Best You Can Hope For

by TwinEnigma

AN: originally done as a response to the YJ-Anon-Meme. De-anoning like a boss.

Standard Disclaimer applies - I'm not DC, I don't own Young Justice or anyone therein.


It isn't until they're back at base and the two boys are sleeping in the infirmary that Superboy approaches Batman once more.

"What will happen to them?" he asks.

Batman closes his eyes and is glad his back is to the young Kryptonian. "They'll be given to a foster family, one that specializes in trauma cases."

"But, they're… don't you want them?" Superboy asks. "I thought…"

Batman understands. He does and, lord knows, he'd promised himself that if he were in Superman's shoes, he'd do right by his clone instead of avoiding the issue. But sometimes really doing right by someone, instead of what everyone thinks is right, is doing the hard thing and the situation isn't exactly the same as before. "I'd risk exposing my secret identity if they were to come with me now. Both Robin and I would be in danger then."

"But…" he starts.

"When you came to Young Justice, you were like them," Batman interrupts. "But you learned from everyone here and you became something more than what you were made to be. You are more and you will be greater still. One day, you may even surpass Superman. I want that same opportunity for these two, but they are much younger and they need to learn from those best equipped to teach them at that age. Do you understand?"

Superboy bows his head. The conflict plays across his features. "I guess."

Batman nods and turns to leave. Robin is waiting in the doorway. He's heard everything, but that is to be expected.

"Besides, it's not like foster care is permanent," Robin adds cheekily. "I'll be corrupting Terry and Matt with my awesome skills before you even know it."

Batman gave him a pointed look.

"Come on, they need names," Robin says, practically bouncing on his toes. "And they're totally cool names. Kid Flash was suggesting stuff like Smeagol and Pippen. I will disown you if you allow that, by the way."

Batman rolls his eyes, letting Robin tug on his arm. "Why don't you explain to your teammate the intricacies of foster care and adoption?"

Robin mouths an 'oh' of realization, detaches himself from his mentor's arm and runs straight for Superboy.

Batman would give it some time. If they came back to fly as bats, it would at least be their choice and not because they were engineered to. And really, that was the best he could hope for in this situation.

AN: A bonus clone!Matt to go with clone!Terry.