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Ishikaru was on the ground in seconds. He didn't even see Takano come upon them, the man moved like a man possessed. He didn't even feel the impact of Takano's fist when it hit, but his nose was bleeding like crazy and boy could he feel it now! He could tell it wasn't broken; Takano's fist hit mostly under his right eye. Ritsu was in complete shock. He couldn't believe Ishikaru had kissed him! And Takano punched him! He stared wide-eyed at the scene. Ishikaru's nose was spurting blood everywhere, and Takano looked…pretty fucking scary. His face was contorted in rage, his eyes had dark fire in them, and his fist was raised as if he was going to punch him again. Everybody in the lobby was staring. Even Hatori, who usually looked so composed, was in shock. Uh-oh. Ritsu snapped out of it and lunged forward to grab Takano's arm before he could strike again.

"Takano-san! Stop it!" He plead. Takano looked at him and Ritsu flinched at his expression. Not wanting Ritsu to fear him, he tried to calm down. But Ishikaru made a smug face, and that was enough to send Hatori and another editor—whose name he didn't know, had to hold Takano back. Isaka emerged from the hallway, wondering why all work had seemed to freeze. He took one look at the scene and said only loud enough for them o hear,

"Take them out of here. Takano, you come back in a few minutes. As for you two, Onodera, you are on leave now, so you go home. You, I don't know why you're here, but you need to leave, now."He paused for a second, then he said loudly, "Everybody back to work. There is nothing to see here!" Everybody went back to work, and the three went to the parking lot, Ishikaru was still bleeding. He looked like he hardly even noticed. His eye wouldn't be black for a few hours yet, so for now it was only red and a little swollen. Nobody said anything for a few moments, and Takano was still holding Ritsu's hand from when he pulled him away from Ishikaru to punch him. Ritsu tried half-heartedly to pull his hand out of Takano's grasp, and when Ishikaru noticed, Takano tightened his grip. Finally after he gave up, Ritsu asked,

"Why did you do that?"

"Why? Because he was kissing you. You belong to me, and me alone." Takano declared, glaring at Ishikaru as if he was daring him to argue and claim Ritsu for himself. To his surprise, he didn't. Instead asked Ritsu,

"Is it because you love him?" Ritsu couldn't look either one in the eyes. He had been denying this for so long. No, I can't love him… we're both guys! In highschool it was… I… I give up….

"…..yes." Ritsu whispered. He looked up fearfully at them. Takano's jaw dropped and his eyes widened. He had been waiting for so long for Ritsu to admit his feelings. He had been thinking about what he would say when he did, but his mind was blank. He was actually speechless. Him of all people was speechless!

"R—Ritsu? Do you really mean—"

"I said yes, god dammit!" His face was bright red, and he couldn't look Takano in the face. Ritsu felt so embarrassed! And he was cautious of what Ishikaru might say.

"I'll see you at that dinner your mother planned for Thursday." And he turned to walk away. What. The. Hell! Takano and Ritsu were both thinking that. Takano because he expected Ishikaru to try and take Ritsu, and Ritsu because he had never seen Ishikaru give up a fight that easily. No matter what it was for, something that was worth it, or just for the sake of fighting, he always stood his ground. Then Takano said abruptly,

"I have to go back to work now." What? That was like a slap in the face! He was always trying to make him confess and now that he finally had, the man just walks away? Maybe this all really was a game to Takano-san… He felt something warm drop onto his pant leg. Huh? Then he realized it was a tear. His tear. He was crying. He had to leave, like now. He couldn't let Takano see him cry!

"I have to go too. I, um, bye!" He ran like hell towards the station.

"I have to go back to work now."? Real nice, Takano, he probably thought you didn't want to be near him! He scolded himself mentally. And….was that a tear? God dammit, I made him cry! He never wanted to see Ritsu, his beloved Ritsu, cry. No matter who it was, he had vowed to kick their ass. And now he was the one who did it. Or was it because he really does want to be with Ishikaru, and he only said he loved me because he was afraid of what I would have done? He hated feeling so angsty! What he really wanted to do was run after Ritsu and kiss his tears away. To tell him he loved him too, and the only reason he'd said that was because he was in shock. On his way to see Isaka, he kept getting interrupted, so it took him awhile to get to the man's office. He to Isaka's office, finally, around 5:00 P.M. Isaka glanced up warily, he sighed when he saw who it was.

