choice Caius told him he would have to make about me was.

I sighed, making my way to the back walls of the castle. I had been notified only a few hours ago of when to meet Aro. We would be going for an afternoon stroll, and I had something I wished to speak with him about. I forced my expression into a content one as Aro's familiar shape could be seen standing against one of the archways to the garden.

"Hello." I called to him when I was only about ten feet away, my voice calm.

"Sulpicia," Aro said back, his voice light. "Do come."

I nodded, crossing the distance across the stone floor between us. He offered his arm and I took it, not letting my skin touch his, not yet wishing for him to hear my thoughts.

Taking a breath, I spoke to him, avoiding his gaze. "How have you been this morning?"

"Wonderful. Not very busy, though." He paused, noticing her change in attitude. "Is something troubling you, my dear?"

I sighed, not confirming, but instead taking his hand, letting him see inside her mind.

There was a long silence between us before he spoke, his voice calm and revealing nothing.

"You say you are ready." He told me simply.

"But what would that mean exactly?"

He motioned for me to sit on a bench nearby, and I did, gently pulling him to sit with me.

"You would become one of us." He paused. "You have heard of the process, or so I would imagine."

I nodded in confirmation.

Aro continued, "and after, if you would choose to, you could join me," His voice trailed off for a moment before finishing his sentence, his voice sure and unwavering, "as my wife and mate."

"As your wife… As a vampire." I said, mostly to myself, hoping that my voice didn't sound as unsure as I felt.

"Yes." He said to me, his expression patient. He didn't have to be, not all of the time. When I was learning and couldn't comprehend a specific concept, yes. But not always, and with others, sometimes he wasn't. I had seen the impatient side of Aro, many times in fact. That never bothered me. And it didn't now.

I began to ponder the idea of my becoming his wife, his mate, or so he had called it. There was only a very short amount of my life that I could remember without him. Over these years I had only thought of him as a father figure. At least until recently, a year ago, possibly; I had absolutely no idea that he felt anything for me.

It was over these past few weeks that I really began to think about my life. Becoming a vampire… wouldn't be too terrible. I would be fast, and I would be strong. I would be like Aro and the rest of the guard. He had raised me as a human, and he had always respected the fact that I was. The issue that came to mind the most, though, was that what I may have long judged as respect may have been more than that… much more.

"Are you all right, my dear?" He asked, his voice now making me slightly uncomfortable. He took my hand once more and understood. "I'm sorry if this was not what you wanted for yourself."

"Are you speaking of my being your wife, or being changed?" I asked.

He watched me, his expression giving away nothing. "Both."

I took a breath and looked up at him. "I'm not worried about being one of you- I was, but not anymore. You know that." I paused for a moment before continuing. "I just never knew."

"Or did you…?" He asked softly.

We were both silent for a few minutes as I sat lost in thought.

Finally, I broke the silence. "I will."

"You will what? Please clarify, Sully."

I sighed slightly, and then looked over at him, my voice calm. "I will be your wife, and I will be one of you. However, I want to do it soon. Today."

Even though I wasn't sure what Aro's feelings meant for me, or if I even reciprocated them, I knew I had to do this. It had been a while, and Aro had bought me the time to ready myself for this change. And after, who knew what would be in store.

Without another word, he stood up, pulling me with him. We walked in silence back to the castle, I silently preparing myself for what was to come.