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I'm standing on the stairs in a magnificent hall

Wearing the dress that I bought for the ball

It's long and flowing, sparkling white

My tiara of diamonds shines in the light

At the bottom of the stairs you're waiting for me

And I gracefully float down for all to see

You take my hand and touch my face

You're the only one I notice in the expansive space

We're now dancing in shadows of flickering light

Holding each other close, holding each other tight

You kiss my neck and then touch my face

Then kiss my lips in a loving embrace

Time stands still whilst we are together

Feels so good, it seems like forever

I look at the clock, that cannot be right

But the bells start to chime, confirming midnight

But there's no need to leave

From the ball tonight

I'll be with you my prince

For the rest of our life.

- Becci Iddon -

Elizabeth sucked in a deep breath as she walked into her twelfth period class. Remember the good things in life, she thought to herself¸ the smallest living thing is a cell, kangaroos can jump up to 25 feet, Cinderella is on tonight. None of these things were able to stop her impending doom, though. At least Jane has a horrible class twelfth too, Elizabeth laughed. This had to be better than having gym with freshmen, and with that thought she crossed the threshold of her class.

The room was dimly lit; all of the lights were off besides the few lamps that were sporadically placed around the outside edge. There was a very eclectic feel to the small, slightly shabby space as well. Besides the presence of the randomly placed lamps there were windows, framed by long curtains, that had poems written on them with window markers, fuzzy throw pillows that looked as if they belonged in a pre-teen's bedroom, and a cow skin rug in the middle of the room with a modern glass coffee table on top of it with an array of glass beads, flowers, and yarn. She scanned the room for the teacher's desk out of curiosity as what it would look like. The desk was hidden behind a bamboo room divider, but it seemed to be the only normal aspect in the space. Overwhelmed by the strangeness that the classroom emitted, Elizabeth held her textbooks even closer to her body hoping that they would hide her.

The desks, too, were not what she was expecting, the typical one chair and a desk with the small metal basket at the bottom, where no one keeps their stuff because the person behind them would put their dirty feet all over it; no, those desk weren't there at all. In their place were individual lab tables scattered around. Lizzie looked around, there were no sinks, nor posters of the periodic table, not even a poster of the human body, so this place wasn't a science lab. Sadly, this was another English room. Behind each of the lab tables were chairs, again not the normal metal and plastic ones but wooden chairs, each with different carvings on them and different fabric cushions.

Oh my, Elizabeth what have you gotten yourself into, Elizabeth wondered. Biting her bottom lip, Elizabeth shifted her drooping book bag further onto her shoulder and marched forward still having a death grip on her textbooks. Taking a few more steps in Elizabeth scanned the room, looking for a place to sit. The teacher will probably make us move anyways, she thought whilst taking a seat on the far side of the room near the curtain covered windows and a bust of Edgar Allen Poe's head. Interesting was the only word that she could come up with to describe the room that she was in.

Elizabeth got out her student agenda, a pink pen, some notebook paper, and purple post its. She opened the agenda to the current date and wrote down what she had for homework in her other classes by period of the day, making sure to put stars by the ones that she really needed to do. Elizabeth was writing furiously on one of the post it notes the extra requirements of her history essay when a person sat down next to her and the school bell rang for the class to begin. She could hear other students crowding in and finding seats. She didn't look up as she stuck the note in her agenda which marked her page.

"Welcome to Poetry Appreciation!" announced a distant sounding voice. Elizabeth's head quickly snapped up and looked for the source of the sound. An older woman covered in drapes of colorful fabric burst dramatically into the room and sashayed her way to the glass table. With the grand gestures she made with her hand on her arrival the strawberry blonde hair that was swept up into a loose bun lopsided on her head fell a little lower with more pieces escaping. So this is the famous Ms. Juliette, Elizabeth thought to herself. "Salutations everyone, I am Ms. Juliette. I'm just going to come out and say that this isn't your average English class; I won't accept any proper essays so any form that you've learned thus far in your adventure of learning, forget it at the portal of this new world," she said, pointing to the door. "I will be expecting you, the poets gave you themselves so I believe we should be giving them us."

"Is it just me or is this ridiculous?" said the guy that had sat beside Elizabeth. She looked at him with interest as she had just noticed his presence.

"Yeah, I hate poetry. I think that it's a waste of time. I mean who cares what these people felt about flowers, there are so many other things that are important," Elizabeth replied, her words barely above a whisper. That made the man beside her laugh.

"Darcy, William Darcy," the guy next to her said. She had heard of him, but then again who hadn't heard of him. He had to be the richest student in the school, as well as the guy every girl wanted to date, supposedly. She looked at him intently. There wasn't anything that spectacular about him. His brown hair covered the top part of his eye, dangling into his eyelashes - Elizabeth twitched to move them. His face was okay to look at, better than most but not Orlando Bloom attractive. She realized that she hadn't responded yet, but had just been sitting and staring at him.

