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Chapter 1:

New Villain

My story. That's what this is. How I met the team, how I met Robin, and how I lived a life meant for another inside of me. I am just a regular human, that much is true, but my other self… She's a different story.

My name is Katharine Fox and this is the story of my past, present, and, maybe, my future. I'll start with the day I found out, when everything changed. I had 'switched' to her, let her take control, Bluebird was her name.

She stood on the tallest building in the city. Our city. She was waiting, with her blue-black wings outstretched and her hair of the same colors billowed out behind her, gently floating in the cold night wind. We were only 13, yet we were thieves. A villain. More than that, a super villain. Yet she waited, only for a chance to run; she hadn't the heart to get away without one last glimpse of them, the Duo. Soon, though, they were in her sight.

The Dark Knight and Boy Wonder.

Taking a sharp intake of breath as her heart stopped, she jumped. She flew above them, easily dodging their projectiles. She dropped the sealed bag, knowing how stealing the millions of dollars would leave her to deal with guilt, and leaving her friend, our only friend. She was scared, as was I, much more than her confident face would show. She flew away, as fast as she could, to go to our hideout, so she could safely 'change' back to me. Sadly, neither of us saw Robin throw a birdarang at our messenger bag. Lodging itself in the soft fabric, it started tracking us.

I know you're wondering why I keep saying us, our and we. Well, we share a body. Not a soul. More than that, our DNA changes with each soul that takes over.

When we got back, she started the process. I could feel the itching in our back as the wings retracted, the prickling on our scalp as the hair changed to black and red, the shifting of clothes as they changed themselves, and the tingling in our limbs as they became human once more. I soon was once again in control, as usual. She used my shadow to become an almost whole being again. She looked like a black flame as she followed me to the only bedroom.

"What are we going to do Kat? Have a little fun?" She asked deviously.

"Actually, yes. Want to help? You'll be in control again, if only for a little bit." I replied to my shadow.

"Oh, this is going to be good." She said, already reading my mind.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~At the Batcave~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

" It doesn't make SENSE!" Robin exclaimed. He just hardly saw his mentor's eyebrow raise itself from behind his cowl.

"Those feathers we found, the don't belong to any human, even though they had human DNA in them. I've hacked into almost every government system in the world, and nothing not even a name, comes up." Robin continued.

"What about your tracking-?" Batman started.

"-The signal got cut off the radar. I can pinpoint the exact location it was last at though." As Robin got started on that, Batman contacted the league, to tell them about this new villain.

~ A few minutes later… ~

"Got it! It was last at the old warehouse just outside the city." Robin declared, going over to the league members while he stood next to Batman, "Has anyone else seen her? Just so I can enter it on my computer."

"I have." Superman said bluntly.

"Me, as well." That was Aquaman.

"She was here in Central, but she didn't actually keep anything." The Flash clarified.

"She came here too but left, and like Flash said, without keeping anything she stole." Green Arrow.

"How about in you, Superman, she keep anything?" Robin asked, quickly typing away at his holographic computer.



"No, she left with the items she came with."

As Robin stopped typing, Alfred came into the Batcave.

"Has anyone seen Miss Fox? I can't seem to find her." Alfred asked as Batman closed the JL chat room thing.

"It's three in the morning. She should be in bed." Batman said, "Why are you looking for her?"

"I checked her room, but she's not in there. And I'm not entirely sure, I just had a bad feeling that something happened to her."

Batman and Robin would have said he was being silly, but neither of them truly wanted to question the wise man.

"Would you like me to search for her?"

"If you would." Robin turned his holo-computer back on and started searching for her through the tracking device in the necklace he had given her for her birthday. Sometimes I think he worries about her too much… but I have to admit, I'm just as worried, with The Joker kidnapping her all the time.

"… okay that's weird."

"What is it, Master Richard?"

"She's at the same warehouse as the villain girl… we really need to know her name…" Robin said. Then, after a moment of thought of everything she did, he sighed and muttered, "Great, another psychopath to deal with."

"I AM NOT A PSYCHOPATH!" In his face was the very girl he just called psycho, me, my other and I.

"YOU IDIOT!" I mentally screamed. A soft 'oh' could be heard as she backed away. Robin didn't waste any time waiting and immediately tried to land a blow on her. She dodged, and landed a blow on one of his pressure points. His arm went limp and she just dodged the rest of his attacks, but not without getting hit on her knee, hard enough she fell. As she carefully but quickly got up, he took her by surprise and tackled her, his arm fine, and they rolled around on the ground, both trying to gain the upper hand. After a moment, Robin won, keeping her pinned beneath him. A light blush danced across her cheeks, but Robin took it as if she was out of breath, for she was panting like him.

"Um, Can I have a pair of handcuffs?" Robin asked his mentor, as he realized he didn't have a pair. Silently, Batman handed Robin a pair of handcuffs that were soon on her- mine-our? wrists keeping us stuck to a pipe. A strong pipe that was clearly new.

