Title: Taste

Author: Kuria Dalmatia

Rating/Warnings: PG-13

Characters/Pairing: Hotch/Reid

Summary: Aaron knows what Reid's skin will taste like. Will he give into temptation to confirm it?

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It's his neck that does Aaron in.

Slender. Elegant.

So goddamn kissable.

Some would think that Reid would taste sweet, like honey or pure sugar. Floral, like a woman.

Although he's never indulged in that particularly fantasy (or any fantasy involving Reid), Aaron knows better. He's smelled Reid, close up. Personal. Reid's scent mixed with everything from sweat to coffee to gunpowder to death itself.


And smell has a hell of a lot to do with taste. Therefore, Reid won't taste sweet and pure.


He will taste of sharpness and tang and sourness and … and Reid.

Aaron knows it.

He knows it. His entire body knows it.

Aaron inhales and exhales. There are parts of his body which refuse to cooperate with the directive: Not here.Not now. Clearly, those parts of his body are demanding, Why not?

And really, sadly … Why not?

"Hotch?" Reid inquires. It's not the high-pitched, hesitant tone that Aaron expects to hear. No. This is sharp and direct and what the fuck?

It takes everything in Aaron's repertoire to reply with, "What?" using that command tone that scares the brawniest men into mental corners.

Reid's confused look morphs into a small, almost imperceptible smirk. It's brief, like a flash of lightening.

Either Aaron gets the message or he doesn't.

He does.


Has this invitation always been there? Aaron wonders as he blinks.

Reid pushes the hotel room door open. The hotel room they are sharing. The hotel room they are sharing because Fate has decided that tonight is the night that Aaron shares a hotel room with Reid.

God only knows how Aaron looks, if Reid can read the longing and the desire and everything that Aaron has kept bottled up for four years and counting.

Reid enters and walks to the middle of the room, Aaron stumbling in six steps behind him. The younger agent keeps his back to Aaron as he stretches and then rolls his head to the side, exposing that pale skin that just begs for Aaron to touchkisscaressmaulbitesoothe.

The door clicks shut behind them.

Reid glances over his shoulder. There's amusement in his voice. "You'd better lock that."

Aaron stares. He finds himself turning around, walking to the door, opening it to put the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the handle, closing it and then doing the deadbolt and latch chain. When he faces Reid again, the younger agent has tilted his head more, his hair swept to one side.

Reid drops his shoulder, which make his neck even more alluring. His voice is teasing. Low. Wicked. "What are you waiting for?"

A plethora of excuses roll through Aaron's mind. None of them stop him from moving forward until he's standing directly behind Reid. His own hands are inches from grasping Reid's arms to pull the younger man back.

There's a joke about a vampire in there somewhere, but Aaron can't focus because he's staring at Reid's neck. He wants to ask, Are you sure? but he can't get the words out. He's afraid if he speaks, all the excuses will come rushing out of his mouth and they will crush this moment.

Reid is perfectly still. His breathing is slow, even.

Patient, Aaron thinks. He's being so patient with you. Indulging your insecurities. Which is weird, of course, because Aaron believes he does an excellent job of hiding his insecurities especially ones like this. He has to. But his patience will only last so long. Aaron knows this. He knows that Reid will never offer himself like this again.

He leans forward, settling his shaking hands lightly on Reid's arms. He licks his lips. He's breathing so hard that the collar of Reid shirt flutters with each exhale.

"Go ahead," Reid whispers, his tone verges on an order.

Aaron closes his eyes. He presses his lips against Reid's pale skin. He snakes his tongue out.

He tastes.

And it's everything and then some that Aaron has fantasized about.

It's divine.