"I need the rest of the day off."

"You do realize that now you are robbing us of two of Emerald's editors, right?" Before he could reply Isaka went on, "I don't know, and I don't want to know what it is that you were doing, or why, but do what you need to do. I expect you to do some work from home and be here tomorrow." By that he knew Isaka was dismissing him. Then Isaka went to meet up with that Asahina-san guy. Takano went to the train station and got on the next train home. He missed the one Ritsu was on by 5 minutes. He willed the train to go faster, but it seemed agonizingly slow that day.

By the time he got home, he saw Ritsu opening his own apartment door. He had no idea why Ritsu had only just gotten back, but he wasn't going to look this gift horse in the mouth.


"Onodera!" Ritsu winced when he heard his name called. He turned around to face Takano, he knew if he tried to go inside that Takano would somehow magically be inside and just pin him against something. He had already wiped away the tears, but he knew his eyes were still a little bit red and puffy. He had no clue what to say, so he just said dumbly,


"What do you mean 'what'?"

"I meant, 'what' do you want?" He said defiantly. Takano sighed.

"I wanted to make myself clear—" Ritsu wished on second thought that he had gone into his apartment. He really didn't want to hear this! He wouldn't be able to take it when….when Takano admitted this had all been just a game to him. He clenched his eyes shut and said,

"I think I got it." Then he turned away and opened his door. As expected, Takano made it inside too. Ritsu expected him to say something, but instead, Takano kissed him. This kiss was full of emotion. He could feel the urgent need that Takano felt, the love, the lust, and the reassurance. It was almost enough to make him cave. Their tongues battled for dominance, a battle they both knew Takano would win, but kept at it anyways. Takano reached forward and grabbed Ritsu in a hug, not breaking the kiss. Then he leaned in more to deepen it. They were ravishing each other's mouths, and suddenly Ritsu realized something. What the hell am I doing? I don't love him. Besides, this is ll a game to him….. It's not love….It's not love….It's not love

"S-stop!" He finally managed after breaking the kiss. He pushed Takano back a little bit, (the only reason he went back when Ritsu did that was because he was so caught off guard) and went on, almost sobbing.

"W-why? Why are you doing this?...Why are you so hell-bent on getting me to confess, when I know you don't really feel the same? Why are you torturing me like this? Why…..why do I let you?...Why do I love you?"

Takano stared, not knowing what to say. Ritsu was crying again, and it was all his fault. He wanted to make the tears stop. He wanted to say he loved Ritsu too, but his mind was still reeling from the fact Ritsu had actually said 'I love you' to him. He hadn't said that to him, ever. Well, once in highschool, but that doesn't count. He had said something similar earlier too, but hearing the actual words was so…so…relieving. He heard Ritsu take a deep, shuddering breath and realized Ritsu was taking his silence for a rejection. He felt Ritsu start to pull away. No!

"Ritsu, I do! I do love you! I don't understand why you didn't get it until now, but I love you! I have for the past ten years and eleven months! And I will continue to do so until the day I die, no, wait, I will still love you then. But I need you to Let Me be The One. The One to comfort you. The One to hold you. The One you love."

Velvet brown eyes met shimmering emerald ones and held for a moment, then both closed in pure bliss as their lips met. They both knew no more words were needed.


Takano carried him to the bed where he laid Ritsu down gently, and Takano caressed his face. They broke the kiss to begin to strip, but each only got to the shirt before their lips met again, in a fiery passion the two ravished and explored each other's mouths, but they couldn't get enough. It would never be enough to just kiss. As the kiss deepened, Takano's hand began to roam, caressing lightly around Ritsu's nipples and going down a little lower each time they circled around. Ritsu moaned into the kiss, Takano had always known where to touch him to get the reaction he, well, they both wanted.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Takano's hand reached the growing bulge in Ritsu's pants. When he looked into Takano's eyes, they glinted mischievously as if to say, 'ah-ah-ah, not yet! I'm not done with you yet!' He leaned forward and trailed his tongue up Ritsu's stomach and stopped again at Ritsu's sensitive nipples. He then lightly nipped and sucked at the right one while he fingered the left, then he switched. He smiled at the shudders of pleasure he was causing his lover. Ritsu however, was not so amused. He was very impatient. He was about to voice this but his words died in his throat as he felt Takano slide off his pants and his hot breath so close to his cock. He gasped when Takano began to suck, taking him so deeply into his warm, moist mouth.

