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Chapter 2: The lies unfold

Esmeralda squeezed her eyes shut and let out a hiss of pain, as Beth poured nectar onto her wounds.

"You idiot." Beth muttered wrapping a bandage around her hand "I can't believe you went through all of this just to get him to come to one stupid meeting."

Esmeralda grinned at her "It was worth it."

"No it wasn't Esmeralda, you let him hurt you, you have blood gushing out of your hand and stomach because of him, I know you want the plan to succeed more than any of us, but this isn't worth it." Beth argued passionately

"Calm down, Blondie I know what I'm doing." Esmeralda soothed patting her on the back

"Blondie is right, he's gone to far, if he even shows up I swear-"Amp began

"You will treat him like the valued guess he is." Esmeralda finished shooting a pointed look at him


"I've recruited worst, remember Jett when we were trying to recruit him, gods that was a nightmare, started two hurricanes and knocked down some trees, I had wood nymphs hitting me with sticks for weeks after that." Esmeralda rolled her eyes

"Yep…that was horrible." Amp shivered

Beth giggled "I remember a particularly angry nymph beating you with a stick, and she won."

Amp pouted at her resembling a overgrown puppy "She was a girl, I wasn't going to hit her."

"Honey I'm home!" an obnoxiously loud voice screamed from the other side of the bathroom

Beth narrowed her eyes at the sound "Jett's back." She muttered

"I'm back, are the new recruits-"Jett began only to stop his eyes widening almost comically as he took in Esmeralda's bandaged hands "What happened?" he asked striding over to Esmeralda's side where he examined her wounds, even though he had absolutely no idea what he was doing

"Let's just say I finally found a recruit who was more violent than you." Esmeralda smiled

"What? What's that suppo-Alec did this didn't he? That ass-"

"Esmeralda already had that talk with me, apparently we're suppose to treat him like a valued guest." Amp spat bitterly

"You're kidding right? Look at her she's bleeding from her stomach, who knows if she internal damage or not?" Jett argued cracking his knuckled and glancing at the walls of the back of the bathroom occasionally

"Ella…might be coming-Whoa what the heck happened?" Nicholas ran in only to freeze mid step as he noticed the blood dripping on the floor

"Oh my gods." Kat muttered

"Yeah, yeah we already had this conversation Alec did this to me now calm down." Esmeralda sighed impatiently shooting the two half-bloods an impatient look that said if you argue I will hurt you

Nicholas and Kat looked at each other nervously, before wisely keeping their mouths shut

"Gods Ella better be coming soon, I don't know how to bandage a hand!" Blondie yelled frowning as she held up scraps of white cloth

"Yeah, about that." Kat laughed awkwardly refusing to meet Blondie's piercing glare

"She is coming right?" Blondie hissed holding up Esmeralda's badly bandaged hand for her to see

"She's not coming?" Jett asked sounding like a 5 year old that was just told Christmas had came everyday

"Shut up." Nicholas said shooting a pointed look at him "And she said she would think about it…that's a good thing right?"

Esmeralda groaned loudly slamming her hand on the table only to recoil as a new pain developed "Holy, oh gods holy crap that hurt." She winced as she held her hand to her chest

"Oh dear." Came a small soft voice from the entrance to "headquarters"

"Eww." Jett muttered walking into the smallest corner her could find and sitting down, choosing to watch the whole scene unfold

"Don't mind him, he hates all children of Apollo." Esmeralda grinned at her

"I know…he beat up my brother last month." Ella said awkwardly twiddling her thumbs before walking to Esmeralda "Gods, who bandaged this?" she asked unwrapping the tangled bandages

"Guilty." Beth blushed raising her hand

"Hmn." Ella hummed as she cleaned the now dried blood and placed new bandages on her wounds "There good as new, just don't do anything to dangerous for the next few day or at least hours so you don't reopen the wounds and cause some permanent…scars." Ella hesitated at the last word as she looked at Esmeralda who was already covered with burns and scars. Esmeralda shot everyone a look as if to say, see I know what I'm doing.

