Deadtube by Androidfish7

Description: Steve is a detective on a strange case. People who post videos on Youtube [I do not own] are getting killed however many views the receive that day in hours after the posting [for instance, if you receive 3 views the first day, you get murdered 3 hours later]. Steve and his sidekick William are on the case!

Steve was driving in his red Ferrari [again I do not own] down to the police station. He had to obtain important information, including how many people had been killed, who were the suspects, and the weapons used. It kind of reminded him of a board game. Now what was that board game, Steve thought to himself. He reached the police station. "Hey, you're that detective investigating the Youtube killings!" Exclaimed a police officer. "Steve's the name, Hard work is my game" Said Steve, as he got out of his car. Steve made $500,000 for every completed assignment, however, this was an important case distributed to many renowned detectives across the world, with the reward being the big 1 Million, and whatever was in the murderer's wallet and house. William came out of the police station to greet him. "Hey Steve. Guess what? We got 2 suspects in the building, and 3 suspects who have resisted arrest and their whereabouts are unknown as of right now." Said William. "We are still going back in, for now, I'm gonna play the interrogation game, as Steve opened the door of the station. He was greeted by the owner of the station. "Yeah, hi. Where are the suspects?" Asked Steve. "Right this way, follow me" The owner said, as they came up to a booth where there was 1 person in each booth. Steve picked up the telephone to his right, as did the guy in the booth. "Look, I don't know why I am here, but I don't even have a Youtube account! Honest, you gotta believe me!" He Cried out. "First things first, do you have any internet access?" Asked Steve. "Yes, but I only do telecommunication with it! Honest!" He said. Steve called down to the owner "Hey, do you have any laptops or computers from this guy's house?" Yelled Steve. "As a matter of fact, we have his laptop, which was the only piece of internet we could find in his house" The owner replied. "Let me see it, I know how to tell if this guy is a fake or not" Said Steve. The owner brought down the laptop, as Steve opened it up, and to his luck, it was fully charged, and Steve checked past history, and found nothing in past history, but when Steve checked deleted past history, he saw tons of things, including Online dating, [a website for people wanting to pay other people to kill other people], Jacksonville , pornography websites, and finally, . "Honest huh? Well, I beg to differ you sick pervert! We are keeping you in there!" Shouted Steve, as he went to the next booth. Steve looked at a document on the table, it showed this guy has several charges of robbery, assault and battery, and one charge on possession of marijuana. "Wow, this place is not new to you huh?" Said Steve. "Hey man, shut the hell up, at least I'm not looking at porn sites and I don't go on Youtube very often. I have an account, but I never use it. You can't bust me you giant douche', you should go and bust those assholes who are on the loose!" The guy yelled. "Look pal, we can play the swearing game, or you can give me full details. You have admitted to having a Youtube account. Have you posted any videos or commented on any videos?" Asked Steve. "I posted one video of me and my friends having a marijuana smoking contest, and that's how the police busted me then. I don't get why I'm in here now, but damnit, I am innocent!" He yelled. "Yo cops, this guy's innocent, you can let him go" Said Steve. The owner went over to Steve. "Are you sure? What about the other guy?" He asked. "The other guy I want you to keep him here, but yes,I am sure about this crack head. He may be screwed up in a lot of ways, but he is not our guy." Said Steve. "We gotta get those other guys" Said the owner, unlocking the booth. Steve left the building. His sidekick William came up to him. "Well? What happened?" He asked. "One guy is innocent, the other guy will stay here" Said Steve. "Hey Steve, I have a good idea for finding our guy" Said William. "Oh yeah? What's that?" Steve asked. "We could arm ourselves with guns and knives, post a Youtube video, then wait for the guy to come for us, then we bust him" Said William. "He'd never fall for that, whoever this is, he is intelligent, and we will have to catch him the old fashion way" Said Steve.

Me: Will they catch him? Read on