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Perry Mason sighed. He really messed up this time. No, he didn't hate this job, but he hated the routine of it all. He didn't hate going into court every day and watching the two attorneys duke it out, but he hated not being able to be a bigger part of it. He didn't hate San Francisco at all, but he hated not being in Los Angeles. He definitely didn't hate his new secretary Nancy Swift, but he hated not having Della Street by his side.

With the last thought, he looked up at the three pictures on his desk. On the left side, there was Paul Drake, his wife Eve, and his son, whom Perry liked to call Little Paul. On the right side, there was a picture of Perry and Della. In the middle of both of the pictures was one of just Della. Perry didn't remember where the picture was taken, but it was one of the only ones he had of just her. He didn't normally put pictures on his desk, but since his big mistake he needed reminders. Of course, the pictures only reminded him of what a huge idiot he was. He groaned and slammed the picture of Della down on his desk, trying to just forget.

A few seconds later, his new secretary, Nancy Swift walked into his office. "I typed up the opinion, Mr. Mason."

"Thank you, Nancy," Perry said. "I don't think there's anything else we need to do today."

Nancy nodded. She was getting ready to turn around and walk out, recognizing his dismissal, but she noticed the middle picture on his desk. It was facedown, again. She didn't know him that well, but she just couldn't stop herself from commenting. "You know, you should really just invite her out here."

Perry Mason raised his head to meet her eyes. "What?"

Nancy pointed at the picture. "The woman in this picture. I don't know who she is, but I assume she's very important to you. I've never seen her in person though so I can only guess that's because you've never invited her out here. It's been three months since you took this job! I think you should let her come out here and visit!"

Perry shook his head. "She's…nobody." He was trying to forget about Della, not dredge up memories. Not to mention he wasn't about to explain his complicated relationship with his old secretary to his new secretary of only three months.

Nancy crossed her arms. If she was anything, she was stubborn and she wasn't letting him get off that easy. "She doesn't look like nobody and you definitely don't act like she's nobody. When I take dictation, that picture is always facedown. After I finish with the dictation, you usually pick the picture up and stare at it for quite some time. Sometimes you'll slam the picture down in frustration or anger, I can't tell which just yet. Also, you're with her in the other picture. She's not nobody."

Perry sighed with resignation. Nancy was definitely stubborn. It reminded him of Della in some ways. Sometimes he loved it and other times he hated it. This was one of the days he hated it. "She was my old secretary."

"So she's the one I've been modeling this whole office after," Nancy said.

Perry raised his eyebrows in question.

"Every time I do something, you have to correct me and tell me how your 'old secretary' did it. I typed up a brief for you once, but your old secretary did it this way. I organized your mail, but your old secretary did it that way. I bought a bookshelf and a couch, because your old office had one and they were your old secretary's ideas," Nancy answered his raised eyebrow. "I think she was more than your old secretary. Nobody keeps two pictures of their old secretary on their desk…especially not in the middle, which signifies she's very important."

"She was my old secretary," Perry insisted. "But she was also my…my best friend." That wasn't all Della was to him, but he'd already revealed more than he planned. He definitely wasn't going to tell Nancy that he and Della had been involved…at least until his big mistake. He wasn't even sure what they were anymore. He hadn't spoken to her since he moved out to San Francisco. He'd been too chicken to call her and he wouldn't even know what to say anymore.

"Well, good grief, why don't you just invite her out here, Mr. Mason?" Nancy questioned.

Perry shrugged. "There's no reason to."

Nancy rolled her eyes. She was beginning to suspect there was something more than just friendship, but she had already done enough questioning today. "A person doesn't need a reason to invite their best friend to visit them. But if you really need a reason…does she not celebrate Independence Day?" Nancy turned on her heel after that and walked out of his office.

Perry then remembered that the Fourth of July was in two weeks. Of course! He could have kind of a housewarming party. He could invite a few judges from around here, Nancy, Paul and his family, but most importantly, Della. That was definitely what he would do! A smile bloomed on his face until he remembered one thing. Inviting her required calling her. He couldn't just call her up after three months of nothing. He closed his eyes. What was he going to do?

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