Title: Baskets

Word Count: about 308

Summary: Five time Wally and Dick played with paper, and the one time a tree played with them.

Disclaimer: I don't own these guys… if only… I write for fun not for profit.

Beta: NONE! SO let me know if there is anything big… I kind of didn't read this over before I put it up.

Author's Note: Should be more!

I know this seems weird, but it has been bugging me for like ever!

"Five bucks says I can make this." Wally muttered, weighing the piece of paper in his hand.

Robin tore his gaze from the TV to stare at this friend with half lidded eyes. The TV remote hung limp in the Boy Wonder's hand, as the teen lie across the couch, head resting on the arm rest while his feet were crossed at the ankles at the other end. "Deal." the hacker answered with an uninterested shrug before turning his attention back to flipping through the channels.

Wally shifted on the floor, pushing away his textbook and papers. The speedster leaned himself up against the couch, facing the trashcan across the room. Wally squinted at this basket judging the distance between him and his goal. With a flick of the wrist the paper flew through the air. Kid Flash held his breath, while Robin continued to flip through the channels.

"BAM!" Wally yelled, smirking at this best friend. Robin kept his attention on the television as he pulled out a five dollar bill.

"Congrats, Wally." The brunette muttered, handing over the money. "You're now five dollars richer."

"Dude, you suck the fun out of winning." Wally scowled, snatching the money from his friends grasp and shoving it in his pocket.

"It runs in the family." Robin answered, with a smirk. "Blame Batman."