Chapter 23

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Amelia was sitting at her desk, going over some paperwork, when her door was violently thrown open. She looked up to see one of her underlings, out of breath.

"Jibbs! What's wrong?" She asked.

He took a moment to catch his breath before answering. "We just received some information on Voldemort. We may have the locations of several hideouts."

Amelia looked slightly startled. "What information?," She paused for a moment as a thought occurred to her. "And who gave you this information."

"That would be me," Severus Snape stepped into the doorway, flanked by two Aurors. "Dumbledore has asked me to relay a message to you. The Death Eaters are in three secure locations. Voldemort is planning a large scale attack. Now is the time to destroy him for once and for all."

Amelia stared at the man, she had no doubt that he knew Voldemort's plans. He was a Death Eater after all. The question is, could she trust him? "Jibbs!," She barked causing the Auror to jump. "I want you to assemble a team quickly," She turned back to Snape. "We will see if you are telling the truth Severus. I will have you wait with some of my Aurors while we check your story."

Snape nodded and stepped out through the doorway. He made his way over to a chair and sat down. As he reached inside his robes, one of the Aurors immediately trained their wand on him.

"Watcha got there?" The man asked.

Snape smiled, pulling the flask out at the same time. "Just some fire whiskey. I'd offer you some, but you're on duty of course."

The Auror nodded to Snape, who smiled. The potions Professor took two steps when he was suddenly hit with a stunner.

He came to shortly to see the smirking face of Amelia staring down at him. "Amelia, I demand to know why you have me bound up like a common criminal."

"I think that's obvious," Her smirk widening. "I'm not stupid, and your master was a fool to thank I would fall for a dumb plan such as yours."

For the first time, the man in front of her started to show real fear. "I have no idea what you are talking about," He began to stutter slightly. "Now release me." He demanded.

"Oh, I have don't plan on arresting Snape, well... not yet anyway," Her eyes turned cold as she moved her face closer to his. "What I want to know. Is who the hell are you?" She said. He started to protest that he did not know what she was talking about, but his mouth was locked shut as she conjured a mirror and he found himself staring at himself, the real himself.

"Err... Um... I want my lawyer." He said quietly.

Amelia leaned back and folded her arms across her chest. "You know, too many times Death Eaters have gotten free by gold and power. This stops now, Jibbs!," She barked. The Auror in question jumped to attention. "I want you to use 'Veritaserum'," She glanced at the man bound to the table. "Use as much as you need to. When you're done take him to the secure ward. I do not want to hear about him escaping, am I clear?" She asked sternly. Jibbs swallowed, but nodded quickly.


Amelia had taken two steps outside the door where she nearly collided with another Auror.

"Sorry about that mam, but I have urgent news!." He said quickly.

"What is it?" She asked, a little frazzled.

"We just received word from Harry Potter, Hogwarts is under attack."

Amelia blinked twice before jumping into action. "Have all Auror's report in to the main hall. Sound the alarm, this is for real." She said, moving past him.

The turned and quickly caught up with her. "How can you be so sure this is for real," He asked. She gave him a sharp look, but kept walking. "I mean, that wasn't the real Snape, how can we be sure this emergency is from the real Harry Potter?"

Amelia smirked as she walked. "I have no doubt it is for real Simon. I always trust my instincts."


Elsewhere, in several different locations, nearly three dozen Death Eaters waited to spring their trap.

"What's taking Dante so long? He should have been in and out by now." One said grumpily.

"I haven't a clue, maybe the moron botched it and got himself capture." Another one said.

The first shrugged and went back watching the area around the house for signs of apparition.


Harry's eyes widened as Dumbledore stepped in front of Voldemort. What was the old man playing at now.

"What is he doing?," Snape growled. "Dumbledore may be powerful, but Voldemort has back up."

Harry nodded, as did several of his wives. Dumbledore was powerful, but Snape was right, he was one versus many. Harry began to believe that Dumbledore would probably die today.

"What's going on?" A stern voice said from behind them. The group spun to see Professor McGonagall marching towards them.

"Minerva, Voldemort has invaded the school grounds. Albus is trying to hold his own, you must send help," Snape paused to take a breath. "Since you are the Deputy Headmistress, the school will recognize your authority in this matter."

McGonagall stared at Snape intently. She stepped past Katie and Daphne to peer out the window. A gasp confirmed, that she indeed saw the duel outside. She turned back to the group. "I will activate the castle defenses. But, I do not know how long they will last against Voldemort, It should buy you some time.

"Wait!," Hermione yelled, causing nearly everyone to jump. "You sound like you think the castle will fall."

McGonagall's expression merely confirmed what Hermione was saying. Harry shook his head. "I'm sorry Professor, but we can't leave you here to die."

