Alex's POV (3rd person)

"Mom the Russo has been kidnap from some family member of ours and I don't know who he is! I need your help with this." Alex replied with tears coming down her face now. All a sudden Alex felt a warm hand on her shoulder and she turned around and saw the maid was standing behind her.

"Jasmine please take Alex to the family's timeline room please" Alex's mother said to the maid. Jasmine nodded to the order.

"This way ma'am" Jasmine told Alex and leads the way. They entered the room and Alex's parents were already there. Jasmine smiled at Alex and left to complete here work.

"This is the guy you saw?" Alex's Father asked and Alex just nodded. "He is Nicholas my younger brother's son who is after our family throne and power. He was the one caused our accident." Alex was just was shocked hearing this which made her father to stop so that she could absorb the news until he told the rest.

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