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Nation's POV

I glanced between the two men, shifting my weight. Luigi was the one to break the silence when he ran out of coffee.

"More coffee, cunt crevice." he said to a passing GENtern, who skedaddled to get it.

"That, brother, is-a why you never get-a laid." Pavi said to his brother. "You're-a so rude to the bellas."

"They keep their faces with me, fucker." Luigi answered curtly. The conversation continued until I tired of listening to them bicker like eight-year-olds.

"Or maybe Luigi is asexual. Or masturbates to crime scene photos." I said, which earned me odd looks from both brothers.

Zaria's POV

I was so happy and excited. I was being given my GENtern uniform. Chessuri was by my side, also getting hers. For some reason, Nation wasn't answering her communicator. Her loss. I wish I could share this with her.

Nation's POVAmber soon returned with a couple of GENterns in tow, to a debate between Pavi and I about Luigi's sexuality. The man in question had mysteriously vanished.

"Okay, Avalon. This is Chessuri and Zaria. They'll be taking care of you." Amber said in a falsely sweet tone. I glance between my sister and best friend, recognizing them as soon as they step into the light. "Well, I need a hit. Pavi, stop leering. It's creepy." with that, Amber skipped off.I felt Pavi watching me watching them watching me in his mirror as he walked out. "So," I said, breaking the silence that had enfolded the room. "Hair dying time?"

Zaria's POV

"Yes…" I said. What was Nation doing? But Amber had called her something else. Avalon. She must be up to something. Something dangerous, maybe. I put on a pair of plastic gloves to help Chessuri, who had already started rubbing the goop through sections of Nation's hair.