The Moments In Between

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Summary: This is sort of an addendum to A Legacy of Love. I wrote it 7 years ago after I finished that story, but just never posted it. Basically, just like the title says, it's a few moments, some special, Marita and Sean shared between the last chapter of LOL and the Epilogue.

Author's Note: I know it's odd me posting this so many years after the fact. In fact I've debated for years whether to post it. Then once I decided to do just that, I waited because I wanted to get to a good place with A Season of Truth. Now that ASOT is in the final stretch I thought it would be a good time to post. I hope readers are still interested in this "version" of Sean and Marita and will read and post your thoughts.

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Category: Sean and Marita only. There might be a family member included here or there.

December 1887

The ranch was a world of whiteness, luminous and beautiful under the inches of freshly fallen snow, a picture perfect vision of Christmas morning. Inside the old servant's home, that was more like a quaint cottage, all the rooms were dark save for the only bedroom in the house. Though the candles from the night before had burned out long ago, the fire in the hearth still faintly burned, giving the room a chill and minor glow. Marita laid awake, watching Sean sleep, thinking how so serene, so happy he looked. She was so happy she thought as her gazed remained fixed on him, feeling no need to wake him, finding a deep contentment in watching him sleep. She still couldn't believe that Sean Logan was her husband. She smiled, now recalling the day before, their wedding, it's loveliness and the amazing things that followed – the dinner with her father present, their lovemaking and the wonderful surprises her husband had presented her with. She really wanted to do something for him, to thank him for being so incredible. She mused with blithe. She already had a gift that she'd give him later, but she wanted to do something for him now. Perhaps she could surprise him with breakfast in bed, she thought remembering what Sean had told her the night before that the cupboards were fully stocked with food. But she quickly abandoned that idea, not really wanting to leave the bed when the chill of the room washed over her once more, forcing her to take heed to the dwindling fire in the hearth. Marita reluctantly slid from the bed, but not before gently touching her husband's cheek and lightly kissing his lips. She then picked up Sean's white shirt, which was one of many clothing items that lay in her path, remnants of their passionate undressing from the night before. She then slipped on Sean's shirt to keep the chill in the room from her body, loving its male scent, Sean's scent that emitted from it. Then resumed removing the clothing from her path, picking up her skirt and the bodice to her wedding gown and carefully laying it over a nearby chair. She then made her way over to the fireplace and rebuilt the fire, trying to do it soundlessly, so that she didn't wake Sean. After she completed this task, she turned back towards the bed, planning to quietly rejoined her husband in bed, but was shocked to find that Sean was awake and watching her with languid but tender eyes.

"You're awake." Marita smiled.

"Are you surprised?" Sean sleepily asked.

"Yes" She quietly replied. "I thought I was being so careful not to wake you."

"Well, you know me." Sean uttered smokily as his tender eyes turned amorous at the vision of his scarcely clothed wife walking towards the bed.

"Yes, I do." Marita whispered as she now mounted the bed with her knees then kissed his lips, her heart wild with happiness over this moment. "So how did you sleep?" She then softly asked, sliding beneath the covers and moving closer to him as he slipped his hand inside her shirt, around her waist, then down her bare butt, causing her to sharply inhale at the pleasure that tingled through her form.

"Like a baby." He quietly replied, then kissed her deeply, driving her to wrap her leg around him, to press herself against him. "How about yourself?" He huskily asked as he reluctantly pulled away from her mouth. "You sleep okay?"

"What do you think?" Marita questioned hotly, before taking his lips once more.

"I think..." Sean began, his voice low and breathless. "That you're incredibly beautiful, and sexy."

"You do?" Marita queried with a soft smile, now running her hand through his hair.

"Yes, I do" Sean whispered against her mouth, then took her lips, devouring them with passion as she guided him onto his back, kissing him hotly, then smoothly slipped a top his form, straddling him, before she seductively removed "her shirt" then slowly, sensuously lowered herself upon his hard shaft. Sean groaned as pleasure spiked in his veins, driving him to fervidly caressed her bare thighs as Marita leaned forward and feverishly teased his lips, then continued to move against him, riding him with skill, heatedly stroking his chest, bringing them closer and closer, when suddenly heat flushed their forms, exploding in fire and ecstasy, driving them to cry out in rapture as Marita collapsed in weakened euphoria on her husband's chest. For a moment they lay still their breathes rapid and strong before Marita again kissed her husband, tenderly at first, languidly, savoring the taste of his lips when the kiss again turned hot, arousing them once more. Sean rolled Marita to her back, then left her mouth to move across her cheek, kissing a fiery path to the sensitive spot beneath her ear, before he then proceeded down her neck to her breast, teasing their delicate peaks. Marita breathlessly moaned, her yearning growing stronger with every touch of his tongue. Sean then returned to her mouth, taking it with fervor and need as he moved between her legs, both gasping at the pleasure his gesture brought, before they passionately made love again.