"Who did this to you anyway?" Ella asked curious while throwing the left over bandages away

Esmeralda scoffed "No one, I fell and landed on a watermelon, which exploded, and I-"

"You're a horrid liar." Ella pointed out

"The son of Thanatos did this." Amp spat

"Someone talking about me?" the incredibly annoying voice of Alec Hawthorne ran through the "headquarters"

Amp gritted his teeth, it was no secret that he hated bullies and Alec classified as a bully in his vocabulary, Beth put a hand on his chest and shook her head "Not now." She hissed

"You came!" Esmeralda smiled as if it was the greatest thing in the world

"Well after I took your money and gave you some internal damage I decided I should give your little society a chance." Alec said cockily looking around with distaste

"That's it! Come here, and I swear I'll rip your head off." Amp hissed jumping forward eager for a fight

"Stop, we will treat our guest with respect." Esmeralda muttered closing her eyes, only Nicholas saw her grit her teeth making him realize she wanted to kill Alec just as much as anyone else in this room, but she had to be nice because he was valuable.

"You gave him money too?" Jett asked furious

"It was my money, calm down." Esmeralda rolled her eyes

"No it was-" Amp began

"I hate to interfere but why am I here, because I got places to be and people to meet." Alec said interrupting which did not earn him brownie points from the other half-bloods in the room

"Right." Esmeralda chirped happily leaping up from the ground "Ella can I talk to you?" she asked "Alone please." She said sharply as 6 people jumped up waiting to accompany them

"Of course." Ella blushed following Esmeralda to the other side of the bathroom where they continued to walk farther and farther

"Superman told you about my plan right?" Esmeralda asked looking at the night sky

"He told me you had a plan…what is it anyway?" Ella asked walking along

"My plan…you know we have a lot in common." Esmeralda said turning sharply leading Ella into the woods and changing the subject

"How so?" Ella asked like a curious 5 year old

"Have you ever wondered how I got these scars?" Esmeralda glanced at Ella who nodded "It was because of the gods, Ella, the gods did this to me." She hissed "I used to be so innocent." For a second she closed her eyes as if she were remembering something "But not anymore…not since" she hesitated "Not since I was burned."

"Those scars, are bad." Ella muttered examining her

"No, not by fire." Esmeralda stated sharply "By pain and suffering."

Ella looked at her unable to keep herself from feeling sorry for her

"People like you and me, people who have already lost more than enough, people who have nothing more to lose, have to stick together." Esmeralda told her

"I haven't lost anything." Ella lied through her clenched teeth

Esmeralda smiled at her with an all knowing look "So your mother dying wasn't a lost? Or nearly getting mauled by a sphinx wasn't a lost?" she asked innocently continuing to lead Ella into the woods, they kept walking Ella refusing to say anything, she was aware that they were walking deeper and deeper into the woods "You know being the child of a god is what I like to call Fate's middle finger." She grinned at Ella as she just told the greatest joke in the world

"Fate's middle finger…that's my life sometimes." Ella muttered running her hands through her brown hair

"We have to stick together you understand right?" Esmeralda asked freezing in mid step to look Ella in the eye

Ella hesitated before answering "Yes…I do understand, now what's the plan?"

Esmeralda frowned at this "You have to past a test first." Esmeralda stated her eyes watery as if she was about to cry, the initiation ceremonies was one of those rare times when she actually showed emotion, when she reminded people that she was human and still had emotions

Ella raised her eyebrows at this unable to stop a shiver that passed through her body, something bad was going to happen she just knew it. They were in the middle of the woods and she had to past some "test" nothing good ever came out of that, haven't you ever watched those horror movies?

"Look me in the eye." Esmeralda ordered, and quite reluctantly Ella did. She couldn't help but gasp at what she saw, actually it wasn't what she saw, it was what she didn't see that shocked her. For some reason she had expected something maybe her eyes changed colors or maybe she had creepy demon eyes but there was…nothing.

