Gotham's Chaos

Chapter 10

Ok, when I started this chapter I came upon a big problem and no it is not related to the story at all. There is a why I can tell when winter for me is actually here. That is when I have a bloody nose and this one was really bad. No, seriously, the blood just drained out of my nose and by the time I was done, the bathroom looked a murder scene because i was freaking out. Oh and could someone tell me when/if Gordon ever found out about Barbara being Batgirl/Oracle. That would help my story somewhat.

"That…was an interesting way to test the boy." The voice of an older man stated.

"You didn't say how I was to test him." Came the voice of Deathstroke. "The damn kid is pretty good, I'll give him that, he just needs more experience and I gave him some."

"What other thoughts do you have?" the man hidden in the shadow asked.

"He is different. Most mercs, like me, do what we want and don't care about the law. He does and it works for him. Also, I felt a strange energy when he was using his super strength."

"I see." The older voice said again. "Thank you for this."

"Not that I care, but what is this about?" Deathstroke asked.

"A test to see who is worthy of my daughter…him or the Batman. I may call on you again to test the boy later on."

"Feh…with his performance, I think he will be getting more challenges than just me." Deathstroke stated.

"True…I will use that to my advantage as well." The older man said before he walked away, leave Deathstroke in the dark.


"Wait, hold on a second Batman. What do you mean?" Batgirl asked.

"I mean, you should not do this alone." The Batman stated on a computer screen from the batcave. "This metahuman that the Wonderland Gang is after is different than most. At least wait until I come back. I have some things to deal with Superman."

"I don't think we should but whatever." Batgirl said with a glare at the Dark Knight before the connection cut. "I'll just have to see what Dad as to say about her."


"So let me get this straight. Batman is out of town and doesn't want you to handle this case by yourself?" Gordon asked his daughter in disguise.

"That is about it." Batgirl said with rolled eyes.

"Well…he did not say to handle this alone, so why don't you get Robin's help…or dare I say it, Chaos's help."

Batgirl blinked at that, and then smirked, but she was confused as to why her father wanted Naruto's help. "Why Chaos?"

"This case seems right up his crazy alley." Gordon said and at the confused look, he elaborated for the red headed girl. "What I mean is that this girl has a strange power that let her bend reality and her sense of reality is a bit twisted. She is one of the few metahumans that can mess with time space."

Batgirl blinked at that. To have a power like that would be useful, but in the wrong hands…she could understand why batman said not to go in alone. "Wait. One of the few?"

Gordon sighed, "Yeah, I have heard of street racer that sets up illegal street races and then they all just disappear, only to reappear in different parts of the city."

Batgirl blinked again. "Wait a second, Batman was trying to track that as well." She paused before shaking her head. They would deal with that later. "So why ask for me and batman and even Chaos."

"Simple, I think she is not the actual villain here. From what I have gathered is that she is the victim and while she may have power to bend reality, she is not the one in control. A few days ago, she was visiting her mom in the hospital, who is in a coma, when the Wonderland Gang stole the thing that she uses to channel and control her powers."

That was pretty in depth for the Wonderland Gang. "So…what now? They think they can use her powers through this item?"

"Actually, they already have." Gordon said with a sigh. "Apparently there was some of her power in it that they were able to manipulate it to their needs…which sadly, is a very messed of version of Wonderland."

"What could possibly do all that?" Batgirl asked, a bit freaked out.

"She calls it the Mirror Mask." Gordon sighed. "And I think they messed with her mind to make her think she is in that version of wonderland because she refers to her mother as the White Queen."

"What?" Batgirl asked with wide eyes. "Ok, I see if I can get Chaos' help tomorrow.

"That is all I ask." Gordon said.


Barbara smiled sadly at the scene in front of her. It was lunchtime again and Naruto was sitting with is usual friends. Sitting right next to him was Melanie Walker, his girlfriend. Now, he did say he was going give her a chance at having two girlfriends, but that was a month ago. Was she jealous? She would lying if she said no because Naruto's personality had gotten to her and she really liked him. So much so that she barely hangs out with her usual group. Not that they were complaining since she never hung out with them after school become of her 'job.'

Sitting down on the other side of them, he greeted her with a warm smile before going back to the conversation he was in. When he was done a few minutes later, she decided to speak up. "We have a job."

