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"I have school tomorrow. And speaking of that I have some pre-calculus homework I have to do. Plus a poem to write. I don't want to get behind on that!" Elizabeth turned and ran up the stairs, not even looking to see if Collin was still there. It was going to be a long two weeks with them.

Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.

-H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

"You owe me BIG time," Jane announced as she entered Elizabeth's room.

Elizabeth whipped around in her chair to see a frazzled Jane standing in her doorway; her arms folded across her chest, lips barely visible and hair sticking out randomly from the knot on her head. Elizabeth couldn't help but to smirk a bit, even if this was on her behalf. "Have fun with Collin?" she asked in a tone that she hoped sounded sympathetic.

"Fun my ass. That prick kept trying to hit on me, even though I clearly told him that I had a boyfriend." Elizabeth's eyebrows raised a fraction of a centimeter. "Okay, I lied a bit, but it was necessary. Don't worry though sis, I sent him packing in your direction."

"You wouldn't!"

"You're right, I didn't, and you're lucky I'm nice. But don't think that the thought didn't cross my mind. Actually, after about the millionth mention of 'Ms. Catherine de Bourgh' Mary swooped in and asked about his harp playing. Apparently she's interested in learning such a 'pure instrument' or so she says. That sister of ours has quite a high tolerance to such, such, ugh!"

Elizabeth was fighting laughter. It was hard as Jane never got drained by people, she fed off their happiness and amplified it tenfold. Apparently Collin had the ability to make even the most well-tempered person fall off their rocker. "I'm sorry?" Elizabeth finally managed to say.

"You should be, and you should be thankful to Mary, that strange child," Jane replied, crossing the room and flopping onto Elizabeth's clothes covered bed.

"Truthfully, I'm thankful for Mr. Hunter for handing out the absurdly large amounts of homework for once! Less time with the relatives. I'm almost done, which is a miracle. The first time this year I think," Elizabeth said. She glanced back down at her homework, half a problem left. "I can do this!"

"Yes you can!" Jane joked back, still on her stomach from the flop. She rolled over to her back and scooted her way up to the top of Elizabeth's bed. "Why are you so weird?"

"I need more information to answer that dearest," Elizabeth replied. She was bent over her desk, engrossed in her math. She had her back to Jane who was making faces at her, too focused for anything else.

"You have copious copies of National Geographic Magazine on your bedside table. And they have sticky notes in them. Please tell me you're not annotating them," Jane said while flipping through the magazines while paying close attention to the post-ited pages.

"I just pick out my favorite articles. There's this one guy whose writing I adore. I wish I could go on the adventures he does and meet the people that he meets," Elizabeth replied not looking up from her homework-she was determined to finish it.

"Hm, I can't believe I didn't notice this before. Done?" Jane asked, seeing Elizabeth crouched over her work even more than before. There was something enticing about Elizabeth when she got into a project. She dove wholeheartedly into it and had a passion that many would never understand. Jane's mouth bent into a lopsided smile looking at her sister. She knew Elizabeth would make it in the world, not a doubt in Jane's mind that her sister would get into any college she wanted to.

"Mmmm," emitted Elizabeth.

A few seconds passed, Jane started looking through the magazine again and the only noise that was made was from Elizabeth's pencil furiously writing.

All of a sudden Elizabeth lept out of her seat. "I did it, I did it, oh yeah, yeah, yeah! No pre-calc left tonight whoo! No pre-calc left tonight!" she sang while doing an overly zealous victory dance. "Join in the celebration Jane!"

"All righty!" Jane said sliding down from the bed and dancing with her sister. "Frozen yogurt for victory?"

"Woman, you read my mind!" said Elizabeth stopping her dancing. Slipping on her flats before running to the door. "Ready?" Jane motioned to her body. She donned a floral night robe that longed to be thrown away. Holes were more abundant than actual material, but Jane always argued that she had had it since she was eight and she wasn't going to give it up. Elizabeth could see the Tinkerbell pajamas that Jane wore underneath the robe. To top that off she had on her favorite bunny slippers that turned from the pearly white that they were to a dingy brown. Elizabeth smiled at Jane. "You might want to put on something a little more ninja like if we're going to sneak to get ice cream."

"Thank you oh intelligent one. Give me a second. Just check to make sure that the coast is clear," said Jane.

Elizabeth grabbed her usual brown satchel. It was worn on the edges and the strap was becoming a stringy mess. There were patches that she had sewn on from various locations where she had visited and a few buttons as well, but they always seemed to fall off. She found the book she needed for Poetry and stuffed that into her bag along with a few pens. Jane gave her a puzzling look, but raised her hands in acceptance before Elizabeth could explain herself.