She had obviously heard rumors about the daughter of Nyx. She had heard from one her siblings that Esmeralda was a murderer, that if you looked her in the eye you would see things you have buried in the dark, things that you keep so close to your soul no one else knows, that was when she would strike. Her brother had said that that was what had happened to the mortal who gave her those scars, she had killed him, and chopped him up they said. Of course Ella didn't believe rumors, she like to believe that she was better than that but she couldn't help but feel a little sad when she saw nothing but emptiness in Esmeralda's eyes.

"You don't believe in rumors, you don't let others change your opinion on things…that's good, you're going to need it to survive. But you are closed, you do not let other people figure you out, that's going to have to change." Esmeralda smirked before breaking eye contact and Ella felt relieved as if she was able to breathe again, maybe she was wrong maybe the daughter of Nyx did have some creepy power.

"We need to go back now, Alec still needs to be accepted." Esmeralda said with distaste

Ella couldn't help but scoff at that "The was you have been treating him I thought he would have a front row seat into your club."

"Appearances are deceiving darling." Esmeralda looked at her in a way that she felt inferior "I know his type, just like I knew how to tempt you into the group I know how to make him tick and comfortable, and kissing the ground he walks on is the way to do it." Esmeralda winked

Ella couldn't help but shake her head at her, and she thought she was confusing "You know through all this you still haven't told me the plan." Ella pointed out "I'm starting to doubt you even have a plan." Ella said frostily

"You know your very beautiful." Esmeralda said smoothly. Ella couldn't help but feel a twinge of annoyance.

"Stop changing the subject." Ella said narrowing her eyes

"But you are, your eyes they're almost violet in the moonlight. And your hair cropped short, a bold decision, you probably did it yourself with a pair of safety scissors. And your skin, so perfect, you have so little scars." Esmeralda said her eyes glazing over. This was the first time Ella started to wonder if maybe the daughter of Nyx had mental issues, is she wasn't stable.

"I think we should go back it's getting late." Ella gulped nervously

"But you haven't heard of the plan yet." Esmeralda whispered in a tone that sent chills down Ella's back "What would you say if I told you we could reverse time?" she lowered her voice even lower so Ella had to lean in to hear what she had to say

"Reverse time?" Ella asked her voice hushed and shaking "That's impossible, it's dark magic."

Esmeralda threw her head back and laughed, her laughter seemed to run through the woods waking the woods. It was slightly insane, and seemed almost harsh. "Who cares? We're all going to go to Hell someday, this way at least I die trying to reach my goals!" Esmeralda laughed but Ella couldn't help but feel that there was a twinge of sadness in her tone

"But I don't want to die, we'll go to the fields of punishment for this, this is bad." Ella stuttered paling realizing what this group was going to do, this defied the laws of nature

"Come on, don't you want to bring your mother back?" Esmeralda tempted her

"My mother would be ashamed of me if I was apart of your jacked up plan." Ella hissed

"Oh come on Ella you want this, be selfish you could have your mother back the normal life you always wanted." Esmeralda taunted

"What's in it for you?" Ella narrowed her eyes

Esmeralda smiled grimly before picking at the helm of her hoodie "Do you feel pain, Ella? Does it consume you and strangle you on the inside? Because that's what I feel everyday, I did something I am not proud of in the past, and I want-no I need to make up for it, because it brings me so much despair, to know that I am to blame, that is what is in it for me, fixing mine and everyone's mistakes." Esmeralda continued to smile though it seemed force and out of place on her scared face

"What did you do?" Ella asked timidly

"I'd rather not tell, are you in?" Esmeralda asked the smile turned into a frown and her gaze became hard and harsh

Ella looked at her hesitantly "My mother would come back right, I'd get to spend time with her?" Esmeralda nodded her head at this, yes "Than yeah, I guess I am."

"Great training starts tomorrow at noon, meet Jett at the arena." Esmeralda grinned

Ella sputtered at this "Training? With Jett!"

