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Della snuggled deeper into Perry's robe. They had just spent about an hour getting "reacquainted," as Nancy had suggested, though Della was quite sure the activities they engaged in weren't exactly what Nancy had in mind. Since they hadn't stopped at Della's hotel before reaching his house, the only clothes she had were the ones she had worn to the "interview" this morning. She had laid those clothes neatly over a chair and stolen Perry's robe. She had come out of the shower with just a towel wrapped around her and then he went to get in the shower. She put the robe on when he disappeared into the bathroom. It should be interesting to see Perry's reaction when he came out of the bathroom and saw her in his robe.

Suddenly, the phone began to ring. Della listened for a minute, but the shower water was still running. She supposed Perry couldn't hear the phone over the water. She reasoned that really only Nancy should have his direct line and if she was calling, there must be something important going on. She decided she had to answer. "Hello."


"Paul?" Della questioned, her cheeks flushing a bright red. "How did you get this number?"

"Nancy," Paul answered with a smirk growing on his face. "More importantly, why are you answering Perry's phone?"

Della frowned. She knew he was fishing again and she wasn't going to answer him with anything he wanted to hear. "It's none of your business."

Paul smiled. He was happy for his two friends, he just loved to mess with Della. "Could I please talk to Perry?"

"He's a little busy at the moment," Della told Paul. At that moment, she heard the shower water turn off. "He'll be available in just a few seconds."

Paul raised his eyebrows. "What has him so busy?"

Della rolled her eyes. "He was taking a shower. I just heard the water turn off though."

"Why was he taking a shower?" Paul asked. He thought he had a pretty good idea, but he wanted to see what Della would say. She would never tell him the real reason, and he didn't really want to hear it anyway.

"Really, Paul?" Della exclaimed, annoyed with him.

Paul chuckled. "You know you love me, Beautiful."

Della rolled her eyes and turned when she heard the bathroom door open. She took the phone away from her ear and took in a subtle breath as Perry stepped out in a cloud of steam with only a towel wrapped around his waist. She was expecting it, but still.

"Phone for you," Della told him.

Perry ran his eyes over Della in his robe. God, she looked good. He loved the view of her in his robe. He also loved how natural she looked in his house, in his bedroom holding the phone. "Who is it?"

"Someone annoying," Della answered.

Perry took the phone. "Hi, Paul."

Paul heard Della burst out laughing in the background. Paul smiled too but grumbled in mock anger, "I resent that."

Perry chuckled. "You'll get over it. Was there something you wanted?"

Paul suddenly turned serious. "You know how lucky you are, right? Della is there with you now, hopefully to stay."

Perry looked over at Della. She was lying back on his bed with a small smile on her face and her eyes were closed. He smiled. "I know."

"If she ever comes back here to stay, without you, I will come find you and personally kill you," Paul told him.

"I will support you in that decision," Perry said serious as well. If he ever let Della get away again, by his doing or by her own, he was sure he would need to be killed.

Paul nodded. "As long as we understand each other."

Perry smiled. He loved that Paul was so protective of Della. He hoped Paul would never have to be again though, Perry planned to be by her side for a long time. "We do."

"Good," Paul said. "And Perry, I really am happy for you two. Good luck."

"Thanks," Perry said. "Now, if you don't mind…"

Paul smiled, sticking one last jab into the conversation. "I'm sure you have business…or should I say, a woman…to get back to."

Perry rolled his eyes and hung up the phone. He turned to Della, who had opened her eyes. "What did he want?"

Perry shrugged. "He just wanted to remind me how lucky I am."

Della's cheeks turned a light shade of pink and she looked away.

"I'm not sure I agree with him right now though," Perry said, with twinkling eyes.

When Della turned back to him in wide-eyed surprise, Perry began to laugh. "You see, my robe seems to have been stolen."

Della chuckled. She ran her eyes down his towel clad form. "Yes, you do seem to be in dire need of it."

"Well, would you like to give it to me?" Perry asked.

"I would," Della told him. "But that presents a problem. Then I won't have anything to wear."

Perry's eyes darkened. "I wouldn't object."

Della rolled her eyes in amusement and exasperation. "I'm sure you wouldn't." Her voice got low and sultry. "To wear a robe though, you need to get out of that towel."

Perry flicked his wrist and disengaged the towel from his waist. He then walked over to Della and untied the belt on the robe. She rolled her shoulders and the robe fell to the floor.

Perry raked his eyes over her body. He set his hands gently on her hips and kissed her fiercely. Della sighed into his mouth and willingly began to participate in the kiss.


An hour later, Della and Perry were laying in his bed, exhausted but comfortable. Della, resting her head on Perry's chest spoke up, "You never did put that robe on. The robe you needed so desperately."

Perry shrugged and ran his fingers through Della's curls. "It worked out better this way." He placed a kiss into her hair.

Della laughed. "You're crazy."

"You love me," Perry teased.

Della rolled on top of him, completely serious, and looked into his eyes. "I do, you know."

Perry nodded. "I know." He kissed her mouth gently. "I love you too."

A small smile formed on Della's lips. She stayed lying on top of Perry and rested her head on his chest.

Perry smiled too and dropped another kiss to Della's hair. He knew there was a lot they needed to talk about, but right now that didn't matter. All that mattered was that they were together…and were going to stay that way for a long time.

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