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June 1893

Detroit, Michigan

So much had changed over the past five and half years since Sean and Marita started on the difficult journey of being a Negro and white, building a life as husband and wife in a not so understanding world. They'd been through so much in the years since their wedding day, and at times wondered if things would ever get better, but things had got better. Once Marita gave Sean her blessing to start his own business, he'd pursued his business plan full force, first by purchasing a small building in downtown Cholena and renovating it over the next few months with Isaac's help – which initially had been a challenge to get him on board. After he'd completed the renovations, he'd then advertised space for rental in the building, but had a difficult time garnering tenants due to his marriage to Marita. The whites wouldn't give him the time of day and the blacks just didn't quite trust him, but things had eventually worked out. He'd convinced a friend of a friend of the Williams, who was opening his own barbershop to rent a suite in his building. It had taken weeks of convincing, but the young man finally relented. After the young man gave him a chance, more tenants – all Negroes, slowly started to follow. With the profits made from that building and the substantial payouts they were getting from their continuous investment in steel Sean invested in more property for rental and sale, and as a result the business quickly started to grow. Within a year and a half, the business was thriving. He owned several properties in Cholena and had acquired various valuable plots in Detroit, which had resulted in him commuting to the city several times a week, sometimes leaving Marita and the boys home alone for days on end. All the trips and the growing business in Detroit was what ultimately led to their decision to move. Though they enjoyed living in Cholena, they concluded that his business and their family life would mesh better if they resided in Detroit where his work was growing exponentially. So they'd left Cholena behind, but still retained several properties there. However, Sean left them to be managed by Isaac, which limited him to visiting the small town on business to once a month...Sean kissed the back of his wife's neck as he slipped one of the straps of her gown from her shoulder, then feverishly tasted it, causing Marita to moan, to instantly awaken at his ardent touch...

"Someone's in a loving mood." She languidly sighed as she turned to face him.

"That what happens when a man has a beautiful." He huskily stated, then fervidly kissed her mouth. "Sensual." He continued, then heatedly kissed her neck. "Wonderful wife to wake up to." He said as he gently rolled her onto her back, then took the exposed breast in his mouth, sucking it with hunger, before worshipping its peak with torturous nips and licks. Marita gasped his name then purred when his hand drifted to the opposite mound caressing it as he continued the ministrations with his mouth. Abandoning her breasts he then inched down her body, kissing her ribs, her navel, her lower abdomen through the thin fabric of her gown, setting her on fire, making her writhe with fervent anticipation beneath him. Sean slightly smiled, loving the heat that he was inciting within her, when he sensuously slid her gown above her waist, the caress of the cotton fabric moving up her legs, baring her to her husband, sending a fiery shiver through her form. Sean blew a gentle breath below and smiled again when she keened his name, then returned his mouth to her lower abdomen, kissing it hotly, before moving to the delta between her sensuous thighs.

"Ah!" Marita panted when she felt it, his hot, wet tongue invading her folds, laving her slowly, savoring the sweet flavor her nub, before his ministrations grew stronger, his mouth more insistent, hungrily tasting her, probing her inner core, driving her legs further apart as he delved deeper, relentlessly stroking that perfectly sensitive spot within her until she lost all coherent thought, screaming as she came, the intense rapture tearing through her in a ferocious wave. Sean lovingly kissed her inner thigh, imprinting a blazing path to the side of her knee. Pleased at his wife's pliant sighs of ecstasy, he then returned to her mouth, kissing her passionately as he nestled himself between her legs...

"Mommy." A small voice called as their bedroom door suddenly flew open. Embarrassed and shocked, Sean and Marita quickly disentangled themselves, while adjusting the sheets in a position that wouldn't expose any inappropriate skin.

"Justice!" Sean sighed, irritably eying his son who just like his brother was the spitting image of him, blue eyes and straight hair, save for the dark brown of his locks that were all Marita. "What have I told you about knocking before entering a closed door?" Sean strongly chastised, trying to cool his frustration and raging desire as Marita readjusted her gown beneath the sheets.