"Yes, it doesn't matter how great of a fighter you are, if you want to survive on this…journey you're going to have to go through special training, and what better teacher than your worst enemy?" Esmeralda grinned forcing the scars on her face to crinkle

"But-but-" Ella stuttered hopelessly

"But nothing, now if you have to excuse me I have to go talk to Alec." Ella couldn't help but notice that Esmeralda spat the name out as if it was tabooed. She wondered what the daughter of Nyx had against the son of Thanatos, maybe she didn't like him because he beat her up but Ella had a feeling it was much more than that.

"Let's go back. I'm sure you and the other 'recruits' will have a lot to talk about." Esmeralda said before turning swiftly and walking back. Ella sighed, really they walked all this way for nothing! "Oh and Ella." Esmeralda asked her voice dripping with fake sweetness "Tell anyone about the conversation we just had and I swear on the river of Styx I will hunt you down and drive my daggers through your heart, I swear."

Ella couldn't help but feel uncomfortable as she sat on the ground of the small clearing behind the bathroom which up until about 2 hours ago she didn't even know existed. She had a feeling the other half-bloods were observing her but every time she looked they all went back to what they were doing. She felt a chill as she got the feeling that the daughter of Aphrodite and the son of Heracles were talking about her. As she sat on the dirty ground she couldn't help but reflect on the mind swirling conversation she had had with Esmeralda.

Across the room she could hear Jett swearing and cursing as he worked on one of his "creations", Ella had absolutely no idea what it was but as long as it didn't come alive and eat her she didn't really care.

"You know you really shouldn't mind what Esmeralda says to you." The son of Heracles said, he was good looking and well built. He looked like an average jock with short golden blonde hair and sparkling green eyes, he was tall and towered over almost everyone, he looked like a normal college student. "Whatever she said to give you a heart attack don't mind, she may seem like a bad ass bitch who cares only about her self and at times she is completely cruel and-"

"You're point?" Ella asked

"His point is that deep, deep down Esmeralda does have a heart, and she is human." A pleasant voice said Ella turned to see the daughter of Aphrodite, who had bleach blonde hair in a braid, hazel eyes that were very pretty and captivating, she had light freckles on her nose, and a small birthmark over the left side of her upper lip. She was lean and tan and her lips were pulled up in a calm, slightly crooked smile. "This idiot is Amp." She gestured at the son of Heracles "And I'm Beth but everyone calls me Blondie."

"Ella daughter of Apollo." Ella acknowledged

"And you already know who we are." Nicholas grinned

"And the depressing guy who's brooding in the corner is Jett." Kat glanced at the son of Zephyrus who was still cursing and trying to get his invention to work

"So what did Esmeralda say to you?" Amp asked excitement creeping into his voice

Ella gulped at this as she remembered the daughter of Nyx's words "Oh you know…stuff."

"Lighten up I know big bad Esmeralda scared you but she's not here." Blondie winked

"Yeah Esmeralda is all bark and no bite." Amp grinned

Ella paled and shook her head she had a feeling that Esmeralda was more than capable of delivering her threat

"Give her a break guys, I remember when Esmeralda tried to get me to join the club, nearly pissed in my pants." Nicholas chuckled

Ella couldn't help but laugh at this and loosen up, everyone in this room had been through the same thing.

"I wonder how's it going with Alec?" Amp wondered

"If I know anything about Esmeralda, than I can probably guess that she got tire of kissing the ground he walked on and is now trying to kill him." Blondie snorted

Ella couldn't help but feel a twinge of fear for Alec, she had a feeling that Esmeralda was more than capable of killing someone.

"Alec Hawthorne such a pretty name." Esmeralda commented leaning against the tiles of the bathroom wall, she was too tired to take another walk and she had a feeling this conversation was going to be tiring enough

"Get to the point before I get bored and leave." Alec snarled annoyed with her games

Esmeralda sighed and pouted "Not very friendly are you?"

