Eternal- Aro and Sulpicia

Chapter 9: Wedding

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I stood in front of the mirror in my room, again staring at my reflection. It had been less than a day since I had become a vampire, and all that had happened in the past hours floated around my mind at an unbelievably rapid pace. Soon, I would be married. Soon, I would be married to the most powerful vampire in existence- to a man who loved me. One who I had known my entire life.

It seemed like in the past few hours, everything was beginning to blend together, events mixing into a single one. Aro had told me his true feelings. I had accepted that. I was turned into a vampire. And now, only a few hours later, I was to be married to him- a man who I knew would ask me a simple question. One that I didn't know how to answer.

Though I had accepted his proposition straight away, it didn't occur to me what would happen if I denied his proposal. If had told him that I would not be his wife, that I was not ready for that commitment to him, what would happen then? Aro was patient, but not a man that liked to be kept waiting. Despite the fact that he would most likely answer the question telling me that he would wait, that was simply untrue. Aro was used to getting what he wanted. And at the moment, possibly even for a long time now, that something was me. These thoughts continued to push their way into my mind, causing others to come forward. My love for Aro was complicated, and his was very much not for me. For so long he had felt like a father figure almost. He had raised me. We had always been incredibly close, but not once did I think of him as a husband. He was powerful and I was just an orphan. Those two descriptions never seemed to come together. That changed when I had time to think over what he had told me. If it was this change in power- in status that made my feelings for him intensify, I didn't think it was. Something was always there.

"Mio amore." A voice spoke into my ear quietly. Aro. I turned around; he was standing only a step away.

"Aro." I said, my voice higher than I would have initially wished. He was dressed more formally than when I had seen him earlier in the afternoon, and almost reflexively my lips curved upward into a small smile. "What are you doing here?" I wondered.

"I wished to speak with you before the ceremony." He stated, looking down at me, something hesitant in his gaze.

"What is it?"

He offered his hand and I took it. His gaze met mine as he read my thoughts. "I want you to be certain that this is what you want." He stated simply.

I pondered the question in my mind for only a moment, responding with what I knew would be the most honest response. "I do want this. I do want to marry you." There were many more words that I could have added to my sentence, but I knew that he already understood. He knew that I was growing to love him- that perhaps I did even before he confessed his love for me. The love we shared was never communicated between the both of us, always pushed to my subconscious because I didn't think that was what my feelings should be.

Aro took my other hand in his, pulling me closer to him. "Good." He stated, his voice pleased.

"Not that I'm unhappy to see you, but don't you have other things to attend to?" I asked lightly.

He nodded just a little, his tone light as he responded. "I will send Heidi soon. She will escort you to the throne room." He was quickly gone. I took an unnecessary breath, thinking more now of what was to come. When speaking to the other wives, I had been told that the weddings of the Volturi were sacred to them. The ceremony was done with nearly no audience, just with the wives and masters'. Along with becoming Aro's wife, I would also be initiated into the Volturi as a leader. The latter seemed appealing, but the idea of others being witness to my marriage to Aro was very much not. Our relationship felt... private, and that was something that I hardly wanted to change.

"Sulpicia." Heidi appeared in the doorway.

"It has only been a few minutes-" I began, wondering why she was in my room already. Aro had only left the room minutes before. The ceremony couldn't be until much later.

Heidi smiled, chuckling slightly. "I came to bring you your dress." She paused, looking me over. "You certainly couldn't wear any of your current dresses."

The thought of what I would be wearing had never came to mind. "Oh. Of course." I responded, my gaze moving to the dress Heidi still held in her hand, shoes in the other. As she laid the dress on the bed it became more clear as to what occasion it was meant for. The sleeves were long, the fabric a light white color. The stitching was fine, and the neckline left the shoulders bare. As I quickly changed and slipped into the dress, the day seemed so much more unreal. In the mirror, my skin seemed even paler, my hair receding down my back in it's natural loose waves. The shoes were simple as well, plain white and heeled, but with a delicate beading down the sides.

