Gotham's Chaos

Chapter 1

I am going to have to thank Bonesboy15 for inspiring this story. Plus, I have always wanted to do this.

Tsunade sighed as she downed another saucer of sake. She was once again alone at the bar and surprisingly, they were close to Konoha, not that she cared at the moment. She was too drunk to care.

Shizune was back in their hotel room, resting. That brought a frown to her face. She had to wonder why the woman still stayed with her after all these years. She was a grown woman and Tsunade knew that her assistant wanted to settle down and have a family. Hell, she had even gone out on a few dates when she was teen. Now…she barely went out on any and Tsunade could tell it was hurting her.

Yet, Shizune continued to travel with her mentor, denying her own happiness. Tsunade let a tear run down her face as she took another drink and let the drink intoxicate her. She wished she could help her assistant in some way like she has helped her all these years. She wished that she could have helped all the people in her life.

Nawaki, Dan, Kushina…they are all gone. At the last name, she wondered how her old friend's five year old was doing these days. Surely Sarutobi had found a good home for the little brat, right?

Through her drunken haze, a random memory assaulted her brain.


A red haired woman looked out on the village a top the Hokage's Monument with a sad look. She had asked Tsunade, the godmother to her unborn child, to meet her here. Suddenly, she heard someone drop down next to her. "Hey Tsunade."

"So what did you ask me to come here for?" Tsunade asked her friend with a raised eyebrow.

Kushina pulled out a scroll and handed it to Tsunade. "Tsunade, if something should ever happen to me, I don't want my unborn child to be alone and I am not sure Sarutobi is fit enough to take on another child."

"What? Why are you giving this to me of all people?" Tsunade asked, shocked at what she was hearing.

"I sometimes have these odd feelings in the pit of my stomach and I am usually right when something bad is going to happen. So just humor me for now. As to why….who better to do this that my unborn child's godmother." Kushina said with a sad smile.

"Alright, i do it, I just I never have to." Tsunade replied with a shake of the head. "So what do I do when the time comes?"

"Inside is a large seal that will send my child into another universe. My father contemplated on using it on me when my village was being destroyed, yet he thankfully sent me here to meet Mito." Kushina paused and said, "Just channel a large amount of your chakra into it for it to work."

"A large amount of chakra? That would leave me drained, wouldn't it?" Tsunade asked.

"One of the reasons my father didn't do it." Kushina replied seriously.

End Flashback

Tsunade chuckled bitterly at that. Had she failed at that as well?

Getting up and letting her medical jutsu to make the intoxication dissipate from her body, she paid for the booze and walked to her hotel room with Shizune. She had to find out if the little brat was ok but to do that, she had to make sure Shizune was ok because this should be the last time she sees her.

Walking into the room, she saw her assistant sleeping peacefully in her bed. That made Tsunade smile as she put a letter down next to her. She then leaned down and swiped the hair out of the sleeping woman's face and smiled. "Find you happiness, Shizune."

With that, she quietly left the room and quickly made her way to Konoha.


Tsunade, when she made it to Konoha the next morning, she placed herself in a Transformation for the time being. It would be hard to find out about little Naruto if she was still herself. So, at the moment, she was a brown haired woman, in Shizune's clothes, and to make things more believable, she was a C-cup now.

Walking through the streets, she listened to the normal morning craziness that each village seemed to have; only the things she heard made her go straight to the hospital instead of the Hokage's Tower.

It seemed that little Naruto had been in an accident of some sort at the Kyuubi festival and was in the hospital.


Walking to the secretary's deck, Tsunade found the person manning it was not there at the moment, so she leaned over and checked the charts herself and found the room where Naruto was being held in. Quickly making her way there, she found a small malnourished blond boy in the hospital bed.

"Something is not right." She said to herself. Sarutobi was supposed to be taking care of the boy, not starving him.

Walking out of the room, she took out a blank scroll and put a few things in there for just in case. If she was going to do what Kushina said, they she will send a few things with the boy. He should at least know about his parents in case he doesn't already know. What she didn't know was what they contained. Not only where their things from his parents, Tsunade would also seal away her medical knowledge as well. Surely the boy could use it, right?