"OW! That's too tight!" She suddenly exclaimed, though Robin made no move to loosen the restraints. Just then she realized the pain in her knee from standing, but she kept quiet.

"What's your name?" Batman asked after we were properly trapped, with our hands above our head.

"Heh. Bluebird. You're the Dark Knight aren't you? And you're the Boy Blunder."

"Hey! I heard that!" Robin exclaimed, but as soon as the words left his lips he felt a bit stupid. She laughed.

"You were supposed to! Any who, you're probably wondering were Miss Katharine Fox is, am I right?"

"Where is she?" Batman asked, well, more like demanded.

"Should I tell you the truth? Hm… Nope! I can tell you one thing, though, she is heartbroken." She smirked, " I know who you are, Mr. Wayne." She said tauntingly, "Oh and you bird boy, so sad, how your family fell to their-" At that moment Robin through a punch that nearly knocked her out. No! YOU CAN'T LOSE CONIOUSENESS OR I'LL TAKE OVER WITHOUT TRYING AND THEY'LL KNOW IT'S MEEEEEE! Bluebird flinched at the shouting in her ear.

"Sorry…" She muttered, and whether it was intended for me or Robin, no one would ever know for sure. While she was slightly out of it, they slipped a collar on her neck, and we both screamed in pain, as we were electrocuted. Just as soon as it came, though, it had stopped, thankfully.

"Wh-what was that?" Bluebird asked, out of breath, as she fell down and sat.

"That is what will happen if you don't tell us where Katharine is." Batman threatened. Wow he really DOES care!

"Well… I can show you a live video stream of her right now. And then maybe I'll take you to her."

"What's the catch?"

"You have to take these FRIGGIN' TIGHT HAND CUFFS OFF OF ME THEIR CUTTING OFF THE CIRCLUATION OF BLOOD!" She shouted and, in a futile attempt, tried to break the pipe as she freaked out.

"And if we don't agree?"

"Then my lackeys, yes I have some, will take her wherever she feels she need be. Except for here, but I don't think she'd want to come back anyways after what I've told her."

"Robin." Bluebird sighed in relief as the cuffs came off and rubbed her wrists.

"I need a computer, I'll use that one." She said, walking with a slight limp over to the nearest computer, immediately hacking into it.

"What did you tell her?" Robin asked.

"Well, you're greatest secret is that you two are heroes, right? I don't think any girl would take that news easily, most of all if she's been living with you for like 3 years." Bluebird said, just as the video stream came up.

Katharine was pacing back and forth, looking troubled. Two boys, at least a year older than her, stood guard at the door. She looked troubled.

"How are they… No they can't be but… It makes sense, oh gawd what am I going to do?" She flopped down on the bed and sighed, " I thought I could trust them…"

The video stream ended, and Bluebird exclaimed, "I need to go back, the video shouldn't have ended, I think someone got in!" She was electrocuted again, before Batman spoke,

"Take us to her."

Bluebird did as she was told, taking the heroes to her hideout, the old abandoned warehouse. Both were amazed by how clean everything was, let alone all the stuff, most of it being extremely expensive as Bluebird lead them inside. Suddenly, Bluebird stopped, and Robin nearly ran into her.

"You two have to stay here," She ordered.

"Why?" Robin asked.

"Why? My gang will attack and I wouldn't even call them off, or at least they wouldn't listen because they know that I'm probably being blackmailed by you two 'heroes'," She said the last word with disgust clear in her voice. Robin was about to say something else, but Batman stopped him.

"If you try to escape, I will use this." Batman threatened, showing her the remote.

"I won't." With that she walked off, a slightly limping. As soon as she was out of their sight she tried to change back, but it wouldn't work.

"Oh no…" She breathed. Bluebird got a lackey to help her take it off, by ripping it off, for this one had superstrength. "Thank you, Mike."

"No prob, BB." He bowed, and they both laughed a bit. Then we changed back, I grabbed the remains of the collar, and ran out. I ran over to Robin, with difficulty from my hurt knee, and slapped him, hard enough to knock his mask off,

"DICK GRAYSON, YOU HAVE A LOT OF EXPLAINING TO DO!" I screamed at him. I watched him gently put his mask back on.

"Where's Bluebird?" He asked.

"She had one of her gang members break of the collar thing. They all left after that."

"You just let them leave? After they kidnapped you?" Robin exclaimed. Batman was being extremely quiet, no doubt thinking abut where Bluebird went.

"They didn't KIDNAP me, I went by my OWN FREE WILL!" I shouted.


"WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME YOU WERE ROBIN AND BATMAN AFTER I LIVED WITH YOU TWO FOR THREE FRIGGIN' YEARS?" I screamed, upset by this fact, because Bluebird and I just recently found out when we stumbled across the Batcave a few weeks ago, and the betrayal had been practically eating me alive. Until now.

"Rule number 1 for all superheroes, never tell your secret identity." Robin replied. I felt a tear fall down my face.

"I… I want to go home." I whispered. Robin came over and wrapped his cape around me.

"Then let's go. Alfred's worried." And with that, Batman drove us home.

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