"I'm a son of Thanatos, did you expect me to be loving life and dancing around singing about rainbows and butterflies?" Alec narrowed his eyes at the girl "Get to the point." He said again "I don't like to repeat things, and if I get bored I just might quit this little game you have planned out in your head."

"This little game I have in my head could fulfill your dreams of respect and power! Whatever you want I could give you, I just need you to help me." She smirked her eyes seemed to darken until you couldn't seem to tell her pupils from her irises

"What do you know about what I want?" Alec narrowed

"I know a lot." She said her face blank, she turned and examined her nails before continuing "I know that you want to be the only god that people worship and fear, I know that you want to punish Marco, and I can give you that…" she sighed and put her lips next to his ear and whispered "All you have to do is join, and everything you want will be yours, all the power and respect in the world, all the women, you could be the one people admire, you could be great!" she hissed

He smiled and closed his eyes imagining a world where he would be god, where he would be feared and worshipped, his eyes fluttered open and he saw Esmeralda looking at him expectantly

"I'll do it. I'll join your little club."

She smirked and she obviously wasn't surprised, she knew he wouldn't be able to turn down her offer. He was probably the only person she would ever meet who was as cunning and self centered as her. "Meet me in the arena tomorrow, we're going to start training." She glanced at him

Alec scoffed "I don't need training."

"There are certain things in this journey that you are going to need to learn, wouldn't want you to die before out part the bargain is done now would we?" She cocked her head and looked at him with those weird too big black eyes

He gritted his teeth in annoyance "Fine I'll be there." He muttered before stalking off

"What do you think of that new girl, Ella?" Beth asked Amp as she poured gulped down the bottle of water she had bought

"She seems cool enough." Amp shrugged not really caring either way

Beth rolled her eyes and hummed quietly as she danced around the now empty "headquarters" completely aware of Amp's eyes following her every movement.

"Although the son of Thanatos he seems like trouble for us." Amp said his eyes never leaving Beth "Sometimes I don't get her motives, you know why include someone like him in our group."

"Well why not?" Beth asked stopping "They're alike in a lot of ways, but maybe letting a selfish bastard into the group isn't the best idea but…I've been with Esmeralda for a long time, I've realized that if you trust her everything will work out."

"Really cause I've been with her a long time to and I've realized that if you trust her you'll only end up with a knife in your back." Amp muttered

"I know sometimes Esmeralda seems complicated but her heart is in the right place." Beth smiled gently at Amp ruffling his blonde hair

"I was the first one she met, when I first saw her she was only 13, I still remember how small she was, and her scars and burns were brand new. I remember how she was unresponsive to anyone, and she seemed to be emotionless. A few days later she was beating up Ares kids and she already had her creepy power down. Sometimes I wonder is she even a human." Amp rolled his eyes

"None of us are human, Amp, we're demigods remember." Blondie reminded him poking the side of his temple

"I know, but I can't help but think that there's something more sinister in her plan and that she's not telling us the full truth." Amp furrowed his eyebrows with worry, thinking about this stuff gave him a headache

"The day Esmeralda tells the truth will be the day I eat bananas and like it. And you think I don't know there's something wrong with the plan? She told everyone of us different stories, she told you we were going to become true heroes and save the world from a great disaster, she told me we were going to make sure that the gods never fell in love with mortals and leave them again, who knows what else she told everyone? I'm pretty sure that we're the only ones who figured that there was something wrong with the plan, and that she never talked about it when we were all together. So we wait, wait and see how it all plays out, because I trust Esmeralda, I know her." Blondie sighed pulling at her braid frustrated, the truth is she like to fool herself to believe that she did know Esmeralda, the girl she called her best friend. She just couldn't wrap her mind around the idea that Esmeralda could be tricking them, could be tricking her.