"Unh! Takano-oh! Ungh! S-stop it! I-I'm going to ah!"He came into Takano's welcoming mouth. He swallowed most of it and rubbed a little on his fingers and then he stood up. He kissed Ritsu with everything he had. He wanted to make him forget his 'this was all a game' theory, he wanted to make him forget Ishikaru, but mostly he wanted to claim him. He was his.

Still kissing him he reached behind him and put one finger in. Ritsu gasped a little, but that was from more of a surprised than pained feeling. That first finger was joined by a second, and then a third, making scissoring motions. Takano kept it up until he felt Ritsu was ready.

"Turn around." He commanded when they broke the kiss, panting. He hadn't realized his voice was so husky. He expected Ritsu to protest a little, but was pleasantly surprised when he obeyed. Takano's cock was already wet with precum, and with the preparations he had done, he figured that was enough. It was. They both moaned at the first thrust. Takano wanted to go fast, but he knew if he went too fast at first that it would only be more painful for Ritsu. He had to pace himself, he wanted them both to enjoy it. He began slow, and he was gradually getting faster, but it wasn't enough for Ritsu. He began to meet Takano hallway on each thrust in a silent plea to go faster. Takano happily obliged until,

"Ungh! Takano-san! I-ah!" He came, and after a few thrusts,

"Ritsu….you….are…." He paused, unable to talk as he gave his final hard thrust, "Mine." And he came deep within him. Takano let out a shaky breath as he pulled out. Then he layed down beside Ritsu and pulled him close.

~~~end of lemon

They only laid there for a few moments until Takano reluctantly had to get up. He knew Ritsu would get mad at him for leaving a mess. When he was about to get out of bed, Ritsu grabbed his wrist.

"Where are you going?"

"I was going to clean up—"

"No, just stay with me until morning." Surprised, he obeyed, once again wrapping his arms around the man he loved.

-&&&- epilogue

Across town a man sat smoking under a tree in a park. He looked around and brushed his dark brown hair out of his face, revealing his bright green-tinged-with-brown eyes, and his scar. He sighed when he didn't see what he was looking for.

"Ishikaru-san." He jumped at the voice. Said voice chuckled.

"Wow. You really do resemble Ri-chan! You're both jumpy!"

"Shut up, Kisa." Ishikaru growled.

"Relax! There's no need to be so tense! Everything worked out! They are together now, aren't they? Man, I don't know how I didn't see it before! They fit really well together, too…" He trailed off.

"Yes, yes. You even helped it along. My idea worked perfectly! And I was only tense because I thought you might be Takano, coming to finish the job." He said defiantly, pointing to his now-black eye.

"Yeah right! It was my acting that got Takano all riled up!" He paused for a second, then added, "Well I actually think it was those Sapphire girls that did it." He admitted. "How did you convince them to do that?" Ishikaru shrugged.

"It wasn't all that hard, they said they really wanted to see Takano with Ritsu, and once I told them that I knew they loved each other…. They just kind of, well first there was a lot of squealing, then—"

"I think I get it. But… why did you do it? I mean, you seemed really into Ri-chan…"

"I did have kind of a crush on him back when we were finishing highschool. That was right after my mother divorced his uncle. We were both studying abroad…. Anyways, I could see the way he looked at Takano and I'm not stupid. I know he'll be happier with him."

"Oh. If I were you, I don't know that I would be able to let him go like that…" Ishikaru stood up.

"Let him go? Pfft. Not yet. I still need to know that Takano deserves him!" He declared walking away.

"Wait, what do you mean?" Kisa didn't get an answer. He was about to go after him and ask what he had meant by that, but Yukina called him.

Ishakaru had one more thing he had to do.

"You WHAT?" Ritsu sputtered. Takano looked really, really pissed.

"Well, you really inspired me, Ri-chan! You followd your dream, and now I want to follow mine! I'm going to be a shoujo mangaka! And, Isaka said you could be my editor! Isn't that great?" He hugged Ritsu.

"Yeah…great." They could both feel the waves of animosity coming off Takano now. Ishikaru just kept smiling like he didn't, but Ritsu was afraid he'd have to stop Takano from killing Ishikaru. Ritsu sighed. One problem down, millions to go….

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