Chapter 14

Two weeks later, The Fraggles trailed behind Mokey, who was covering Boober's eyes with her hands just in case he could see his surprise from underneath his hat. Lana wore a cast on her leg (Boober had re-broken the fracture for her so that her leg would heal properly.) but otherwise little on the surface had changed.

Mokey gently guided Boober through the tunnels. Pedley held Lana's hand. When Lana had woken up the morning after her allergy attack, all doubt that he remembered her had faded when she saw him sitting beside her bed.

Red was wondering what had come over her two weeks ago, when she had blushed at Boober's mention of her and Gobo acting like a mated couple. As if she could mate with a fraggle who, at times, could be the bossiest, most annoying Fraggle in the Rock! Besides, he seemed to like Mokey better than her anyway.

Wembley was wondering why all of his friends had fallen in love, and when it would happen to him.

Finally, the seven Fraggles made it to their destination- the Great Hall.

"Open your eyes, " Mokey told Boober.

She took her hands away, and as if on cue, the Fraggles began to sing.

We all gather here today To celebrate a friend Who we thought was lost to us forever. We are all one, and so a part of us was lost to usAnd we sought him out with fervor. Oooh, we can't say how we missed him, But he has returned. And now we'll share a lesson we have learned. Never take your friends for granted. They may go away, But in our hearts and minds is where they'll stay. Now our song is done so we can play!

The great hall was filled with Fraggles, and all were singing this song. They stood elbow to elbow; it was so crowded. A Fraggle Boober didn't even know began to chant his name. The entire crowd took up the chant. Boober happily buried his face in Mokey's sweater.

After he recovered himself, Boober noticed two other Fraggles blocking his view of something a few yards away.

"What's that?" he asked, and the Fraggles parted, revealing an array of new cooking tools, a new cookbook, and the wrapped package Mokey had never gotten around to giving him earlier that month.

After only looking at his other things for a few seconds, Boober ripped the paper off Mokey's parcel. In it was a small painting of Mokey and Boober. Its color was a little faded, but Boober recognized it instantly.

When mokey had first taken up painting, she had drawn herself and Boober playing Hidey-ho. Boober had thought it absurd at the time, but he now understood what the painting meant. Mokey seemed to be reading his mind, because she said, "Whoever you are, and whoever you choose to become, I will always love you. Boober, I would be honored if you would be my mate."

Boober looked at Mokey and smiled, reaching up to hold her hand. "Yes."

In the absolute mayhem that ensued afterward, no one but noticed Gobo slip out of the Great Hall


Red found Gobo in the T. Matthew Fraggle Room. She went over to him

Gobo looked up. "Hey, Red. Listen, I know that the way Mokey feels about Boober isn't gonna change."

Red looked at him, not sure wether to be happy or sad. "No, it's not."

"I have to go away for a while, to forget this," he continued.

"You're… you're leaving?"

"I'm going to see Doc. I'm using the archway. No one will notice if I leave by that route."

"But… but…"

"Goodbye, Red," said Gobo, and before Red could get her words out, he touched the archway, and disappeared in a rush of wind and light.

To be continued in the semi- near future in, "Three Separate Journeys."