"Sorry papa." The boy softly replied as he cautiously approached the bed a sour look on his face.

"Honey what's wrong?" Marita breathlessly asked, her body still struggling to settle in a state of calm.

"I hungry." Justice revealed, stopping at the bed, placing his small hands on its side.

"Okay honey. I'll get up and fix you something." Marita said, then moved away from Sean who heaved a sigh, understanding his son's need for food, but still completely turned on by his wife. He lay back on the pillow watching as she left their bed, noting the way her nude curves move beneath her faintly sheer gown and grew harder. He fought to stifle a groan when Marita bent down and retrieved her robe from the floor then slipped it on. She then briefly glanced back as she pushed Justice forward, walking him toward the bedroom door, giving him an apologetic smile. Sean lightly shook his head and returned her smile, then again sighed as they exited the room.

A couple of hours later…

Marita had just completely the daunting tasks of cleaning the breakfast dishes and pots, when Sean and the boys noisily entered the kitchen. She turned from the counter, expecting to see her husband dressed for work and was not disappointed. However, she was surprised to find the boys were dressed as well.

"Well, this is a nice surprise." She asserted, not knowing what to think.

"Pa says we're goin with him!" Shane excitedly exclaimed before his father could explain.

"Really?" Marita uttered with shock, her gaze returning to her husband.

"Yes." Sean confirmed as he walked up to his wife. "I'm going to take them with me today. Give you a much needed break."

"And what have I done to deserve this?" Marita jokingly asked, thinking how Sean never took the boys with him to work, which meant she rarely got a break from them during the day, especially during the week. Only when Sean returned home at the end of the day was when she got her "quiet" time.

"Oh, you know." Sean huskily replied, holding her stare, expressing without words all the sexy things he'd said to her that morning before their lovemaking had been interrupted.

"Hmm." Marita smiled at his amorous gaze, wanting to devour him right there, but of course knowing that she couldn't because of their children being mere feet away. "Well, it's a wonderful surprise." She said, then chastely kissed his lips and slowly pulled away, their eyes locking once more, heat passing between them. "How are you going to work with the boys around?" She then questioned as she stepped away from him, trying desperately to control her desire that was gaining in fervor with his every look and word.

"You let me worry about that." Sean declared, drawing her gaze back to him as he closed the small distance between them then kissed her with steady passion. "I'll be fine." He assured as he reluctantly left her mouth, leaving her breathless. Marita held his gaze, a mixture of intrigue and arousing emotions coursing through her. "I better get going." He then said. "I'm already late."

"Okay." Marita sighed, still feverish from his kiss as Sean directed their sons to tell her goodbye.

"Bye Mommy." Shane said, running up to her, followed by Justice. Marita squatted to the floor and hugged her eldest tightly, while telling him to be good for his pa and to have a good day, before she kissed him on the cheek, which he promptly wiped away. She then stood as she picked up Justice and gave him a kiss, telling him the same thing she'd told his brother then handed him to his father.

"I'll see you later." Sean said, after which they kissed again, before him and the boys exited the kitchen, when he suddenly returned to the doorway. "Forgot to tell you, don't worry yourself with dinner. I'm going to pick up something from Langston's."

"Okay." Marita slowly replied, now more bewildered and intrigued than ever as Sean again disappeared from the room.

Hours Later – Late Afternoon

Marita relaxed in the small sitting room, peacefully reading a book that she hadn't had much time to start because of her continuously busy life. She'd enjoyed her "day off." Even though she did miss the boys, she was happy to get some real alone time. She'd done a little cleaning, lots of reading and also had the opportunity to work on her plans for a library/reading initiative, for illiterate Negro children, she'd been exploring off and on for the past couple of years. She'd originally came up with the idea while they were living in Cholena and hoped to implement the initiative there, but she'd not been able to get it off the ground before she and Sean moved to Detroit. However, she hoped that she could get things going within the next couple of years in Detroit. For the most part her day had been relaxing and productive. She would be sure to thank her husband when they had their own alone time later that night. She amorously thought as she closed her book and looked at the clock, wondering where her he and their boys might be. They should've been home by now. She mused then got up from the couch laying her book on the table nearby and went to the kitchen. She hoped that Sean would be home soon with food. She thought, because she was starving. Marita walked to the counter and retrieved one of the apples that sat on its top. She then washed it off and was just about to take a bite when she heard the front door open and close. Setting down the apple Marita immediately exited the kitchen and entered the small foyer to find her husband.

