Normal POV (3rd person)

Alex's Mansion

"Jasmine" Alex called out in the empty household.

"Yes Ma'am" Jasmine replied while coming to their direction from the kitchen.

"Okay firstly its Alex or Maya, secondly can you show them to guest room and get fresh cloths and some refreshment for them and thirdly I'll have a cold coffee." Alex gave some simple orders to Jasmine and headed to her room.

"Yes Alex will make sure that happens. Danny, Lucy, Matt show the guest to the rooms and get them clothes and food for them to eat." Jasmine said while she went to make Alex's cold coffee.

"This way please sirs and ma'am" Danny said indicating the way. As they walked through the house, it started to light up which showed the way.

"Wow this mansion is big." Max said while turning around, "I can get lost in this mansion."

"This is only the guest section of the mansion." Lucy said while opening one of the doors. "The cloths and refreshment will arrive in few minutes. Therefore please choose your room and we bring it to the room."

Alex POV (3rd person)

Alex's Room

"I need to figure out somethings before going to the family wizard competition." Alex said to herself.

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