The entire table quieted down at that. They were always interested in hearing about a job Naruto had and his stories….even though Gimzo recorded them thanks to his hacking skills. Naruto knew about that, but he didn't mind. Besides, he could always deactivate the chip that records everything whenever he wanted. "Please, do tell." Naruto said excitedly.

Barbara smirked. "Well, we are dealing with a young girl that is trapped by her own powers and the ones in control are the Wonderland Gang."

"Those freaks led by that mind control fucker?" Gimzo asked.

"The very same." Barbara commented.

"Really, batman usually take care of them easily." Shimmer stated boredly.

"He is unavailable for this at the moment." Barbara stated. She may be friends with these guys, but they were still criminals and she was not going to outright say that Batman was not in town. That would be stupid. "Now, these guys are not much of a threat normally, but with the girl's powers, they could become a major threat."

"What's the girl's powers?" Mammoth asked.

"According to my father…the ability to bend time and space to her needs." Barbara replied.

Jinx blinked. "That is useful and you are right, they could become dangerous."

"Agreed." Naruto replied. "So I take it we have to save this girl?"

"No." Barbara replied before she told them about the mask and that some of her powers are still in it.

Naruto sighed. "Well, this should be an interesting adventure, any of you wanting to join us?"

Kitten put her hands up and said, "No, I am not ready for this type of crap just yet."

"I am not sure how much my powers over bad luck would help you." Jinx declined.

"I may be you partner as Calamity, but I am with Kitten on this. That is out of my league." Malenie declined as well.

Seeing that it was just going to be him and Barbara, he shrugged. "Oh well, although I do have to wonder why I seem to get the oddest jobs."

"Because Chaos is fucking crazy." Gizmo answered, making the group laugh at Naruto's expense.


"So I heard from red that you have a small problem and need some help with it." Chaos said as he hung upside down on the ceiling of the police station at night.

Gordon's twitched at this. He never understood Chaos that much and this time he made no sense…again. The ceiling was fairly low, so the teen was literally facing his chest. Although he had to laugh when he saw batgirl barley lift her fist up to smack him in the back of the head before he fell on his head.

"What was that for?" Chaos complained weakly while rubbing his head.

"I don't really like being called red…for the millionth time." Batgirl stated, making Naruto chuckle.

"Alright, so where is this girl Gordon?" Chaos asked.

"Right this way." The man said with a smile. They were entertaining after all.

After a few minutes, they were in the jail cells, looking at a 13 year old girl. She looked back at them before saying in an English accent, "Are you here to help me wake the White Queen?"

"Yeah, should be fun getting your powers back. Besides, how hard can it be getting back this mirror mask of yours in that place area they are in?"

The girl grimaced at that. "If they have gotten as far as I think they have…pretty hard."

"Eh…then we might as well leave now." Chaos replied. "But before that, what is your name?"

"Alice!" the girl replied. She had short brown hair, brown eyes, and a red dress with black shoes.

"You really should have seen that one coming." Batgirl replied to her partner.

"Don't I know it." Naruto deadpanned.

"Her real name is Helena Campbell." Gordon offered, but they ignored it, just going to call the girl Alice for now so as to not confuse her. Well…more than she already is.


Ironically, the Wonderland Gang had sent up shop in a small neighborhood. It was rather quiet as they walked up to the half circle of houses on the end of the street. But as soon as they entered the circle, their world shattered, only to be replaced by a dark and strange world. Everything was twisted and just plain creepy!

"You know, I don't think we are in Jersey anymore." Naruto deadpanned.

"No, we are in Wonderland." The girl, Alice, stated.

More like Nightmare land! The two following her said. (Seriously, if you have seen the movie Mirror Mask, you know that place is dark and just plain nuts!)

"Ok I get that, but where exactly are we?" Batgirl asked.

"Well, my neighborhood of course!" Alice giggled, making red head's eye twitch.

Chaos chuckled as he already liked this girl. "Alright lead the way, where should we go first?"

"Well, there is this nice old lady with a bunch of cats that could point us in the right direction." Alice comment, but they knew it would not be as simple as that.


Mad Hatter was a strange man. He created hat that could control people's minds. So the question is, why did he not create one for the girl! Seriously, having control the world for them would be easier. But no, the Tweedles what the shiny mask that held the power of the girl. Of course it was basically a remote for the power but it worked better with the girl.