"Elizabeth Bennet," Elizabeth told him with a small smile on her face. Darcy's demeanor suddenly transformed, his relaxed posture quickly changed to stiff, and the smile on his face vanished. Elizabeth shrugged it off and tried to think nothing of it.

Ms. Juliette sent around syllabuses about the class course and what was expected of the students. The students in front of Elizabeth and Darcy handed Darcy the papers, he took one for himself and passed the rest back to the front. Elizabeth just sat there staring in surprise at the immaturity that Darcy was beginning to show. She watched in shock as the papers were handed back to Ms Juliette, who absently put them on the glass table.

"What the hell was that?" Elizabeth exclaimed at Darcy, still in a whisper. He just gave her a confused look and wrote down some of the things that Ms. Juliette was saying. "I expect an answer on why I don't have one of those blasted papers in front of me. Why the hell didn't you give me a paper before handing them back?"

"Didn't think that you wanted one," Darcy replied curtly. He turned his face forward and went back to writing things down from the black board. Elizabeth stuck her hand up, waiting impatiently for Ms. Juliette to notice her, but she was deep in conversation with another student. Annoyed, she tried to call the teachers name and waved her arm around, but the only response was a few sniggers from the class. Elizabeth slammed her hand on the desk, earning a look of disgust from Darcy.

Elizabeth, thinking irrationally, grabbed the paper that Darcy had, grabbed her pink pen and started to write down some of the things that Darcy had wrote onto her piece of notebook paper. She had gotten through test grade -50% before Darcy snatched back his paper. A sudden rip sounded from the paper. Darcy held half in his hand, and Elizabeth had the other.

"Thank you so much for ripping my paper. Why you couldn't just get up and get your own damn paper is beyond me," Darcy sneered, sending her daggers with the rage in his eyes.

"If you had actually read the syllabus you would have known that you are to ask Ms. Juliette before you go to her desk. It is, after all, her personal area," Elizabeth whispered, fearing if she allowed herself any less control that should would be yelling.

"How did you know that? You had the paper for what, thirty seconds tops. Freak," said Darcy.

Elizabeth's hand enclosed tighter on the paper, wrinkling it into a small ball with one hand. She was the girl, she was the one that had amazing grades in most all of her classes, she was the one that had been all but sucked into taking this class because of her friends and so she was the one that deserved the paper. Not him! Elizabeth said, "I am the person who is keeping this, I was forced to take this class and I refuse to receive a bad grade here. I am going to pass this class, and I WILL NOT have some idiot like you stop me from doing so." And with that through her paper ball directly between Darcy's eyes. She turned around in her seat, not wanting to deal with him anymore.

"Do you think that I wanted to take this class? No, I didn't either. But I want to pass this class just as much as you do. I won't have some bitch like you get in my way," Darcy spat. Elizabeth retracted into her seat even more. Her anger was boiling, her fingertips dug into her hand leaving small curved marks in her flesh, but being the student that she was, she wasn't going to create another scene even if the previous one hadn't been noticed by Ms. Juliette. Keeping herself as collected as she could, Elizabeth raised her hand again hoping that this time the teacher would notice her.

"Miss. Bennet, do you have a question?" Ms. Juliette asked, looking up from the student that she was helping as the seatmate of that student had alarmed Ms. Juliette of Elizabeth.

"Yes I do actually. Will we be switching seats at all?" Elizabeth asked softly, hoping that this teacher would give into gentleness. Her fingers had let go of her palm and were now crossed for luck.

"No," Ms. Juliette replied. Her face was still smiling; actually, it was gaining in strength and growing larger. "No, Miss. Bennet, I don't switch seats. I find that you grow in character by staying with the person that is sitting next to you." Elizabeth opened her mouth to say something but Ms. Juliette continued on, "I like to think that fate put you in that seat for a reason. You all may find that the person sitting next to you isn't the person that you thought they were; they may be better or worse. Who knows, you may have found a possible date for the prom." Ms. Juliette winked at the class and went to the front of the classroom to begin making a list on the blackboard of the books that they would be needing.

Elizabeth sat there flabbergasted that Ms. Juliette wouldn't switch their seats, horrified actually. Since there was no use in trying to steal back the syllabus – and she was far too embarrassed to go and get one from the table in front of the class – she took out one of her loose leaf notebook papers that she had laid out at the beginning of class, and started to write the poems Ms. Juliette was telling them as they were to be read that night down.

The rest of class went by without anything said between Elizabeth and Darcy. She was furious at the behavior demonstrated by him earlier, and had no intention of forgetting being called a bitch for the remainder of the period. Darcy was just trying to concentrate on class and not the woman sitting beside him. This tension continued until Ms. Juliette said that they could talk amongst themselves, just not to leave the classroom until the bell had rung. Darcy found this to be an escape and went to talk to some of the guys in the class away from Elizabeth.

