Eternal- Aro and Sulpicia

Chapter 8- Firsts

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Nearly every member of the guard turned in my direction as Aro and I entered the throne room. Most looked on in interest, while others seemed completely...irritated. I tensed, feeling an immediate sense of irritation at their obvious negativity. Aro squeezed my hand and ushered me across the room. Each master stood with their wife near their throne, and Aro and I took our place. To my right, Athenodora sent a comforting smile in my direction, but I was too busy thinking of what lay beyond the doors ahead to respond. Lining the sides of the throne room, were the guard. They stood unmoving, and for the most part, not acknowledging us at the head of the room at all. They all just stared forward. Aro nodded just slightly, and two members standing at the doors, opened them. Voices grew excited, and my eyes searched for their sources. Quite a large group of people walked in, talking amongst themselves in bright tones. Aro's grip tightened around my hand, and I closed my eyes. The doors slammed shut now, and suddenly I became aware that everyone in the guard was waiting. A few of the humans grew startled, and slowly they grew silent and fearful. I only opened my eyes as I felt Aro's lips close to my ear. "Now go." He whispered, and the rest of the high guard rushed forward on the group. The scent of the humans hit me in full force as I let it in, breathing in their scents. I rushed to follow, dodging some of the high guard as I did so. As the people we had not already killed rushed to the edges of the room, the guard were quick to take them. Within a minute or two, the event was over, and two drained civilians lay at my own feet. I stood still, my eyes trained on their lifeless eyes. These people were speaking just a moment ago, and I felt guilty, but better. The increasing pain in my throat had all but gone away, just a slight tingling sensation still present. Someone took my hand, most likely Aro, and the other rested on my shoulder. He pulled me back from them. As I gazed around the room, I realized that the rest of the guard had gone, and it was now just Aro,and I.

"How long was I standing there?" I asked quietly.

"Only a few moments." He carefully spun me around so that I was facing him. "That wasn't so hard, now was it?" I shook my head numbly, and he looked into my eyes. "You are one of us now. Soon you will be my wife. Know where this sets you amongst our ranks."

I nodded again. Aro, in his own way, was letting me know that I had power now. I knew that the others had tolerated me before, but only because they had to. I always had an increasing feeling that even I could have been their next meal at times. Aro was the only reason I had been alive for so long. If anyone killed me, they would have him to answer to for it. Now, as I was a vampire, and as I became his wife, I wouldn't be tossed aside. I was important. "Exactly." He told me, his voice high and approving.

But when? I wondered within my thoughts, directly asking the question to him. When will I become your wife?

Aro chuckled. "Tonight." He paused, looking down at me with a complicated expression- one I didn't understand.

As much as pieces of this change felt wrong, the idea of becoming his wife never was unpleasant. I may not have been completely sure how I felt for him, I knew that it would be the right choice.

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