A while later…

Gradually their movements slowed, their fervent kisses grew more chaste, before Sean again abandoned her lips, to lovingly tend to her cheek, her neck, the soft skin between her breast, when he finally stopped at her stomach, kissing it hotly, causing Marita to sigh in languid bliss at the electrifying heat that rippled through her at every touch of his lips. Sean then laid his head upon her tummy, inhaling as she gently caressed his hair, which caused his eyes to close in a contented bliss.

"Sounds like the storm hasn't let up much." She uttered quietly, upon hearing the wind whistling outside, gusting and whipping around the house.

"That's good." Sean stated in a hushed voice. "It means that I'll have more time with you." He said, then kissed her midriff again stirring Marita to purr with pleasure, when her stomach suddenly growled.

"Oh my God." She gasped with shock and mortification.

"Sounds like your stomach doesn't like that idea." Sean joked, now looking up into his wife's embarrassed face.

"I'm so sorry." She weakly laughed, still humiliated by her growling stomach. "I know that was not the response you were hoping for."

"No it wasn't" Sean scoffed, feigning seriousness. "In fact it totally ruined the moment."

"Sean" Marita sighed, bringing a mortified hand to her face, even as she smiled in spite of herself.

"I'll always remember your growling stomach ruining our first morning as husband and wife." He continued as Marita repeatedly attempted to "scold" him, to try and get him to stop teasing her, when he successfully stopped her "scolds" by suddenly kissing her stomach then tickling it. Marita gasped and giggled at his playful words as Sean smiled against her still growling stomach, pleased that he'd successfully banished her embarrassment. He then kissed her tummy once more, before moving back up her body, placing fiery kisses between her breast, then on her neck before stopping at her mouth where he hungrily tasted them again.

"Why don't I get you something to eat?" He suggested, the smile still in his voice.

"No." She softly rejected. "I'm not ready for this moment to end." She said as she gazed intensely into his eyes.

"It's not going to end" Sean passionately reassured. "We're married, remember." He reminded then feverishly kissed her lips.

"I could never forget that." She breathed against his mouth. "But it's Christmas and our honeymoon and..."

"And you're hungry" Sean interjected with passion as he sensually teased her mouth and gently moved against her, causing her to ache for him more, to moan with yearning.

"Yes I am." Marita admitted then seized her husband's mouth as he entered her with fierce passion, taking her once more.

"I could do this all day." Sean uttered huskily to his wife who lay beneath him, then kissed her again, slowly deeply.

"You've been doing this all day." Marita heatedly smiled. "We've been doing this all , all morning."

"We have haven't we?" He realized, gazing at her with tender and ardent eyes.

"Yes." Marita gasped as her husband slightly moved within her, her body igniting once more, then hungrily tasted his lips.

"We should probably get dressed. Head up to the main house." Sean forced himself to say as he slowly ended their kiss, and extricated himself from her, fighting his desire to make love to her again. Marita heaved a strong sigh, expressing without words what Sean was feeling too, that she wanted to remain in his arms and beneath the covers, in this comfort and coziness for a little while longer. "I know exactly how you feel." Sean quietly stated aloud as he pulled her closer to him, then kissed her forehead. "But if we don't head up to the main house soon. Pa will probably come looking for us."

"I know." Marita feebly concurred as she buried her face in his chest, then turned her head to the side resting for a moment longer, savoring the sound of his steadily beating heart before she lightly kissed his chest, then slowly pulled away. "I'm going to wash." She said as she got up from the bed and retrieved Sean's shirt from the floor where it had fell and slipped it on. "And get dressed" She continued. "You should do the same." She uttered softly as she now walked up to his side of the bed and leaned down and kissed his lips.

"I will." Sean responded with love. Marita smiled, then kissed his lips again before turning and walking away leaving her husband to watch her with amorous awe.

Hours later...

Sean and Marita quietly returned to their "home," coming in out of the dark and the snow, which had begun to fall heavily again. After they'd bathed and dressed, they'd gone up to the main house and spent all day with the family, first having brunch with them, then exchanging gifts, reading and talking, before finally ending the evening with Christmas dinner. Despite the meals and the various activities, things had not gone as smoothly as the day sounds. Marita and Sean were expecting to have a Christmas day similar to the previous day – their wedding day, but the day had been anything but. Upon arriving at the main house, they'd expected to find a house bustling with cheer, but instead the house was filled with silence. Sean had called for the family as he and Marita brushed the snow from their coats and hung them on the rack in the foyer, before one of the servants came out to greet them and let them know that everyone was still asleep except Ned and Isaac who were in the study. Sean and Marita immediately knew that something was off and quickly made their way towards the room.

