Eternal-Aro & Sulpicia

Chapter 6- Change

Hi! Thank you for continuing to take the time to read this. For those of you who do, it really does mean a lot to me. :) I'm sorry for the long wait. I know it's been a few weeks now since chapter 5.

I sat on the edge of my bed, my hands gripping the soft blankets tightly. Aro had left about an hour ago to discuss the impending change I was to face, and my knuckles were white as I clutched onto the bed. Was I frightened? Well, yes, but not for the initial reasons why I thought I was. I knew that the change was just the start, only a small piece of the life I would soon be living. And though I had heard that the pain during the change in becoming a vampire was immense, I wasn't all too worried about it. Right now, I knew that what happened after my changing would be the most drastic. Already, my life had seemed to have taken a turn. Many things were still the same as before. I had known that I would be turned at some point. I also knew that after the change, many things would be the way they are now, but many would also be different. The fact that I didn't know what my life would be like... that was what bothered me.

"They have agreed." I heard a voice come from around the doorway, and I jumped.

I relaxed slightly as I realized who it was. "Aro." I paused. "Now is the time, then?" My voice was quiet and came out slightly shaky.

He walked over, sitting down next to me and then taking my hand in his, unravelling it from the fist it had previously been in. Aro nodded. "Yes." He met my gaze. "I will be here for the entirety of your change, my dear."

Slowly, I nodded, taking a long breath. "Okay... good." I paused, looking away from him. "I'm ready..." The statement was mostly to myself, a way for me to convince myself that I really was ready for this. Of course, he also knew this, mostly likely searching my mind at that very moment.

Aro didn't respond, only reaching his free hand up and pulling the blonde hair away from my shoulder. His fingers gently grazed over the skin of my neck, and I shivered slightly at the coolness of the touch. I closed my eyes, preparing myself for what came next as he leaned in close. His lips softly touched my skin, and he planted a gentle kiss on my neck. I opened my eyes, shocked as he trailed his lips up neck and to my face, kissing me on the lips for a few seconds. "You will be great." He told me simply before taking my head in his hand and sinking his teeth into my neck.

I closed my eyes at the uncomfortable sensation. Immediately, I could feel the blood leaving my body, and soon I had lost focus, feeling slightly dizzy and disoriented. I leaned against him, squirming slightly when pain crept into my conciousness. It took me a few moments to realize that his face wasn't near my neck anymore, and that I was now laying flat on my back with Aro to the side.

"I am sorry, Sully," He told me, his voice slightly quiet.

For a while I stared up at him, shocked that he would do this to me. I had expected pain... However, as the pain grew, I thought it impossible that he would inflict this upon me. I whimpered, my eyes closing as the pain became too much. Something must have gone wrong, but what could it be? Could the other masters have changed their minds? Decide to burn and get rid of me while I was faint from blood loss. No, that would not be possible. I couldn't panic over something that unlikely. Aro would never let that happen...

Flames licked every inch of my body, steadily intensifying by the second. I tried gaining a sense of what was around me, but my senses were completely cut off. The fire pushed itself to the forefront of my mind. And though I was still thinking, all I could process was the pain. Make it stop. I cried out in my mind, helpless. This shouldn't be happening.

After what seemed like an eternity had passed, the pain began to fade. Not very much, and not from my entire body, but from my fingers and toes. Slowly, I had bits of feeling, my thoughts becoming clearer. I was wrong. I thought about the pain, and how it had hurt so immensely just before. Maybe.. this was what was supposed to happen. They said it would be difficult, and perhaps... I was shook from my optimistic thoughts when pain began to crawl its way back into my mind.

My arms were beginning to feel again, my feet and legs almost cool without the fire burning within them. The fire seemed to inch its way up my body, concentrating itself on my chest. My heart began to feel heavy; I could nearly hear the rapid pumping as it tried to compensate to stop what was happening to my body.

My heart began to beat faster and faster for a long while. My thoughts again concentrated only on the pain until I began to count the beats, the number rapidly increasing until... my heart just stopped.