I stood there for a while before Heidi spoke again from across the room. "We should be leaving soon. When you are ready."

I turned to look at the other woman. "I am." I said simply, and without any further conversation, she led the way from my room and down the complicated series of hallways that led to the throne room.

"And you are ready for this?" Heidi asked politely as they neared the room.

"I have no reason not to be." I told her, completely sure that the answer I had given her was the right one. She smiled again, opening the door for me. "Good luck." Heidi spoke, and I stepped through the doors into the room where I knew Aro would be waiting for me.

The doors shut loudly behind me and straight away I was greeted with near silence.

The room was very empty, the members of the coven the only ones in attendance. Marcus and Caius stood on the top steps, Aro just one below. Athenodora and Didyme stood together to the side, both gazing in my direction. The masters stood with their backs to this side of the room, obviously recognizing my presence, but for the moment, ignoring it. The three spoke quietly, and a few moments later, Aro turned. I felt lost in his gaze, his eyes locking completely onto mine. I knew then to walk forward, and at an average pace, I began to make my way to him. The room was silent as I made my way to him, my focus so completely on reaching the top of the steps that I didn't notice the fact that the room was so devoid of people, or that there was no music or flowers as I had heard of. It took what seemed like an eternity to reach his side, a small smile gracing his lips as I did. "You look wonderful." He spoke so quietly, I was sure no one else had heard. This moment seemed so private, but it in no way was. I was shook from my thoughts

"My brother. Sulpicia." Marcus spoke, and I realized Aro's head was now in the direction of his brother. I looked up to see Marcus, his expression very characteristically collected. "This moment shall always be remembered for us all. This hour represents the binding of two treasured beings as one. Today we also welcome our newest coven leader in the Volturi."

My eyes widened slightly. I would be a coven leader. I was the mate of the most powerful vampire that I had ever met, the most amazing man I had met. One that I felt knew me better than anyone.

"My brother, you have known Sulpicia for most of her life. You have protected and cared for her. Do you promise to carry that protection through your life together, even at the cost of your own?"

Aro nodded solemnly. His gaze met his brother's seriously, his voice unwavering. "I do."

Marcus turned to me. "And Sulpicia. Aro has been a dear friend for millenium. I trust him, and by this ceremony I trust you. His relationship with you is unique. It will be your duty to honor him, remaining by his side despite whatever hardships that may rise. Do you understand?" His expression remained the same, but kindness sounded along the edges of his voice.

"I do." I turned my gaze to Aro's, his eyes focused on me.

"You are now husband and wife." Marcus stated simply, and Caius spoke, taking his place.

"The Volturi was created to seek justice and maintain order in our kind." His voice was firm, not with any hints of hatred that I had expected. He had never been directly indecent with me, but somehow I had thought that I was unwelcome to him, even now. "We are also, however, a family. One that cannot be broken from. Once you are part of the family, you remain that way. You will be a member forever. You are Aro's mate, and you will his stand by his side always. Your behavior will set an example to the rest of our kind. Do you understand?"

I nodded. "Yes."

"Good." Caius stated simple, turning and taking a very large leather book from Marcus. The pages were worn and names filled the pages as he flipped it open. Marcus handed me a quill, and I signed my name where I was instructed to on the old parchment.

I handed the quill back, and Marcus spoke one last time. "You may embrace."

My eyes met Aro's, and his lips met mine in a simple kiss. He had pulled back quickly, his hands taking mine as Athenodora and Didyme moved to stand next to their husbands.

Once the ceremony was finished, Caius, Marcus and their wives were quick to leave. I watched as the walked out of the door, leaving us completely alone.

"My wife..." Aro spoke quietly, his gaze focused on mine. I smiled a little as his arms wrapped firmly around my waist, pulling me to him.

"My husband." I stated softly, my hands resting on his chest. Though all that had occurred in the past weeks came suddenly, it was then that I realized what my feelings had been completely. I loved Aro and more than anything, the life that he had given me was one that I wanted. I wished to remain by his side for as long as possible, because he was the one whom I could always turn to. Our relationship was based on respect for each other. On trust. It just took me much longer to gain the love that he for so long had for me.