"Pa?" Sean questioned with concern when they found his pa alone staring out the window.

"Sean, Marita." He asserted with surprise turning to face them. "I didn't think that I would see you two today." He continued as he walked their way. "I thought you'd be too busy enjoying your honeymoon." He said as he hugged Sean, then kissed Marita on the cheek.

"Pa." Sean sighed, slightly blushing. "It's Christmas. Of course you'd see us today."

"Where is everyone?" Marita asked, purposely changing the subject even as she also blushed within at Ned's comments. Ned's expression instantly became strained upon hearing her question, which alarmed her and Sean.

"Pa what's wrong?" Sean asked. Ned closed his eyes, faintly shaking his head, not knowing where to begin. "Pa?" Sean questioned once more, concern in his voice. Ned remained quiet a moment longer before finally opening up.

"Jeremy is back." He announced.

"What?" Marita and Sean both gasped.

"When?" Sean then asked.

Ned had then gone on to explain Jeremy's arrival with his daughter and the chaos that had ensued afterwards. The family had been initially shocked upon seeing the young man at the door, but once the shock had worn off anger had set. The family's evening of happiness and reconciliation had been instantly destroyed. Ned said. He revealed how he'd scolded Jeremy for putting himself and the family in such a horrible position by running away, then suddenly returning. Alice had confronted the boy about using the family and lying about everything being okay, and Clay had angrily asked the young man why he'd bothered to come back. Lexy had been the only one who was happy to see the young man, but that had done little to calm the situation. The family had been up half the night trying to sort through the hurt and anger brought on by Jeremy's return before Isaac had stepped in, forcing everyone to settle down, stating that nothing would be solved that night. So everyone had reluctantly gone to bed. Ned said, but he hadn't got much sleep. He confessed. He was worried about this new situation surrounding Jeremy, wondering if the boy would remain there throughout the night. Thankfully he had, Ned had told Sean and Marita. He'd checked on the boy when he couldn't rest and found him sound asleep with his daughter at his side. He'd then come down stairs to the parlor and had been there alone most of the morning. Marita and Sean had remained with Ned and later her pa (who returned to the room after going to the lavatory) until the rest of the family awakened and joined them, which finally got the Christmas celebrations underway. Unfortunately, the holiday had been nothing like the Eve before. Though they shared a wonderful meal, exchanged gifts and read books, leaving off the singing because no one was in the mood. It was a somber day, filled with a thick tension in the air. Everyone's conflicting thoughts about what should be done about the situation with Jeremy, who'd chosen to remain upstairs the entire day, had gradually broke down the bonds that had been forged the night before. Now Marita and Sean quietly removed their hats and coats...

"Thinking about Jeremy?" Sean asked as he took Marita's cloak from her hands and hung it on the hook by the door.

"I can't help not to." She quietly answered.

"You know his situation isn't your fault." Sean said, turning to face her, looking her in the eyes.

"I know." She somberly replied, briefly dropping her gaze. "But I can't help but feel that had I told your pa what I saw that day, what Jeremy had told me when I stopped him from taking the money, maybe he wouldn't be in this mess."

"Marita even if you'd told pa what you saw, what could he have done?" Sean questioned softly, causing her to drop her eyes once more and lightly shake her head. "Lock him in his room?" He asked. "Forbid him from leaving the property?"

"Maybe your pa could've warned the Chambers before Danielle was taken." Marita pointed out.

"Marita." Sean lovingly uttered as he gently touched her chin, lifting her face, drawing her gaze back to his. "Honey, no matter what you did or didn't do, Jeremy would've left anyway. There was nothing that you could've done to stop him."

"I know you're right." Marita sighed, briefly closing her eyes, thinking how somber things had been during the family's Christmas celebration. "I just wish..."

"I know..." Sean softly interjected as he gently touched her cheek, causing her to sigh with pleasure, closing her eyes once more.

"What do you think will happen next?" She then asked again opening her eyes to meet his.

"I don't know." Sean stated quietly. "And right now I don't care." He confessed, surprising her as he gently caressed the earring that dangled from her ear. "We've spent all day dealing with the mess surrounding Jeremy. Right now, is our time." He emphasized.

