Title: Trees

Word Count: about 1053

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters and I write completely for fun and not for profit!

Beta: Thank you to the lovely youngjusticefanatic for giving this a edit!

Author's Note: For the first time ever, I have finished a story! Yes, it is just a collection of one-shot/Dabble things, but it still counts!

If inspiraton hits me I might end up making a few more paper dabbles, but nothing for sure. So for now, this story is done with! Thanks for reading everyone!

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Miss M asked shooting her teammate a concerned glance.

"Of course," Robin nodded, "She already knows who I am, so obviously I'm the perfect distraction."

"I cannot send you in alone." Aqualad said, throwing a glance out the front window of the ship at the building below. "It is not safe."

Robin sighed in frustration and rolled his eyes, "Fine I'll take KF."

Wally's eyes grew wide, "Dude, why do I have to go?"

The Boy Wonder smirked in response, "What's wrong Kid Mouth; scared of some little plants?"

Kid Flash narrowly dodged the incoming vine that was aiming for his legs. The speedster dove to the side, and rolled back into a standing position. Two more vines whizzed past either side of his face before he took off in the opposite direction. The red head caught sight of the Boy Wonder leaping though a group of the creeping plants. Wally took aim for his best friend only to be tackled by the bird as something green flew over their heads.

"Little plants?" Wally yelled, "These aren't little dude! I am not even sure if they can still be considered plants."

Robin ignored his friend's rant and pulled Wally to his feet. "Now is not the time KF." He muttered. "Where's the team?" he added in a hiss, pushing the other teen away as a vine lashed out between them.

"I have no idea, but they need to hurry…" Wally was caught off guard as something wrapped around his leg. The red head was hoisted off his feet and into the air, hanging limply upside down above the moss-covered floor.

Robin pulled a bat-a-rang from his belt and was ready to throw when he was caught around the arm. Before he could react, the Boy Wonder was pulled into the air and left hanging next to his friend. Robin sighed, as the vine tightened around his wrist, forcing him to loosen the grip on his weapon.

"Dude, now what?"

Robin sighed again, "We wait."

Wally frowned, this time in confusion, "For what?"

"The team or Ivy; either way, you should be fine." Robin attempted to flash a smirk in his friend's direction.

"What about you?" Kid Flashed asked.

"No promises."

Wally had his mouth open ready to speak when the plants divided a path into the forest of trees. His mouth snapped shut as someone appeared out of the mix of mist and plants. A red haired woman, scantily clad in, what looked like a green bathing suit and knee high green high-heeled boots, strolled causally out of her hiding place.

"Robin." The woman greeted. She smiled at the younger teen; the villainess didn't spare a glance at Kid Flash.

"Ivy." Robin greeted, with a restricted nod, "How are things?"

"They are good, my babies are growing beautifully." Ivy continued to smile, one of her vines, slithered to her side. The woman ran her fingers over the green plant, as if it were a dog. "Thank you for asking, Little Bird." Wally saw the sudden change in demeanour from the woman, and suddenly the plants increased their grip. "Why are you here?"

"To stop whatever you're planning." Robin answered, smirking at the green clad villainess.

"I can't let you do that." Ivy whispered taking a few steps away from the boys. "My babies deserve to have free run over this horrid planet." The red haired woman twisted around, "I am sorry I have to do this little bird." She said, taking the first few steps back into her forest. "But you can't stand in my way."

Both junior heroes let out low grown as the vines began to pull.

"No, I'm sorry Ivy."

The vileness froze in her tracts and the plants stopped their tugging, "For what?" she asked, petting one of her trees lightly.

"For this."

Ivy staggered backwards with a scream and a hand shot to her head. "What are you doing?" she screamed whirling around to face the duo.

"My team just injected the antidote into the water supply." Robin announced smirk on his face.

Wally could feel the vines loosening their grips and let out a sigh as the pressure began to lessen.

"You're losing your control Ivy." Robin continued. The team hacker was able to pull himself free from his binds and landed silently in a crouch. "It's over."

Ivy fell to her knees, around the trio the plants slowly began to wither, green turned to brown and feel to the ground.

Wally struggled to pull himself out of the mess of dried up vines, "I hate flowers!" he yelled to no one in particular.

Robin clasped a pair of handcuffs on Ivy before sparing a glance at his best friend, "It's a Pieris phillyreifolia." he said thoughtfully.

Kid Flash froze to shoot his friend a who-cares-look, before ripping off the last of the dried of plants.

The rest of the team burst through a pair of side doors, with the police on their heels.

"It's a tree, not a flower."

Pieris phillyreifolia is the scientific name for a Climbing Fetterbush.