Now, you are probably wondering why the man is freaking out about all this. That is easy, because a new player has entered the game. A creature from this world with a mind of its own. She called herself the Black Princess and was not a fan of the girl that they had taken the mask from. They were now the ones trapped in this world because of her!

"Heh, now I can be free again. But I will not let Helena live after what she did." The Black Princess smiled evilly. "I am so glad I managed to call you 3rd rate fools to my counterpart, but I may have more use for you yet!"

Hatter and the Tweedles knew then that they were in over their heads. It was a good thing they left the others back in the real world. But still, it was sad to be afraid of a little girl….but I guess it is reasonable when she has control over this world and could kill you whenever she wanted!


Just walking into the old lady's home, they came upon a strange sight. Sure, there was a normal looking old lady there, but she had on a old style mask that you see in movies and she was surrounded by cats. Now, that is not so bad, other than the fact that she is a cat horder. No, these cats were not normal.

They had the very skinny body of an almost dead cat and there face looked smashed in. No, not smashed in. They were just paper with a half cat, half human face on it! And it had short, useless rainbow wings.

"Hungry." It said. Oh yeah, they talk as well.

Chaos took one look at it and sighed before a smirk crept across his face. Creating a shadow, he had it turn into the one person not many would expect, especially Batgirl and Alice. It turned into Scooby-doo! "RATS!"

"What? No! They're cats!" Chaos countered.

"Rhat's Rhat Ri Raid!" The dog said, "Rats!"

"No! Say it with me. C-cats!" Naruto countered.




"Um…is he actually fighting over the saying with a dog version of himself?" Alice asked, not entirely she what is going.

Batgirl groaned as she smacked her head. "Yeah….it is his personality; he does that….a lot."

"My, what an interesting friend you have there." The old lady chuckled at the scene in from of her. "What is it that you need my dear?"

"Um, we need to find were the Mad Hatter and his cronies have taken the Mirror Mask."

"Lost it again I see." The old lady stated. "Try going to the library. There are some overdue books on the counter, take those."

Alice sighed; she should have known that was going to be the answer. "Well thanks." She said as she went for the books.

"Oh and you might want to leave sooner because my pets are hungry."

That made Alice pale and grabbed the other two and ran the hell out of the back door. Once outside, she let go of them while yelled, "Insult the book, throw it down and jump on it to go!" She paused as she looked at her book. "UGH! I HATED THE STORYLINE!" She then threw it down and jumped on it before it hovered.

"What the…" Batgirl said before she looked to her book and then back to the girl. "What do you think, Chaos?"

"I don't know. That is what I am trying to figure out." Naruto stated and there were a few noises that sounded like songs.

Batgirl looked at him and asked with a twitching eyebrow, 'WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"

"Trying to figure out the best song for a Scooby-Doo style chase song." He said nonchalantly.

"Forget about that! Let's go!" Batgirl ordered before she insulted her book and stared hovering as well. She was already with Alice in a matter of seconds.

Naruto sighed as he took a look at his book and smirked. It was a book named Twilight. Oh he was going to have fun with this one! "Let's see…where to begin. The story just sucks. I fell asleep half way through it and when I watch the movie version, I want to shoot myself." He dropped the book and it started to hover as he jumped on. He zipped away just as the first cat tried to take a bite out of him. Hey, they must have like the shadow clone. "Zoinks! Scooby-Doo! Where are you?"


Batgirl sighed with a smile when she heard her crush's antics. How he got Scooby-doo out of this, she will never know. "Crazy ass merc."

"You like him though, don't you?" Alice asked with a knowing smile.

"How could you tell?" Batgirl asked somewhat sarcastically.

"You would not have even asked him to help me for fear of dealing with him if you did not." Alice replied. "He is cute, but a little old for me…and crazy."

"Yeah, but his other personality is normal. He is just doing all this for fun."

"I can tell." Alice stated, "So…why are you not together?"

"There are….complications to that." Batgirl replied thinking of Melanie and what Naruto had said.

"Well, I am not expert on relationships, but my advice is to do what your heart tells you to do." Alice said while Batgirl smiled as she thought about it.

"So…do we just let these books take us there or what, because I can't steer this." Naruto said a she came up behind them with a goofy smile.

Alice smiled seeing that his was infectious when Batgirl smiled as well. "Yeah, just let the book do its thing."