"Hey!" She asserted, prompting Sean to turn his attention from the small table in front of him.

"Hey!" He replied with a broad smile, then briefly returned his attention to what he was doing, putting his work papers and briefcase down.

"Where are the boys?" Marita asked.

"They're with your pa." Sean said as he now walked up to her then kissed her lips.

"What?" Marita responded with surprise, after pulling back to look him in the eyes.

"I took them to Cholena, to spend a couple of days with your pa so that we could have some time alone."

"Sean, why didn't you tell me?" She questioned with shock, even though she had a pretty good idea why he hadn't discussed it with her.

"I wanted to surprise you, and I knew that if I told you what I wanted to do you'd protest." He softly answered, now caressing a curl that hung next to her face. "Am I right?" He then questioned with a smile.

"Yes. You're right." She conceded with a sigh after a brief moment of silence.

"Um Hmm." Sean stated triumphantly at Marita's gradual smile, then took his wife's lips again.

"So anything planned besides the obvious?" She quietly queried, thinking of their passionate encounter that morning, ready to pick it up where they'd left off.

"Absolutely." Sean uttered huskily. "In fact, we're getting out of here for a while."

"Really? Where are we going?"

"You'll see!" Sean took her hand and moved them towards the door.

"Wait!" Marita asserted, tugging Sean's hand, stopping him. "We're leaving now?"


"But shouldn't I change?"

"No. You're perfectly dressed." He reassured, then pulled a surprised Marita out the door, forcing her to come along.

15 – minutes later

"Sean where are we going?" Marita asked, now of course completely fascinated by their destination. She thought she'd guessed where they were going, that they would've arrived there a while ago, but now they were outside of downtown Detroit in areas that were less developed, but more prestigious than the areas in town. Out here were lovely houses, everywhere, many with acres and acres of property that hosted a sea of greenery, large beautiful trees and unique foliage and views of Lake St. Claire that was breathtaking. Out here, today, the air was pleasant due to the cool breeze blowing off the lake, and the skies reflected hues of bright orange and red, signifying the sun's approaching descent.

"Right here." Sean answered as he pulled their carriage to a stop in front of what appeared to be nothing but a vast area of land, bewildering her even more.


"No more questions." He quietly declared, then kissed her lips. He then descended the carriage, quickly made his way around to her side, helped her down, then took the basket of food he'd picked up from Langston's out of the back while still holding her hand. Marita wanted so much to ask him if they should be here. It was obvious that this place wasn't a public park, but she remained quiet, heeding his request not to ask questions and thus allowed herself to enjoy the moment. They moved about the property, walking in a companionable silence taking in the view. It was a beautiful piece of land, a bit hilly, but gorgeous with green grass for what looked like miles and miles, and trees scattered about the property. They seemed to walk and walk, but she never grew tired, because the view was so stunning. It reminded her so much of Lexington, the beauty of the Logan Ranch, which she missed so much. Marita truly was enjoying this, so much, experiencing this lovely land, enjoying this beautiful evening with her husband, but still she wondered if they should even been here, and so her curiosity again began to get the better of her.

"Sean should we..."

"Finally, our spot." He interjected, staying her question, prompting her to turn her gaze forward.

"Sean." Marita gasped, completely in awe when she saw the vision before her. It was a mature Lilac tree surrounded by acres of green grass, with a backdrop of the evening sky, blazing in red and orange over the ocean blue tranquilness of Lake St. Claire. "This is beautiful." She sighed, turning her eyes to her husband, who gazed at her adoringly and with a smile. She then kissed his lips, softly, tenderly.

