AU, Alex finds out that is adopted by the Russo on the request of her parent, and they is wizards themselves and Alex is their only child. Alex's parents died in a car accident. Couple are Alex/Justin and Harper/Zeke.

Alex POV (3rd Person)

It was a regular day and Alex was busy talking to Harper when her parent called her, and told Harper to stay there.

"Yeah mom and dad, what is it?" Alex asked without really caring because she thought it would something related with using her magic or her behaviour in school. Though she did not what was going to hit her.

"Well Alex, now you are 17," Jerry said while Alex giving a duh look and Theresa giving a nod to go forward with what he was saying "there is fact you should now. You are adopted; before you scream hear the whole thing out. Your parents were friends from college. They had an accident when you were 6 months."

"They asked us to take you and treat you as are own daughter. You are their only child." Theresa said while looking at Jerry to finish it off before Alex started to scream.

"They were wizards of a noble family; both your parents were wizards of different noble family. Now you may scream." Jerry said with stepping back so he would not go defer.

"What I am adopt and my biological parents are noble rich family of wizards," Alex scream then calmed down before going on with what she was saying "there was only two noble family in the wizards who were rich but in wizard world and human world." It will take time for me to get used to this. "Does Justin or Max know this?"

"No, they do not and till the time you not used to the fact it is not best to tell them this okay." The parents said in unison, and Alex nodded while understanding because she knew how she reacted to news she just got.

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