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Everybody Has a Song

Chapter 1

"Today's the day!" Mokey said.

Wembley yawned, stretched, and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. Gobo looked irritated.

"Why'd you have to get us up in the middle of the night, eh?"

"Because Cantus is coming!" Mokey said, eyes aglow.

"She's been tracking his visits on a calendar," said Red, rolling her eyes.

"Yes," said Mokey, "and Boober's been helping me."

Three heads swiveled in Mokey's direction. "HUH?"

"He's probably noting the best time to avoid the Great Hall, " said Red.

Gobo nodded. "Yeah, probably. I just wish he'd lighten up a little. You know, spend less time doing laundry and more time having fun."

Gobo's friends nodded in agreement, though Mokey looked unsure. "But, Boober's Boober. I mean, if he weren't around, who would cook or do laundry? It'd be a disaster. All Fraggles have a place, and Boober fits his perfectly."

Wembley tugged on Mokey's sleeve. "But Boober's always going to be around, right?"

"Right," said Red. "So let's stop worrying about Boober and get ready to welcome Cantus."

The four friends turned and walked out the entrance to the Great Hall.


Boober was feeling unusually gleefull. There was an extra large load of laundry to do, a new recipe to try, and for once, nobody was trying to make him join the Medley.

"I guess leaving early did the trick," Boober said, "although I will deliver the cake. Let's see, for Radish Von Rouge, I'll need-"

He was interrupted by a grunt from behind him. He turned to see a speckled creature with thick, black eyebrows and a funnel for a nose.

"It's a Blustering Bellowpane Monster!" Boober cried. He ran as though his legs were on fire. The monster followed, honking like a bicycle horn. Boober sprinted a few yards and doubled back, panting with exhaustion and fear. "Maybe I can lose him," Boober huffed.

Boober didn't notice the hole until he was halfway to the bottom of it. He barely had time to gasp before he plunged into a pool of half-frozen water. Boober waded his way out of the pool and began to shiver. He was no warmer than he had been when he was in the water, even after he had dried himself with his scarf.

"Maybe- I- can- climb- back- up-" Boober grunted as he clawed his way up the inside of the hole. It was a fruitless effort; the surface was smooth and slick with ice crystals.

He was trapped in nowhere.