"You hungry?" Sean quietly asked as she pulled away.

"Starving." She said, now holding his smoldering gaze.

"Good, because I brought enough food for an army." Marita smiled and playfully rolled her eyes. "Come on, let's eat." He then said, returning her smile as he slipped his arm around her back and they walked towards the Lilac tree. Once they reached their destination Sean laid down a blanket, placed a few candles around the area to enhance the romantic mood, before Marita assisted him in setting out their meal. They spent the picnic talking, eating, laughing, kissing, and just enjoying each other without the distractions of their home, the kids, his work and her father. They continued this way until the sun began to fade from the horizon, allowing the emergence of Venus in the western sky. Now finished with their meal, they quietly sat beneath the Lilac tree, Marita resting between her husband's legs as he held her close, his arms around her as they watched the sunset over the lake, while listening to the tranquilness of its waves gently brushing the shore below.

"This is so wonderful." She quietly stated, now noting the candles that were still burning brightly around them and the fireflies that sporadically flew nearby.

"Yeah it is." Sean sighed with contentment, yet contemplating whether now was the time to reveal the true purpose behind this outing. "So...you like this property?" He then questioned in a quiet tone.

"Yes, I love it." Marita uttered honestly. "It's beautiful." She said, then for a moment became quiet, considering whether she should again ask the question she'd posed before, but when she decided that she would Sean spoke first...

"The buyer thought it was beautiful to." He softly declared.

"Buyer?" Marita queried with bewilderment, now turning to face her husband. "So this is private property." She deduced with alarm.

"Yes." Sean uttered, lovingly brushing a stray hair behind her ear.


"But I know the owner." He quietly interjected. "He...plans to built a home here for him and his family." He said, lowering his gaze. "But his wife has been so adamant about waiting to build a new home that he thought the only way he could convince her to do so is if he sort of... duped her into seeing this gorgeous property." He cautiously finished now lifting his eyes back to his wife's face, who was completely stunned by the words that had just come from his mouth.

"You're the owner of this property?" She asked in shock.

"No." Sean whispered, holding his wife's gaze. "WE own this property." He stated. "Marita I know that you wanted us to wait to build a house, and I was willing to do so until I came across this piece of land. When I saw this property I instantly knew that this place was for us. It reminded me of home. It has the trees that we both love, the land that we crave, plenty of space for the boys to run and play and a wonderful view of the lake." He pointed out. "Marita we can afford this." He contended. "We can afford this 10 times over, and we can afford to build the house of our dreams atop this land." He said. "This land is us, through and through." He stated sincerely as Marita dropped her eyes. "And I want us to build our home here." For a moment Marita was quiet, emotion building in her heart, contemplating how she could speak what she wanted to say, when she just gave up trying to piece together an eloquent response and spoke what was in her heart.

"I know that I should be furious with you..." She began, her eyes still lowered. "For making such a big decision without us discussing it first." She resumed, leaving him on pins and needles, waiting with bated breath for her to continue. "But I'm not." She lifted her misty eyes to his, telling him everything with her gaze. "I can't be. I can't be angry with a man, my husband, who never ceases to amaze me." She stated poignantly, her eyes and tone reflecting how touched she was by what he'd done. Sean lowered his gaze and sighed, relieved as a smile gradually formed on his face.

"I love you." Marita uttered with deep tenderness, drawing Sean's intense gaze back to hers. "And I would like nothing more than to build our home on this land." Sean's smile instantly grew, then he leaned forward and kissed his her lips, lingeringly.

"I love you too." He whispered with happiness. Marita then took his mouth again, kissing him passionately as she moved closer to him, smoothly straddling him. Sean groaned as their kisses grew deeper, hungrier, leading them to recommence what they'd started that morning, to surrender to their passionate yearnings on the land of their future home, beneath the twinkling stars and the glow of the gibbous moon.