Marita briefly lowered her gaze, thinking how they'd gone through so much to get to this point in their lives and now she was ruining it with her obsession with the situation surrounding Jeremy. "You're right." She softly replied as she returned his gaze. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be." Sean said. "You're a compassionate woman." He uttered as he continued to caress her cheek, gazing at her heatedly. "It's one of the reasons why I love you."

"Really?" Marita questioned sexily, playfully as she moved closer to her husband. "And here I was thinking it was my good looks."

"Well, it was that too." He huskily admitted, then leaned forward and kissed her lips, first slowly, then gradually more fervently, when he then swept her up in his arms and carried her to their bedroom down the hall.

An Hour Later...

Marita and Sean lay on their sides, their limbs intertwined, their deep kisses gradually growing chaste, then deepened once more before they reluctantly pulled away.

"Not such a bad holiday after all." Sean uttered huskily.

"No it wasn't." Marita softly agreed. "In fact, I would say it's been one of the best Christmas' I've ever had." She said, then kissed his lips.

"Well it's the best of many to come." Sean promised with a smile.

"It is isn't it?" Marita realized aloud as she returned his smile.

"Yes." Sean confirmed, then initiated another kiss.

"I still can't believe we're married." Marita gasped as Sean moved from her lips to her chin, then her neck, kissing it hotly.

"Like you said, not so long ago." He stated in between kissing a scorching path back to her lips. "Life is incredible." He said as he pulled away from her mouth to look her in the eyes.

"Not just life." Marita sighed. "You're pretty incredible yourself." She whispered with love. "You are." She stated once more upon seeing the doubt in her husband's eyes. "You're passionate, loving, you're not afraid of what you want and going after it." She continued as she held Sean's tender stare. "If it wasn't for you, I don't know if we'd even be here right now."

"We would." Sean assured in a hushed tone. "Because despite everything that happened and the way things sometimes appeared to be, I knew that you hadn't given up on us."

"You're right, I hadn't." Marita quietly confirmed, then leaned forward and took her husband's lips, slowly, deeply. Then she reluctantly pulled away and turned her attention to the stand on her side of the bed, causing Sean to groan in disappointment. As Marita opened the stand's drawer, looking for the item she'd placed in there earlier that day, Sean hotly kissed her back, hoping to draw her attention back to him. "Sean." She breathed, heat rushing through her. She then turned back to face him, now holding a box that was wrapped in a brown paper bag that was accented with a red ribbon tied in a bow. "Merry Christmas." She quietly uttered as she handed him the small box.

"Marita, I thought that we agreed not to exchange gifts this year." Sean stated as he reluctantly took the gift from her hand and sat up straighter in the bed.

"We did, but I got this before we made our agreement."

"Marita you didn't have..."

"Sean stop." She interjected, suspending his words. "You're my husband. I wanted to do it. Now open it." She then urged. Sean hesitated a moment, then proceeded to untie the ribbon then tear the paper from the box, before he opened it to look inside.

"Marita" He sighed with shock, when he the opened the case that was inside the box and saw the gift inside. It was a pocket watch with a black dial, bronze-colored roman numerals with black hands that drifted over the clear center that revealed the golden mechanics of the watch. The bezel and the back of the jewel were made of aged-gold. With a rearing stallion carved on the back, it's front legs perfectly positioned above the ground, it's tail and mane flowing in the air. Sean slowly removed the watch from the box, his heart pounding with happiness and love, yet still brimming with shock. He carefully examined the beautiful craftsmanship and detail carved on the back and reassessed the bezel and face that was flawless in color and design. Normally, such an exquisite piece of jewelry would be very expensive. However, Marita was able to purchase the watch at a greatly reduced rate. The Negro jewelry she'd bought it from in Cholena had given her what most would consider a steal on the piece because she'd worked wonders with his eldest son who was studying medicine and having a terrible struggle with mathematics. As a thank you for her help he insisted on giving her a significant discount on any item she purchased from his store. Even with the discount, it had taken nearly all of Marita's earnings to purchase it. She'd had to live off chicken broth the last two weeks she was in Cholena, because she had no money for a "real" meal, but it caused no discomfort to her, knowing that she'd get the wonderful response she was just getting from her future husband.

"It's beautiful." Sean quietly spoke, then lean forward and kissed her lips, before taking her in his arms, holding her tightly, sending waves of joy through Marita, filling her with love.

"I'm glad you like it." She said as she tightened her arms around him. "I love it." Sean confirmed his voice tender and true, as he pulled back from the hug and looked her in the eyes. "I love you." He uttered emotionally. "So very much."

"I love you too." Marita softly replied, then Sean kissed her once more, this time more deeply, as he gradually pulled her closer, delaying for a moment to put the box and watch on the stand next to his side of the bed, before returning his full attention to his wife…