She got up and walked over to a few of her friends; Gillian, Emily, and Addie. On the way she discreetly picked up a syllabus, even though it hardly seemed worth it anymore.

"Hey Lizzie! How is your seat?" asked Gillian, a friend from her Chemistry class. A larger, geeky girl with red hair and brightly painted nails that changed daily.

"I'd really rather not talk about it," Elizabeth huffed, folding her arms across her chest and leaning back on the desk behind her a bit.

"What are you," started Addie, gawking at the absurdity of Elizabeth's statement. Addie wasn't subtle with her thoughts. As their school's head opinion piece writer Addie felt as though her opinion was to be told, and bluntly at that.

"Talking about?" said Gillian. "He's like the best looking guy this school has to offer. Plus he's a senior," she added with a wink.

"I'm a senior does that count for anything for me?" Addie asked.

"Actually, I've heard that he doesn't like those he doesn't know," Emily said thoughtfully, "And no Addie you're already too weird for any hope of saving yourself with your senior status."

"Well then how the hell is he going to meet new people? He's a prick. A world class prick that needs to go to the highest room in the tallest building he can find and jump," Elizabeth said.

"I think you're going a bit far with that, but whatever. Did you hear about the kid who adopted that duckling that was abandoned in the courtyard?" said Addie, and the conversation went from there.

When the bell rang Elizabeth went back to her desk and began to put away her belongings. Once there was no one but herself and Ms. Juliette, Elizabeth decided to try her luck with switching seats again. Ms. Juliette was sitting in a big comfortable looking arm chair near the door reading North and South, which happened to be one of Elizabeth's favorite novels. "Ms. Juliette, can I walk to you for just a minute? Oh, wait what part are you at in North and South? That's my all-time favorite novel," Elizabeth decided if she played her cards wisely that Ms. Juliette might take a liking to her and might switch her seat. She slid right beside Ms. Juliette so that she was able to read some of the words on the page.

"I'm at the point where Margret is going to meet this mysterious Mr. Thorton. I feel like I'm going to like him. I haven't met many who have read this as Elizabeth Gaskell isn't as famous as Jane Austen or Charlotte Brontë. I assume you enjoyed this novel?" Ms. Juliette stated while putting her book down on an arm marking her place. Elizabeth vigorously nodded her head yes. "What were you trying to ask me?" Ms. Juliette remembered, her head tilted sideways as a large smile grew on her face, her multiple large gold hoop earrings making clinging noises.

"I was going to ask if I could please switch seats. I'm up to sitting with anyone but that insufferable William Darcy. I'm even good with sitting by myself," Ms. Juliette looked alarmed and tried to speak, but Elizabeth went on, "I know that you have a strict no seat switching rule but I beg of you to let me switch seats. I cannot stand to sit next to that buffoon. We can barely tolerate each other and cannot seem to get along in any way. I know that it's only been one class period but I just know that we won't be able to accomplish anything near one another. I think that it would be better for my education and learning in this class that I move away from William."

Ms. Juliette was alarmed at the bitterness behind Elizabeth's voice, and the way she explained herself, but a rule was a rule. "I will not switch the seating arrangements Miss. Bennet. I do not care how "Insufferable" William may be, but you sat by each other for a reason," Ms. Juliette explained. She wouldn't budge.

Elizabeth was defeated. She turned, went back to her seat to get her things and left the room without another glance at Ms. Juliette and went straight to her locker.

Darcy was leaning on the wall outside of the classroom and heard everything that was said between Elizabeth and Ms. Juliette. He was going to apologize for what he had said in class. He didn't mean to call her a bitch; somehow it had just slipped out, but the conversation that he had overheard changed his mind. Darcy stayed behind for Elizabeth, now determined to see the reason behind the harsh words to him. He was not going to stand to be called such things.

Darcy looked around for a head full of red. Thankfully he was taller than most of the students and could easily see down the hallway. He felt a poke on his side. Darcy swerved around to see Charles standing beside him with a grin plastered on his face.

"Happy to see me so late in the day? I know that you were dying on the inside without me beside you," Charles said, nudging Darcy's shoulder implying that he wanted to get to his locker.

"I'm delighted. Tickled pink actually," Darcy replied with sarcasm dripping from every word. He stood still, wanting still to see Elizabeth and confront her.

"So I heard from a little bird that you get to sit next to Miss. Elizabeth Bennet in Poetry Appreciation. She's pretty good looking, is she not? Maybe not as gorgeous as Jane, but good looking none the less," Charles said. This snapped Darcy out of the trance that he was in. Darcy gave in to Charles' wishes and started to walk. But as soon as they had taken a few steps Darcy saw a short figure emerge from the door.

"Barely tolerable, I'd say," Darcy replied, loudly enough for Elizabeth to hear as she walked right beside them.

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