His teeth were long and sharp, and coming straight at her. She ran as far as the docks, then turned and faced the dog, her brother, and growled, "Don't do this, Dean! If you remember anything about how it was before, don't do this!"

Dean snarled at her and said, "Don't insult me, Cree, of course I remember. But when you became an enemy of my master, you became an enemy of me." Dean took a step towards her and snapped near her neck. Cree yelped and jumped back, her hind paws slipping off the dock. She slid until she hung to the edge, at least twenty-five up from the ocean below. Dean stepped forward and barked loudly in victory.

"After all I did to find you after we got separated; this is how it's going to be? Going to end? You're a disgrace to our heritage; you make me sick!" Cree yowled. Dean growled and lunged. He had aimed for the sky-blue, tie-dyed bandana that was tied around her neck and resting on her back. He missed and his jaws clamped around her shoulder blade. Cree saw in his eyes that he was fighting two battles now. She could tell that part of him wanted to throw her off the dock, to kill her for hurting his master; but another part of him remembered days of running around the streets of New York, causing trouble and laughing in the face of danger. All too late, the memories of the past won over. But Cree's claws faltered and she fell backwards.

"No!" Dean shouted as he watched his sister, the only part of his past still intact, be swallowed up by the ocean.

Cree's body was tossed about the by the ocean, thrown mercilessly by every wave. Her shoulder stung from the salt water, most of the skin had been torn from it. Blood poured into the ocean, creating a cloud of red around her. Her vision became blurred for loss of blood, and she felt herself grow weaker and weaker. Finally her mind gave way to a dizzying blackness.