The library was a bit weird, but that was to be expected in this world. Some of it didn't even look possible to get to, but for Naruto was it was easy. However, that was not what truly caught their attention. It was the two tied up Tweedles in the center of the room. "The hell happened here?" Chaos asked.

"I was asking myself that question myself….among others like…I did I go from one insane world to the next. But I am not complaining as I like it here!" a voice rang out with a laugh.

Naruto rose an eyebrow at this and asked, "And you are?"

There was a thump a few feet away from them and they saw a girl with red hair and a dark looking smile that Naruto could tell was just an act. She had on purple skin tight pants with a green belt, a sleeveless purple shirt that was partial open to reveal her pale stomach and a fair amount of cleavage on her large c-cup breasts. The shirt also had a strange wide green collar. In addition to all that she had a dull yellow flower on her shirt and skin tight cut off sleeves that went from her elbow to her wrist.

"HI! I am the Joker's Daughter! You can call me Duela!" The girl said.

Naruto raised his eyebrow again before a big smile appear on his face. "Oh? So you're Uncle J's kid huh? Well nice to meet ya."

This caught the girl off guard, "You call him Uncle J?"

"Yep! Even though we are not blood related, he is still family. I am Chaos by the way."

That made the girl's eyes widen before her smirk widened as well. "SWEET!" The girl said, bouncing around in joy.

Meanwhile Batgirl and Alice blinked owlishly. "Um, not to interrupt, but how did you get in here?" Alice asked.

"Same way you did. I walked in!" The girl laughed hysterically like it was a big joke.

"Well..I can take that." Naruto said, "So do you want to join us?"

"I would not mind." Duela replied. "I mean, it is better to be in a group that be alone with that little girl's look alike around. She is scary!"

And you're not? Batgirl thought as the girl did look a little….creepy. And if she really is Joker's daughter…she could see why.

"Fair enough." Naruto said before looked to Alice. "You think we should help them?"

Alice looked warily at them and said, "No. It could be a trap knowing the Black Princess." She thought that got rid of her….no that was her mother. She didn't really know what happened to her evil look alike.

"Right, so what do we do here?" Bargirl asked.

"Oh simple." Alice replied as she took an arm full of books and then threw them up in the air as the pages flew out. They were about to ask what that was going to until they saw the pages forming works. Duela didn't really care; she just wanted to catch the flying pieces of paper.

Go the Black Queen's castle.

"Oh joy….we have to go back there!" Alice whined. "Oh well…it is far but I guess we could take Valentine's house there."

Batgirl was starting to get a headache. All this was just too much to take in along with Chaos' personality. Now they have Joker's daughter and they are in same crazy ass world were not much makes sense…just like with this situation. She could tell that Naruto was just taking it in stride. She was nothing like him, but that didn't mean he didn't think of her.

Naruto could tell Barbara was having trouble comprehending all this, so he asked, "What can a house do?"

"Oh…it flies!" Alice said, making Duela laugh at the craziness of the situation. She really liked this place!

"Alright then, let's go!" Naruto and Duela shouted happily.


It was interesting trying to convince this Valentine character to let them use his house to go to the darker part of the Wonderland. He was a fast talk and a very skittish, but Alice managed convince him because he was a real person and they had a thing going one in the real world. But like most of the people in this world, he wore a thick looking mask over his eyes.

He agreed but he wanted no part of this quest. So he hid in the city.

"Brave guy." Naruto said sarcastically as they flew.

"He is…my prince charming, but it shows that not everyone is perfect."

"Yeah. Not perfect." Naruto said thoughtfully as he thought of himself. He was a mercenary with one girlfriend and one other girl who wanted to be with him. He like them both and he would not mind having both of them with him. However, as he thought about that, he could not but help thinking of Huntress. They had a special night and what if he had a kid with her? Did that make him a horrible person to not be there for her and his 'what if' kid? He shook his head, he would have to think of that later.

Why? Because they made it to the dark looking castle, with the Mad Hatter guarding the door. As they landed, they saw the Mad Hatter was not himself. He looked very mean and bloodthirsty. There were dark looking tattoos on his face. When he charged them, Naruto rolled his eyes behind his sunglasses and axe kicked the man, knocking him out. "No tact."

Duela and Barbara giggled that. Duela was really starting to like this guy. He as funny! Barbara just shook her head at Naruto antics. He was somewhat serious in combat and this kind of stuff always annoyed him.

