Deadtube part 1.8 by Androidfish7

Me: What does it mean?

"Steve, this is real" Said the Agent. "Oh sure, we have to find a magic rocket that will take us up to space and meet up with some wicked medium who may not even help us, and even if she does, this medium is supposed to open up the gates to hell? Whose side are you on to believe something like that a mad murderer says?" Objected Steve. William came in to the room with a laptop. "Steve, check this out. Somebody tried this out and went up to the heavens, and actually ended up marrying this medium, look, there are images of it and documentaries all over the History Channel" Said William. "That's the History Channel, the same History Channel that says there were aliens at the first feast of Thanksgiving! [expletive] the History Channel!" Said Steve. "But it's not just that, Bing has images of it all over, look, the rocket, the guy who did it, the medium, and their marriage is in a video on Youtube" Said William. "You are all crazy" Said Steve. "LOOK STEVE, I'M NOT [expletive]ING ASKING, WE HAVE SPENT THE LAST FEW DAYS FIGHTING FOR YOU AGAINST GUYS WITH GUNS, WE HAVE LOST 2 OF OUR OWN, ONE OF WHICH WAS MY FRIEND, NOW I DON'T GIVE A FLYING [expletive] WHAT YOU WANT, WE ARE USING A ROCKET TO COMPLETE THE MISSION, I WILL NOT LET THEIR DEATHS BE IN VAIN!" Yelled the Agent, who was really angry. "Alright then mad guy, let me ask you this. [expletive]ing Russia wants $20,000 for a rocket. Where would we get the money?" Said Steve. "I will right the damned check for that if I have to." Said the Agent, as he took out a pen and a checkbook. "Ooh I only have $19,980 does anybody have a 20 I could borrow?" Asked the Agent, as William loaned him a 20. They paid for a rocket and got into the rocket 2 days later, ready to go into the air. The rocket took off and with that, they embarked on their space journey.

Me: And this is where part 1 of Deadtube concludes, and there will be no more Deadtube in singular form. You are probably wondering what that means. Well, just wait to find out!