McGongall suddenly gave Harry a very determined look.

"What choice is there Mr. Potter? You must live so that you can take the bastard down," Harry blinked in surprise at her language. The McGonagall in front of him had an aura about her. "I will activate the castle defenses, that should buy you time Harry." His name was spoken so soft that he had to blink again at his head of house. She nodded to Snape and spun on her heel to head off down the corridor.

"What now?," Harry glanced at Pansy. "I'm serious, what now? The castle is surrounded. How are we going to get out of here?" She asked, with a hint of hopelessness. Harry stepped over to the girl and pulled her in tight. Without realizing it, Pansy began to cry. Each of the girls looked at each other and nodded. They closed in on the girl, giving themselves and her comfort. Harry stepped back after a moment.

"I have an idea," Several heads were raised towards him. "Don't give me that look Hermione. I've got an idea. I haven't tried it before, but I think I can do it." He said.

"What are you planning Harry James Potter?," Hermione crossed her arms. It was clear to the rest that she did not like not knowing things. In fact, she prided herself in knowing things before most people. "This better be good." She growled.

Harry gulped and nodded. He lifted his wand to his mouth and concentrated hard. A bright, silver stag erupted from the tip of his wand. It stood there for a moment staring at the girls. Those who had not known Harry's Patronis were surprised. The stag trotted over to Pansy and nuzzled her hand. Surprised by the warmth, Pansy stroked the silvery animal.

"Get to the Ministry quickly!" Harry commanded. The stag turned its head and bowed to Harry. With a blur, it zoomed down the hallways.

"Do you think we will have time Harry?" Hermione asked, while bitting her lip.

Harry took in all the worried faces in around him and let out a deep breath. "We will get through this everyone. We have to get through this."

He turned and motioned for the girls to follow him. He just hoped he knew what he was doing.


Albus was weakening, he could feel it as his bones screamed for him to stop. The battle with Voldemort was slowly sliding towards the dark lords favor. He knew he was doomed from the beginning. He just had to hold out a little longer and pray that his message got through to Harry.


Harry and his girls were moving through a corridor when a Phoenix Patronis suddenly appeared in front of them.

"Harry there isn't much time. I have done a number of things to mess up your life. The least I can do is help you this one last time in this dire time of need. Go to my office, there is a book on my desk can help you Harry. It will destroy Voldemort's remaining soul fragments. And.. if were lucky, Voldemort himself. I wish I could have done more for you Harry. This is the end for me, goodbye."

Harry blinked as the Phoenix faded away. He looked at the girls and seeing Luna nod her head. The group quickly headed for the headmasters office.


This was it, he had won. Voldemort raised his hand for the final blow as Albus stumbled and fell to his knees. Of course, he just had to taunt his arch nemesis one last time.

"How does it feel to be the dirt on my shoes old man?" Voldemort snarled. This elected a cheer from his many minions.

The laughter suddenly stopped and Voldemort looked behind him to see a force of nearly 50 Auror's with Amelia in the lead standing just beyond the castle wards.

Voldemort turned back to Albus. "Well, looks like the Calvary is here." Voldemort turned to face this new threat now that Albus was no longer a problem. As he raised his hand to cast, a sudden pain struck him in the chest.

He groaned and fell to his knees. He blinked and blinked again as he watched, his hands seem to be fading in and out.

He glanced upwards and saw a bright blue light shinning from the headmasters tower.


The Gargoyle moved out of the way to avoid the rush of one wizard and several witches as they bounded up the spiral staircase.

Hermione was the first to spot the book. Flipping it open, she began to read. Several minutes later, she looked up.

"I've found the spell used to start a ritual. That when completed will completely drain Voldemort of his soul, power, and life force. Since his Horcrux's are a part of his soul, they will be destroyed in the process also."

"But?" Harry asked. There was a catch, there always was.

"There's a chance that you could be killed in the process. I don't want you to die Harry."

Hermione dropped the book and flung herself into Harry's arms. All around the room, the girls had somber moods on their faces. All except for one of course.

"If I understand you right, his life would be in jeopardy due to power requirements?" Luna asked, her face thoughtful.

Hermione stepped back, wiping the tears from her face in the process. "Yes," she turned to Harry. "While you are strong Harry. I don't think you quite have the power to due this. From what I read in the book, it's an immensely energy draining ritual. Only Wizard's I know that might be able to pull it off is Dumbledore and Voldemort."

"But there is a way Hermione," Luna said. All heads looked up to the blond in question.

"How? I don't want our husband to die." Daphne said. This caused several sharp glances in her direct. "What? You know it's true. I can feel it already. You know we will bear the heirs. Do you deny it?"

One by one each of the girls nodded their heads. "Very well, what do we do Luna?"

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