Chapter One

April 5th

"Mikey, what's wrong now?" Gerard sounded impatient. I looked up from my sketchbook and sure enough, Mikey was looking upset at something, Gee was looking like his lid was gonna blow, and Frankie and Ray shared an exasperated "here-we-go-again" expression. Mikey was looking at the ground and mumbled something.

I couldn't help but think this would be an awesome scene to draw. I mean, they were all standing so they could be seen, and it was a scene you could really feel the emotion in; Gee was looking at Mikey and leaning on his mic stand, Mikey was looking at the ground with his bass hanging off his shoulders, Frankie was in the corner, trying to stay out of the way and was fiddling with his guitar, and Ray was over at the sound system, trying to look busy even though the sound was fine.

"..feel too good." Gee sighed. "Mikes, just because Bob ain't here it doesn't mean we can skip our session. Anyway, we need the practice."

"Actually guys, time's almost up. Let's run through a couple of songs, and leave it there, 'kay?" Frankie piped up from the corner, checking the clock.

I watched as they counted in to the song, and Ray started strumming. A shiver ran down my spine; this is one of my favourite songs, but every time they play it I can't stop watching Mikey. The Ways never tell anyone what inspires any of their lyrics, but I could sense an extraordinary sense of brotherly love and closeness. It was chilling.

I woke up out of my daydream to find Mikey looking at me with a strange expression on his face. I blushed and went back to my sketches. They would want to see what I've been drawing, and I can't let them see it was him. I quickly changed on to a clean sheet of paper and started drawing some random doodles which soon developed into full blown characters.

"And if the sun comes up will it tear the skin right off our bones?..." Gee's voice cut into my brain like an ice cold knife. I loved this song but sometimes, Gerard's voice creeped me out. It could be so piercing, so sharp it was almost deadly. I shivered again, and closed my eyes, listening to them play.

"I'll never let them hurt you, not tonight…" A small movie was playing in my head – a boy hiding in a corner, shielding a girl, whispering sweet comforting words to her as a shadow descended on them. "Struck down before our prime, before we get off the floor…" The shadow attacks, pouncing on the boy, pulling him from the girl, who by some miracle escapes. And as the song closes, "Stake me before the sun goes down." I sank deeper into my dream, watching the girl fight her way out of a group of shadows surrounding her, their growls and roars getting louder and louder until-

I jumped, crying out as I wake from my nap. I saw Ray trying to pull an amp from the room, and he glanced at me. "Sorry, Chloe, didn't mean to wake you." I yawned as he carried on dragging the amp out, and looked around to find my sketchbook. I felt a flutter of panic in my stomach when I couldn't see it, and started searching frantically.

"Hey, Chlo, this what you're looking for?" Frankie came over to me and held out my sketchbook. I looked up at him, and he shrugged. "It was over there by the door, didn't want it to get ruined when we were packing up."

I sighed. "Thanks Frankie, did you have a look at them?" "Nah, I've literally just picked it up." He laughed. "I think I saw Mikes having a look through it before though." My stomach turned to ice, and I tried to keep my voice lever as I replied. "Really? Ah cool." "Yeah, he seemed pretty impressed. But then, that's no surprise is it?" He stuck his tongue out at me and walked off to help pack away. I looked around and saw Mikey over by Ray at the sound system, both with their back turned to me. As I walked up to them I heard them talking in hushed tones.

"…shouldn't think anything of it. Stop worrying." "But Ray, what if-" Mikey noticed me, nudged Ray and said "Hey Chloe, what's up?" Ray turned around glanced at me and raised his eyebrows before walking away. Mikey looked back at him then at me.

"Hi Mikey, Frankie told me you'd had my sketchbook earlier." He blushed a little and looked down at the floor, his long black hair covering his eyes and glasses. "Sorry, I didn't mean to pry, I was just curious to see what you'd drawn." I smiled at him, trying to appear relaxed.

"That's ok. What did you think? Did you like them?" He glanced up at me again, then took the sketchbook off me and began flicking through it. "Yeah they're awesome. I wish I was as good as you and Gee, you make it look so easy." He pouted a little. "But yeah, theyre really cool. I really like the one of the unicorn, and I actually really like the picture you drew of me…" He trailed off blushing and looking at the picture of him, and I looked down at the floor. There was a slight awkward pause before I took the sketchbook back off him and said "Thanks," and walked away refusing to look at him.