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Rated T, this chapter has language, suicide, abuse, and is pretty dark. After this all the chapters will be a little nicer.


Esmeralda wailed a cry of pure agony and fell onto the dirty forest floor.

Simon or as she liked to call him "the jerk who beats me up every day just for the fun of it" hissed and shook his hand. "Bitch, now my hand hurts." His blue eyes flashed menacingly, she could tell he was in a bad mood today, and when he was angry he hurt her more.

His friends all laughed, breaking the silence of the quiet forest behind the small town, one of them even threw in a kick for good measure, probably trying to impress Simon.

"I think we should stop before we kill her." One of his friends said kneeling next to her, examining her bloody face, dangling the cigarette in his mouth

"Why faggot you worried about hurting you little girlfriend?" Simon asked stepping back before running forward to connect his foot to her stomach

Esmeralda's cries of pain were muffled as she buried her face to the leaves on the forest floor

"No," the boy blushed annoyed that anyone could have thought that the mental retard could be his girlfriend "We've done enough, if the cops show up we'll be in trouble," he pointed out

Simon sighed jutting out his bottom lip "Let's go boys." He motioned

The boy who had spoke out looked at Esmeralda who was lying on the ground resembling a corpse with pity "Good luck retard." He muttered dropping his cigarette on the floor

Esmeralda coughed violently sputtering up blood mixed with vomit. She gasped for air taking a look at her surroundings. Everything was red, it was kind of pretty actually, she thought. Sinking back down onto the floor still trying to suck in air.

She jerked up ignoring the pain that shot through her entire body, and she realized with a horrifying realization that she couldn't. She tried to stare at a tree, blinking the bleariness out of her eyes, and she realized the "pretty" red color was a fire. She shrieked horrified, trying to scramble back only to hit her back against a tree.

She groaned loudly, sobbing and gasping for air, as the fire seemed to close in on her.

"Help me please! Anyone!" she shrieked sobbing, covering her nose and mouth with her hand

Arnold stared nervously out the window awaiting his daughter's return, she was never out this late never. He prayed to Nyx his daughter's mother to please return her safely, he didn't know what he would do without her. He whimpered nervously, dropping onto the couch petrified, oh god what if his daughter didn't return what would he do than? He shook the feeling off, she would return she would not just leave him like that…not like the way Nyx did. His eyes widened almost in a comical sort of way, but she was Nyx 's daughter, they were the same in almost everyway both appearance and personality.

His large hands shook as he thought of this, his daughter wasn't coming back, she probably ran away, she probably hated him, because she thought he was the worst father ever. His eyes filled up with tears, his daughter hated him, and she had left him just like her mother did. He stared out the window at the beautiful night sky, who he knew was associated with his love, Nyx.

"My daughter hates me." He whispered to the night closing his eyes stopping the tears from leaking down. "She left me, just like you did."

Slowly Arnold got up, walking like a zombie to the kitchen. He pulled open one of the drawers, and dug through it fumbling around his hands shaking like a leaf caught in the breeze. He pulled out a sharp knife, starring at the tip.

"My daughter left me, just like her mother." He whispered before putting the knife to his throat and closing his eyes.

The men who had volunteered to stop the forest fire, which was probably started by reckless teenagers, were not surprised by the damage it had brought. Forest fires were very normal for the small town due to wild parties, drunk and smoking teenagers, and natural causes. What they were surprised by was what they heard during the fire. The screams and cries they heard would haunt them for the rest of their life they knew that much. One of the men had been able to track down the source of the noise, and to his horror it was a twelve year old girl. When they found her she had been near several trees that were all burned to a crisp, it was a miracle this girl had survived. Nearly her entire body was red and raw from burns some worst than others, she had obviously been through more than a fire based on the injuries on her body but she had simply stared at them with lifeless eyes when they had asked what happened. "I want my father." She had said in a thick German accent, which was the only thing she had said in the 5 hours that had pasted. They had tried everything from telling her that to find her father they would need to know his name and even tried to give her toys, but it was just the same four words "I want my father". Briefly one of the younger nurses had wondered if this girl was slow, but she quickly wiped the thought out of head scolding herself for thinking that way of a child she did not know.

Thirteen hours later she had finally spoke her second phrase "My father is dead…isn't he?" she asked her face emotionless. Everyone had tried to reassure her, and comfort her but she would here nothing. She did not cry, she did not have a fit, and she had showed no emotion, she had simply closed her eyes and laid her head against the white pillow in the hospital.

A week had pasted and the girl has said nothing, they did not know her name, nor anything about her, she had said nothing except for those two heartbreaking sentences. No one knew what to do with the girl, they had put up posters and discovered that the girl's father had committed suicide, a day later they decided she would be put into the town orphanage once her wounds healed. When they told her she had nodded and pointed at the mirrors. The nurse had brought her the mirror, glad to get some sort o reaction out of her. The girl stared at the mirror for what has seem like hours, she had seen the burns on her arm and knew that what she would see in the mirror would not be pretty. But she was not prepared for this, burns and scars were everywhere, on her arms, her legs, her back, her neck, even certain parts of her face were not spared. She stared at her reflection tears threatening to spill out.

"Leave me alone, please." She croaked and the nurse nodded used to getting this reaction from patients, what she was not used to was before she left she could have sworn the girl had whispered "The gods, the gods they did this to me."

An hour later the nurse had come back to check on her opened the door to find an empty room, and a smashed mirror, she did not scream for the doctors or even react, she had smiled because somewhere in her head she knew this was going to happen. She stared at the open window revealing the foggy night sky and closed the door.

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