I was on my way back to the trailer when I heard human howling, what the crud? I shrugged and carried on walking back home with Mason "So this girl, you love her don't you?" I asked, he nodded and my home came within view "Sorry Mason, time to wolf you back" I said, he nodded in understanding and I aimed my palm, red magic flowed from my hand and onto Mason turning him into a wolf again,

I picked up the leash and we carried on walking to my trailer "Hey sis we got visitors" my brother Junior said excitedly, he was a bit of a dumb ass "Really who?" I asked "Bunch of people from an art museum, they wanna see Doug" he said motioning to Mason, I nodded and walked him into the trailer

"Here's our baby girl with Doug" Momma said as I walked in, I saw a boy and girl and I noticed the girl as Alex, the girl from Mason's painting, she whispered something to her brother before coming over to me "Hey do you mind if I have a closer look at Doug over here by the corn?" she asked, I shook my head and handed her the leash, she walked him over to the bed and I sat down next to her "I know who you are Alex, don't ask me how but I'll make sure my parent's don't know what you're up to"

I said, she gave me a confused glance and I saw another boy there, he noticed me and jumped up "Hi I'm Max" he said "Cassy" I replied, he was really cute "You guy' this is a lovely home you have, mind showing me around a bit?" the other guy asked my family, they opened their arms and he realized this was the entire house, I sat down at the table next to Max "So why are you here?" I asked "Were here for the art" he replied a lil nervously "Really?" I asked, he nodded,

I turned around and aw Alex hugging Mason, I smiled.

My parent's finally made dinner and it happened to be squirrel on a kebab, well it was better than stew, Max and my parents were eating it but I didn't wanna, neither did the older brother, Alex was still hugging Mason "Are yah sure you don't want some miss young Lady?" Momma asked Alex, she was still hugging Mason and I saw momma nod to papa "Well I think we'll have some possum pie after our music entertainin" Moma said, she winked at Junior and he nodded

"Squirrel Kebab's and a show, I love me the country life" Max said after being handed a pot, my family got out their respected instrument's and started playing, after a few minutes I saw Mason turn human again, uh oh my family knew, this family were in for something big, my family noticed too and they all stopped playing "You changed me back" Mason said to Alex "I didn't do it" she aid confused, Mason turned to me "Cassy?" he asked "Not me" I replied

"You were right Ma, these people are wizards, just like us" Junior said in awe "who changed you back?" the older brother asked "we did" Momma said "why?"he asked "who cares I got Mason back" Alex said hugging him "Yeah Junior theiz wizards like us" Momma said "No they ain't" Papa exclaimed, he brought out his wand "Were country wizards" he declared "Oh my gosh country wizard wands" the oldest said pulling Max back "Hey what's going on? And how did you get Mason?" Alex asked walking forward, Mason pulled her back

"Hold you're horses Alex they got hair pin trigger don't get them riled up" he said in our southern accent, we all gave him a look "Sorry I guess their accent kind of rubbed off on me" Mason said his voice going back to normal "Cassy here went through the portal to check our squirrel traps in the translvania woods and she found Mason" Momma said "She took him in and we found ourselves a new huntin dog so that Junior here don't have to go hunting them no more"

Papa said "Nope" Junior said a lil disappointed "When we weren't huntin we kept Mason in the shed where he commenced to paintin pictures of a pretty girl" Momma said "Since we found him in the translvania woods we figured she was a wizard girl" Momma finished "Then you contacted the programe people to do a piece on an artistic dog so you could attract another wizard family to you" the eldest said, well didn't he catch on quick "No we got the folks in the T.V box to do a moving picture show on a fancy drawing dog to lure another wizard family to us"

Papa corrected, it was basically the same thing "Papa that was the same thing" I piped up "Stay quiet Cassy" he said loudly, I flinched and stayed quiet "Okay, so were here, now what?" he asked "we want you're portal" Papa said "what?" they all asked "See that?" Papa asked motioning to our sign "To everybody else that's our outhouse, but to us it's our lair with our portal" Papa explained "The dang county lawman told us we had to build an indoor bathroom, and then they bulldozed our outhouse lair" Momma said sadly "Dad would really like sitting in an outhouse lair'

Max said to his brother, I bit my lip and smiled, I couldn't help it "Every wizard family only get's one portal, so you guy's have no way back into the wizard world" The eldest said a bit sympathetic "Here's what I'm proposing, you give us you're portal and we'll let wolf boy go home with missy" Momma said motioning to Alex and Mason "Deal" "No deal" Alex and the older brother said at the same time "You country wizards is evil, see now you got me sticulatin and figurin like you'se do, that's evil"

Max said to my family, he glanced at me while the eldest talked to Alex and Mason "You're in this too?" he asked, I was about to answer "Course she is our baby girl's always on our side" Papa said, Max looked hesitant but he nodded "Ma, Pa please let Mason go with me, I love him it's not like he's any use to you" Alex said, I wish I could help her "If you ain't gonna make the deal then you best get"

Momma said backing them up to the door, Mason went to follow them but my family kept them back, I jumped out the door and saw Alex talkin to her brother "Hey" I said, she ran over to me and took my forearms "Please help me Cassy" she begged, I felt so sorry for her "I know something…."I started but got cut off "Get off our land" Papa shouted "I have to say goodbye to Mason"

Alex said, Junior brought out Mason only he was a wolf again "No, they changed you back" she wined hugging him "Cassy can you help us?" the eldest said, I was about to talk but I got cut off again "Cassy baby come here" Momma said, I gave him an apologetic look and walked over to my parents "I'll trade you our portal for Mason wait for me to flash you into our lair"

Alex said quietly to us before heading over to her brothers "Hey before I go do you think I can get a doggy bag with some squirrel kebab wrapped in foil shaped like a crab?" Max asked "Son you make less than no sense" Papa said "You just made yourselves an enemy" Max said, the older brother came over and grabbed him "Except for you Cassy" he said smirking, I bit my lip and watched as he was dragged away by his brother.