"You're trying to hold on to that little girl you called your best friend not the real Esmeralda, you're fooling yourself, Beth." Amp whispered

Beth looked at him in surprise, in all the time she had known him he had only called her by her real name 3 times, this was one of them. "You really don't trust her do you?" she asked her tone bitter

"No, I don't, because I'm a realist and I'm not going to fool myself into believing that the girl who spoke to Ella and Alec tonight was the same girl we spoke to 5 years ago." Amp said stubbornly

Beth closed her eyes "I just really hope that whatever Esmeralda is doing it's not going to get her and us killed."

"Knowing her, we're probably all going to meet our tragic ends soon." Amp snorted

"Than I'll see you in the underworld." Blondie smiled sadly

Esmeralda screamed frustrated slamming her fist against the mirror in her cabin, cracking and shattering her broken reflection. She huffed as blood poured out of her bandaged hand, she enjoyed the pain that started again. She watched as the blood dripped out of her cut hand like dew drops on roses, she thought.

"My dear, why do you do that?" the soft stern voice of her mother asked

"Mom." Esmeralda acknowledged not so much as blinking

"You should really stop bringing so much pain to yourself dear." Nyx drifted up to Esmeralda and pried her cut hand off the mirror, but for some reason Esmeralda had a feeling that Nyx wasn't talking about her bleeding hand "Does it hurt to know that you're lying to your friends?" Nyx asked her form shimmering like the night

Esmeralda scowled and found that her patience with the goddess was running very thin. "Everyone on this earth are pawns players in my game, I will use them to lure and trap the queen than I will take out the king."

"My daughter this is not what I taught you." Nyx frowned still holding Esmeralda's still bloody bandaged hand

"You taught me nothing, except how to apply cream onto my burns and scars." Esmeralda spat her voice filled with venom and hate

"You can't really blame me for the forest fire, or your father's death can you child?" Nyx asked her eyes widening dropping Esmeralda's hand which fell to her side limply

"I thought we passed that a long time ago." Esmeralda hissed

Nyx sighed "Very well you can blame me for everything but do not ruin those poor half-bloods with this insane plan of yours. Do not think for a second you will stand against the gods, as soon as they know I will no longer be able to protect you and you will die." Nyx whispered the word die as if it was the foulest and cruelest word

"I don't need protection, and death is what I've been waiting for all these years." Esmeralda spat at her mother

"If you don't care about death than surely your friends do, are you really just going to use them than toss them away? What about Beth! She's been there ever since you got here, she's the closest thing to a sister you have, are you really going to risk her life!" Nyx yelled furious at her daughter

Esmeralda set her jaw at this and did not reply, she stared at the window gazing at the night sky.

"Answer me my daughter! You are lying to all of those half-bloods, I understand that some of them are not your friends, but they trust you and look at you as their leader. DO NOT let them down!" Nyx reasoned with her child

Esmeralda smiled at this and looked at her mother in the eyes, and all she saw was emptiness and despair "Letting people down is what I do best!" she laughed at this as if she just told a great joke

"You don't understand what you are doing here, something is happening, something that will overshadow your plans, and you will have to choose, and you will choose wrong!" Nyx warned

"I hate you!" Esmeralda screamed putting her hands on her ears smearing her black hair with blood "Stop acting like you're superior, and that you know me, and you care! Go back to where you came from! Go!" she shrieked, she hated how her mom made her feel, like she was weak, like she was that same stupid, weak little girl that got bullied

"Think about my words, my dear." Nyx placed a quick kiss on Esmeralda's forehead and disappeared into the night, leaving her alone with nothing but her thoughts and the shadows of the cabin

Okay that was confusing, so here is the chapter summary:

In this chapter it is revealed that Esmeralda is lying to her recruits telling each of them different stories about her plan. She successfully recruits Ella and Alec. Beth and Amp than have a conversation telling you that they know that Esmeralda is lying and that she is no longer the same person she used to be. We than visit Esmeralda as she talks with her mom, who tells her that her plan is unnatural and something terrible is going on, and she will have to make a choice.

The other seven main characters all belong to different authors, this is my SYOC story, and to be quite honest I have no idea what I'm going to be doing with this…