Alex's POV (3rd person)

"Yes you can Alex and you do not need to ask us this is your house Alex after all." Alex's mother replied. Alex headed to the library to do some research. Alex searched and searched all the books. Alex started to get frustrated then out of no where an old looking book came in front of Alex.

"What in the world is this book?!" Alex said looking around to see if her parents or any of the maid where there. "Okay let me check if this has something that can be useful for me to get the Russos back from that cousin of mine." Alex read the book for hours until she found the answers she was looking for. "Yes finally an answer to help me. However I still wonder from where this book came from."

"I can answer that;" a ghost coming in view for Alex "I am your Uncle Jason and Nicholas' father. That is the old family book that has information every member of the family and it only comes when some one needs its help." Alex just nodded indicating her understanding.

"Now if you can excuse me I need to go and save the Russos from Nicholas and get some fact straight with him." Alex said to her Uncle and walked out of the library and towards Nicholas' apartment.

Meanwhile at Nicholas' apartment

Nicholas POV (3rd person)

"Let us out of here you crazy person." Harper said to Nicholas who has been ignoring all this statements for the past 6-7 hours. Nicholas was on his laptop doing work so that he could check on the where about of Alex; however nothing was coming out to help him. The bell rings and Nicholas opens the door to find Alex standing in front of him the old family book.

"Hello Nicholas you must be wondering how did I find you right;" Alex said to the stunned Nicholas, Alex notice the Russos and Harper and Zeke. "Are guys okay? Sorry I arrived late to free you from my misunderstood cousin."

"It's okay; at least you came to get us out of here." Justin said which caused Alex to shiver.

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