"Oi, France! Why is your prime minister such as bloody twat?" The bushy browed blond spat angrily as he stormed his way through the frogs kitchen making scones. Lovely, delicious, fresh, not burnt scones. Mmh.

"'Uh? What are you talking about, Angletterre?" Said frog glanced up from the sofa in the rather spacious living room, situated opposite the kitchen in a large, elaborate open plan. England came in; an angry black cloud surrounding the entirety of his bushy browed being.

"LOOK AT THIS!" He pointed to the paper.

"'mm? What about it?" He snapped. France was obviously not in the mood for reading, however large the font may be. "What do you mean, my prime minister?" France sighed. England was always raving on about the "bloody twat".

"AN ISLAND? THE UK IS JUST AN ISLAND? WE DON'T UNDERSTAND EUROPE BECAUSE WE'RE JUST A BLOODY, FUCKING ISLAND? WHAT A DICKHEAD! PONCY POMPOUS ARSEHOLE! WE DON'T EVEN WANT TO BE PART OF EUROPE! WHO THE HELL DOES HE THINK HE IS? WE BEAT YOUR FUCKING ARSE IN THE WAR PLENTY OF TIMES! I'LL FUCKING KICK YOUR STUPID LITTLE, PONCY ARSE!" This swearing continued on for a little while. Until – eventually – it died out with some nonsense about poor David Cameron having to put up with a sneering, snivelling little rat like whoever the hell the French prime minister was.

France sighed yet again and stood up, grabbing the paper and slapping England on the head a couple of times before he stared up at France with an intense, hateful glare.

"Next time he says something like that; I will beat him for you, alright Angletterre?"

"Better…" The blond sniffled.

"Your… grovel is burning." The frog grinned and sat back down. Glaring as he walked to the kitchen, England mumbled something about something and pulled his shitty scones out of the oven. Mmh.

I take things too seriously and personally sometimes ^_^; These are my feelings on an article in the paper the other day. Basically at some big EU meeting or something the French Prime Minister said something along the lines of "You can never understand Europe because you are just an island" to The British Prime Minister, David Cameron (Who I actually like… better than that Scottish twat *mumble mumble mumble*) ANYWAY, I got really pissed over it and this is what happens… ^_^; Don't take this personally please, even the French… don't take it seriously either :L OH, also, I'm English and I can't cook for shit so I love the way England can't cook 3 THANK YOU, ENJOY 3