He watched me closely, listening to the thoughts as they came. "Come."

I walked with him from the throne room, his arm fastened around my waist protectively. The hallways were clear, for the first time devoid of anyone. Within a few minutes, we had reached a wing of the castle that was unfamiliar to me. It was not a question to me as to what the sector were the chambers of their coven. Where the masters lived with their wives. The halls were familiar, but only due to the fact that the castle seemed very largely the same throughout, forever a maze of winding stone halls. The rooms were very spread out, their doors unmarked. Soon, Aro stopped us at one of the far doors, not pausing before stepping through. His hand left mine as I moved further into the room. I heard the door shut behind us with a dull thud. I paid no attention to where he was as I gazed around the room. The door entered us into a sitting room, the walls and furniture ornate and dark. There were only a few chairs spread around the room, but it was very elegant all the same. To the left there seemed to be a hallway one of the doors leading off of it a bathroom, the door just barely open. To the right of the room was a set of double doors, the burgundy curtains preventing me from seeing what lay beyond them.

Aro was quickly behind me again, his hand on my shoulder. "Sulpicia." he spoke, his voice low.

I turned around to face him. "Aro." His arms wrapped around my waist as I looked up at him, his eyes much darker than what they had been over the past hours that I had seen him. It was as he stared down at me, as I became very aware of this closeness between us that I felt the need to shiver. Much to my surprise, I didn't want to step away. Aro knew what I was thinking, his lips breaking into a grin. Before I could decide otherwise, I leaned up and pressed my lips to his. Quickly, his grip tightened around me, one hand moving up to cradle the back of my head. After a few seconds, he pulled back gently his lips only a few inches from mine as our eyes met.

His voice was soft. "This is what you want?"

"Of course." I responded almost too quickly, taking a pause before I continued. "Otherwise I would never have agreed to marry you."

"Or would you have...?" He countered, his voice quiet.


For the first time, his voice sounded unsure. I had never heard Aro sound anything besides confident. He was always in control. "I need you to make something clear to me." His grip loosened around me, his voice completely serious. "I need to know that you feel as strongly for me as much as I do you."

I stared up at him. How did he not know? My thoughts, however confused and uncertain they had been in weeks past, were clear. Everything that had happened in my life before now with Aro meant something. It had led me to this. And my love for him... I knew that it was there, and it was strong. It just had taken me so long to realize that it was there.

I didn't speak, unsure of how to put my feelings into words. Instead, I closed the space between us, my hands on either side of his face as I kissed him again, attempting to let him into my mind as completely as I could- wanting him to know how much he meant to me through that one kiss.

Eventually, he pulled back from me, his forehead resting on mine as he spoke. "I understand."

"Good." I said simply. "I do want this, Aro. Right now... I want this more than anything."

"As do I." He spoke softly, his eyes on mine. Gently, his he pulled me to the double doors easily swinging one of them open. I moved with him through the door, and that one too closed behind us. A large four poster bed sat in the middle of the room, the blanket matching the curtains. A few wardrobes stood against the walls, and unlike the other rooms in Aro's chamber, the walls were devoid of paintings, the decor itself simple. Within a few moments, a strong arm wrapped around my waist from behind. Aro swept my hair away from my shoulders as he pulled me to him, placing kisses softly on my neck. I closed my eyes for a moment, leaning into him. My hand took his from my waist and I turned around, placing a swift kiss on his lips before pulling him towards the bed. Without hesitation, he followed, taking me into his arms easily once we had reached it and setting me down. I reached for his hand and he gave it to me. I pulled him down beside me and a small grin formed on his lips.

He moved close, soon pulling me over him. I gazed down into his eyes, warmth and love and desire evident in them. "I do want this." I whispered. "And I love you, Aro."

"I love you," was all he said to me. I leaned my face down to kiss him, ready to be with my husband in every way that I could. I was ready for the life that I knew was ahead of me.

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