Alice led them inside the castle, clearly worried about what was to happen. She knew that her dark half was not happy with her. Not after what happened between them the last time. Naruto saw this and put a comforting hand on the girl's shoulder. That helped a bit, but she was still worried.

As soon as they entered the throne room, they saw her look alike, sitting on the thrown leisurely. She had expensive looking clothes on and she look a bit older…around 17. "Well…look who is back. Too bad you are stay here while I go and live in the real world….again."

"No, give it back."

"No. In fact, to make sure that I won't have to deal with you again, I'll just kill you!" the evil one said.

"Not going to happen." Chaos replied. "She is under my protection and you'll have to go through me."

The evil one looked at Alice and smirked. "Oh? So you got rid of the worthless worm Valentine? I see you have better tastes now, but…you both will now die! I may not have the control over the darkness like mother had, but it is enough!" The mirror mask in her hand glowed darkly before said darkness raining down from the ceiling, punching Naruto out of the way and going for Alice.

Duela laughed and cartwheeled in the way, grabbed Alice and then got away easily.

Black Alice grew annoyed at Duela's antics and batted her away as well. However, to her ire, when one of Alice's friends got hurt, another would get up and help her. It was insanity and the Duela girl just would not stop her annoying laughing!

Soon, she smirked as she got all of them into a corner. She turned the darkness into spikes and yelled, "TIME TO DIE!"

Naruto, who had been on the ground again, opened his eyes with a glare; he would not lose his friends to this. He would make sure they live! Getting up just as the spikes formed into one, he took the blow for them.

Alice looked in horror as the spike struck her protector and he jumped back a bit. She let a silent tear fall because she knew if that stuff pierced you, you were done for. Her friend would become part of the darkness.

Duela actually looked sad. She had just gotten a new friend and while she thought the world was out to get her, she thought she was going to have a break this time…apparently not.

Barbara took it the worst. She actually had romantic feeling for him. Throughout all their escapades in the city, she had fallen for him. To lose him….like dying herself. "No." She said softly. However, she and other girls did take notice that nothing else happened. It was so quiet that time seemed to stop.

Black Alice looked in shock. The darkness wasn't piercing the blond male because….he managed to catch it! Just what was this kid!

Yeah, he caught it, but it was a close call, that was why his body jumped back a bit. He looked back to his friends and smiled at their shocked faces. "I won't let anything happen to my friends." He then turned back to Black Alice and smirked as he used Tsuande's strength to rip away the darkness and said, "Whack a Mole anyone?"

"Oh…shit." Black Alice muttered before she was running every which way just to stay alive and not get pounded by the mass of darkness, held by the blond male.

"Stop." Came Alice's voice.

Naruto turned back to her and raised an eyebrow. 'What's up?"

"I figure if either of us dies, we both die." Alice stated, while her darker self looked at her in confusion. "We are both the same person, I am light while she is darkness. Everyone has to have a balance." She paused as walked over to her dark self. "What do you say, we become one again?"

Black Alice looked apprehensive at first before she smiled. "I guess it benefits both of us in the long run." She said as she held out a hand and as they shook hands, there was a glow and they became one….with their real age at 17. Alice….no Helena took the Mirror Mask and put it on and there was a flash of white.


The area was back to a normal suburban area. Helena smiled as she took off the Mirror Mask and saw her friends and smiled. However it seemed that the Wonderland Gang had hightailed it out of there.

"Helena, if you ever need any more help, don't hesitate to call me." Chaos stated. The girl nodded and gave him a hug before she let go and went over to Valentine's house. Naruto turned to Duela, who was nowhere to be found. "Hey, where did she go?"

"Oh I am sure we'll be hearing about her a lot more now." Batgirl chuckled as she shyly walked up to her crush. However, she noticed he was rubbing his eyes like ther ewas something in them. "What's up?"

"My eye feel itchy and it feels like there is something in them."

"Let me check." Batgirl ordered. When she looked into his eyes, she saw that they were a few shades darker than normal, but then went back to their normal color, but she barely noticed that anymore before she noticed how vast his ocean blue eyes were. Naruto looked into her eyes as well as their faces closed the distance between each other and they finally kissed.

Off on a roof top, Duela smiled at the two lovers before disappeared.


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Yes, this chapter was inspired by Alice in Wonderland and Mirror Mask. Helena will later be known as the reality bending thief, Alice.

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