Walking back out into the lobby, she asked around about what people thought about the young blond and what had happened to him since birth. The results were less than desirable.

Apparently, Sarutobi stuck him in the orphanage, where he was treated poorly because of what he contained, which most of the village already did because they thought he was the Kyuubi! The nerve! If either Mito or Kushina knew about this, they would probably destroy the village! However, that was not the worst part; it seemed that the council forbid ANYONE from adopting the boy, even those like Anko who saw the boy for who he was.

Then, at age 4, he was kicked out of the orphanage, literally, and then lived on the streets for half a year before Sarutobi caught wind of this and set him up in an apartment! The hell was the old man thinking!

That was wasn't even the worst part! Since last night was the Kyuubi festival and the boy's birthday, he was hunted down like an animal by villagers and shinobi alike and then beaten to an inch of his life before ANBU and the Hokage saved him.

Tsunade did not like this, not one bit. The old man had lost his touch, letting foolish villagers got the best of him. NO MORE! She raged in her mind as she made her way back to the boy room. However, she blood ran cold when she heard screaming coming from his room, but it seemed that no one cared.

As she ran to the room, a nurse walked out with a big smile on her face and an empty syringe in her hand. Tsunade glared at the woman and said, "The hell happened?"

"Oh just getting rid of our demon problem with the last essence of the First Hokage's bloodline. I mean, it killed off all of Orochimaru's test subjects, so why not the demon brat, right?"

"WRONG! BITCH!" Tsunade roared as she dropped the transformation before punching the woman's face in. She then ran into the room to try and stabilize the boy.

It took about 10 minutes for his trashing and screaming to stop, but she finally stabilized the boy with tears in her eyes. She was determined to save the boy and take him away from this horrible place. "It is time Naruto-kun, time to send you to a better place."

With that, she took out the scroll Kushina had given her and opened it, to reveal a large and very complex seal on it. Nodding her head, she poured it chakra into it and it seemed to draw on her chakra until she was nearly out. Above the scroll, a large multicolored portal shimmered into existence. She then weakly picked the young boy up, along with the scroll she had prepared, and walked over to the portal. She looked down at the boy with a sad smile. "Stay safe and live a happy life." She said, but before she could send him through, a voice stopped her.

"And just want do you think you are doing." An old voice demanded.

She turned and saw the Old Warhawk, Danzo, glaring at her. "Taking him to a better place."

"No, that thing is the weapon of Konoha and shall remain in Konoha, where it belongs." Danzo replied.

"FUCK YOU!" Tsunade roared in anger as she jumped into the portal with Naruto. Danzo cursed and threw a single well aimed kunai into the portal after her before it closed and the scroll maintaining the seal went up in flames.

"Damn…at least they both will be dead if I can't use the brat." Danzo replied before walking out silently.


Tsunade grunt painfully as a flash of light blinded her for a few seconds before she felt herself on the cold, unforgiving ground. Not only that, there was a kunai lodged deeply in her back, piercing her lung and cutting into her heart. She didn't have much time left because she couldn't heal herself due to lack of chakra. "Help." She called out weakly.

As she waited, she noticed that she was in a strange yard of some sort. Large, unmanned machines all over the place, along with metal beams.

Soon, a woman walked over to them. In her dying state, all she noticed was the woman's red hair and light green skin. Must be a bloodline limit of some sort,

"Oh my god, what happened?" The woman nearly yelled when she saw the knife sticking out of Tsunade's back and the child in her arms.

"Had, to save my godson from…his home. Not treating him…right." She managed to say.

"I see." The woman said with a frown, thinking that his parents were not treating him right. "What's your name?"

"Ts-Tsunade. Please take care of Naruto." The busty medic pleaded.

"I…I will." The red headed woman said with determination.

"Also…give…this to h-him. From his parents….when they were alive. Blood s-seal to open…" Tsunade said, losing consciousness. "What is…your name?"

The red headed woman's eyes widened. So the boy's parents were not even alive….then who was even taking care of him? She sighed; this woman really did not know who she was. "Pamela Isley."