Fred 2: The Movie


Only awkward; alone

It was already passed midnight and Fred was still wide awake. He just couldn't get to sleep and truthfully couldn't get Bertha out of his head for one second either. He just lay in bed staring up at the dark ceiling above him. His thoughts were running wild and his mind wouldn't stop thinking about Bertha…especially her kiss.


In the morning, as the sun shine peered through the only window in Fred's room, he woke up with flames in his eyes. "OWw!" he whined and before he even had time to see where he was, he rolled over to one side and fell right off the bed. "Oh it's Monday today, which means school!" Fred freaked after recovering fairly quickly from his morning fall, jumping to his feet and making his way into the bathroom.

It didn't take him long at all to take a shower and then get dressed. "MH I smell like green apples." He smiled to himself and he packed his…pack and left for school and of course Talia was just walking out her front door as Fred was walking out his.

It was kind of creepy.

But what was weird was that Kevin was along-side her. Kevin never walked to school and this was probably his first time doing it. So Fred whistled something random to himself and picked up the pace a little bit.

Being around Talia was a hundred times better than being around Kevin.

Finally standing before the school building with a storm of kids walking in, Fred turned around and saw Kevin and Talia again. "Oh gammit why does Kevin always show up when I do…I mean he is always somewhere near me which is kinda' weird and creepy." The squeaky kid said to himself not even realizing, until the last minute that he was the only one standing outside besides a few nerds and geeks…and Bertha.

She looked as cute as she always did and she had her jaw moving again on that piece of gum like always. But as he looked at her, he began to get all queasy and shaky. His hands started to sweat and his stomach was turning. He was never this nervous around her and now that they have kissed it was all different now.

He was totally lost for words when Bertha appeared close and smiled. "Hi Fred…what is it?" she gave him a confused look, and snapped her gum; the sound of it caused Fred to jump which made Bertha kind of laugh.

He tried to shake it off and smile. "Hey B-B-B-Bertha…we are going t-to be late!" he hurried and stuttered at the same time and raced into the building like it was some kind of race.

Bertha followed after him.


In music class, Fred and Bertha sat beside each other in the back row. Kevin and his dorky friends sat in the second row which gave Fred at least a little bit of space to breathe.

Still Fred couldn't get her off his mind. It was horrible; no it was insane to-to fall in love with your best friend…it was so wrong. Fred just couldn't help it. Bertha stole his heart entirely and all he wanted from her was another sweet kiss.

Mr. Devilyn had his eye on Fred for the longest time, watching him squirm in worry. "Is everything alright Fred?" he stopped what he was teaching to talk to Figglehorn, disrupting the whole class, especially Kevin. Fred swallowed hard realizing that everyone had their eyes on him now and it was making those strange feelings in the pit of his stomach worse.

"Y-yeah everything is fine." Fred said in his squeaky voice, faking a great smile that had persuaded everyone around him except Kevin.

Kevin rose up from his seat and opened his mouth: "You know Fred, all of us are trying to learn so will you please be quiet?" he growled before sitting back down and that was the part when everyone around him laughed even Kevin who was laughing out hysterically. Fred felt really stupid; his face flushed red and Bertha turned to look.

She felt bad for him after Kevin's senseless performance. "Fred…?" she turned her body so that she was facing him and touched his arm. At the touch, Fred nearly flipped. "I got to use the bathroom." And with that said, Fred made his way through all the rows of kids and was out the door before Mr. Devilyn had time to stop him.


After school, Fred hurried to get home. He didn't even say hi or even bye to Bertha. But he did see Kevin and Talia behind him.

He stopped only for a few seconds to look behind him and what he saw was Talia holding her books close and Kevin well he was being his idiot self, moving to the beat of the music after noticing all the idiotic dancing around he was doing.

Fred let out a deep sigh and finally made it to his doorstep, entering the house with a slight hint of hesitation but not much.

"Mom-Mom I'm home!" Fred shouted at the bottom of the stairs, hoping she'd hear. He didn't hear her say anything back and made thought to going upstairs just to make sure she was okay. Fred took the first step up and ran up all the rest, making his way into his mom's bedroom, which was left unoccupied.

He already knew she didn't have work tonight and thought about where she could be and most of all who she could be with.


It was getting fairly late in the day and Kevin had no plans at all for the rest of his day. Talia had dance tonight which their mother already drove her to so Kevin headed up to his room and signed on to his computer and sent a note to Rebecca. She didn't respond at first to his suggestions for the rest of the day, but she did later on after he quickly used the bathroom.

Neither of them used their webcams this time. It took too long to set it up so they just chatted through messages:

Kev24: So…you wanna hang at the park or something today. I am bored outta my mind.

Beccabutterfly: Yeah I guess I have nothing better to do anyway; is Diesel and Skeet coming along?

Kevin leaned in closer to his screen and growled below his breath. He'd rather it be him and Rebecca but of course she loved being around people way more than Kevin did; besides he wanted to spend more time with her.

Kev24: No why do you always ask about them…you must have something against me, Bec.

Rebecca furrowed her brows in the most hurtful way staring at her screen. Her fingers left the keypad of her laptop, and fell into her lap. She breathed in one big breath and let it back out. It wasn't Kevin she adored that guy, but it felt like he wanted to go further in their relationship and she wasn't ready even though she does think about him from time to time.

She thought about what she was going to write back and got her fingers ready:

Beccabutterfly: No Kev, it's not you. I just feel like you are trying um to get too far in our relationship…I just don't want anything-you knw-to happen.

After re-reading her message to him, she felt so stupid. She didn't mean it like that in anyway and she wanted him to know that she liked him as much as ever. It was weird how something so simple like talking about friendly plans turn into something so serious.

Beccabutterfly: I would still love to hang though if you're still up to it, Kevin.

She read it in her head as she typed it and waited in silence for a response.

Kev24: Yeah that would be cool…I'll be there in a few. TTYL


Right as Kevin arrived at Rebecca's door, her mom was just leaving. She had a date with her new boyfriend who Bec hated with a fiery passion.

He was a hunky man but so ditzy it made no sense at all.

"Hey, Kevin" Rebecca smiled as Kevin made his way into her house, smiling back at her just not as big. His head was down and he raised his hand to scratch his nose. He looked nervous with his eyes hidden behind that hat of his that he always seemed to be wearing.

"Hey." He said back a bit late standing with his hands tucked into the large pockets of his basketball shorts, staring straight at Becca.

It was silent and remained that way for a while.


E/N: Okay sorry for ending it like this but chapter 6 will talk more about it so don't worry. Yeah John Cena might make some appearances too. I just loved him in those movies…Hilarious XD