After reading this, be thankful Naruto isn't mine.

Kankuro and Temari could not believe their ears, which were currently pressed up against the door of their dear brother. Were they eavesdropping? Yes. Were they starting to regret it? Yes. Could they pull themselves away? Hell no.

"Ah, Gaara! Not so hard!"

"I thought you had such great stamina, Naruto."

"You're pushing me up against the wall, here!"

Temari's cheeks turned fire-engine red while Kankuro fought the bile rising in his throat.

"AIYAH! Gaara! Get your finger out of there!"

"Oh, hush, Naruto."

"I think I'm gonna be sick." whispered the puppet user as he turned a nasty shade of green. "I gotta stop this."

As his hand moved for the doorknob, Temari slapped it away, causing him to yelp. "Hey, what the fuck!"

"You idiot, what if we go in there and they're just playing a game or doing a puzzle or something? You want to spend a week shaking sand out of your shorts?"


"Make anymore noise and I'll have to cover that pretty little mouth of yours, Naruto…"

"Does that sound like puzzle-making or game-playing to you, Temari?" wailed Kankuro, gesturing erratically at the door. "LISTEN to them!"

"Hey, I watch Three's Company; stuff like that happens all the time and it's usually something innocent."


"That's it."

The two's hearts skipped several beats as they heard the sound of tape ripping and several muffled squeaks as it was applied to something. Quite possibly the mouth of a howling blonde.

"Screw it, I'm stepping in!"

"Kankuro, DON'T!"

The door to Sabaku no Gaara's room was blasted down by a surprisingly powerful kick, courtesy of Kankuro, who tried with all his might to not throw up his entire body right there.

He was met with the sight of one very naked Naruto Uzumaki tied spread eagle on his younger brother's bed with a strip of duct tape covering his mouth. Gaara, smirking, was just as naked, his hands currently covering the blonde's member. Tears streaked down the bound boy's face as he thrashed like a wet cat. The pair were drenched in sweat as though they had just run a marathon.

Suddenly, the red-head became aware of his brother's presence and turned ever. So. Slowly. Into his direction.

Kankuro stood there, like a deer caught in headlights, horrified at the scene, but unable to turn away.

However, that was until Gaara snarled like a deranged wolf, eyes narrowing into slits as he dug his nails into the bound blonde's chest, earning from his prey several muffled moans.


Kankuro himself was astounded at the speeds of which he could move.

As he zoomed out the door, grabbing Temari around the waist and running for dear life, he turned to her, his face ashen-white, throat dryer than the whole village of Suna and croaked a simple sentence.

"Fuck you and your Three's Company."

Whew, that was an ordeal. Enjoy the mental images; I'll see you in hell~ ;)