Jane turned to go to her room to change while Elizabeth snuck down the stairs to the hallway that fed into the living room. She pressed her body against the walls, and on her tiptoes, quietly snuck the length of the hall. The only light that was on was in radiated from the living room; however, there was no sound. Although she doubted anyone was in there, she continued her spy moves. Elizabeth crouched lower to the ground as she got nearer.

"No one there," she smiled to herself. Standing up straight, Elizabeth moved into the kitchen to grab the keys from the bowl on the counter. As she walked in the room she turned the lights on, crossed the small distance to the island in the middle of their modest kitchen. The large sea foam green bowl sat in the middle of the island, and in it was a pile of unclaimed stuff. Elizabeth started to pull each item out; a nail polish bottle, calculator, broken pencils, empty gum packets, and finally the car keys.

"Going somewhere dear?" a deep voice asked.

Elizabeth jumped. Her heart raced, feeling as though it were about to leap out of her rib cage. Her hand flew to her heaving chest. She whipped around to see her father leaning against the stove with a container of strawberry ice cream in one hand and a spoon in the other. "Geez Dad, you nearly scared me half to death! Have you no compassion for my poor nerves?" she joked when her heart finally steadied.

A grin grew on Mr. Bennet's face. "So are you leaving?" he asked spooning a large bite of ice cream into his mouth.

"Jane and I were planning on sneaking out to get frozen yogurt. I finished my pre-calc homework at home for the first time and Jane didn't kill Collin. These are major accomplishments you know," said Elizabeth, bouncing the keys from hand to hand.

"Sounds reasonable to me. Be back in an hour or so. I'm not sure how much longer everyone is going to stay downstairs." Elizabeth looked at the staircase and then back at Mr. Bennet. "They're going through some old scrapbooks or something. They were having some kind of argument about the type of fabric that your mother used in your old regency era costume."

"Ah. Well, keep us covered. I'll text you when we're coming in," she said.

"Of course dear. If they start to get rowdy I'll bring up Jane's hippie costume and the various pieces that went into that. I think they'll have enough pieces there to discuss," Mr. Bennet joked. "Oh and be safe. I really would rather not have to explain to your mother why her two eldest are in the hospital when they should be in their rooms doing school work."

"Yes Dad. I don't think we plan on getting in a wreck any time soon," Elizabeth said. She walked over to her father and gave him a hug. His greying whiskers tickled her cheek when she gave him a quick kiss. She quietly bounded through the house to the doorway where Jane was standing, now in a dress and flats.

"Ready?" Jane asked.

"Yes, and what are you ready for? Am I assisting in a secret rendezvous with Charlie?" Elizabeth questioned as they walked through the door.

"Yeah, you caught me. I just know that he is getting frozen yogurt tonight at this time. I feel it in my bones," she whispered the end.

"I knew it!" Elizabeth exclaimed. The two girls quickly got into the car before they silently took off.

"Which one are we going to?" Jane asked while she flew down the highway zigzagging around cars.

"I don't care," Elizabeth replied, flipping through her book. Reading only by the light of the street lamps that zoomed by.

"I'm not sure if I've heard of 'I Don't Care' Frozen Yogurt. I have heard of Jeni's Frozen Yogurt though," Jane quipped.

"Sounds good to me," Elizabeth replied. After a few moments went by in silence, she put her book down.

"I am so happy Dad covered for us. Honestly I thought that we would be fed to the wolves," Jane said.

"Really? Dad? Psh, he's the most chill person ever. I bet he wanted to sneak along with us, but he already had the strawberry ice cream out," said Elizabeth.

"The strawberry ice cream. Damn, he was serious. He never goes for his stuff first, that's like the golden rule of the freezer!" Jane exclaimed.

"Really? I've been in that house for how many years and I'm just learning this," said Elizabeth.

"Dad allows you to eat his ice cream?" Elizabeth nodded. "You're his favorite. Hands down, we all knew this before but now it's official. He never allows us to eat his ice cream. This is why you're allowed sneaking out like it's no big deal. Stupid ice cream. It's a good thing I like vanilla more," seethed Jane.

Elizabeth looked at Jane. She couldn't help but to start laughing, "Did you really just rage about ice cream?"

"Mmhm. You wouldn't understand."

"We never talked about you and Charlie on the trip home." Elizabeth said.

"Where did that come from?" asked Jane.

"My mind. No, I was wandering from reading this crappy poetry and that's where my brain went to," Elizabeth explained.

"Ah, gotcha! What is there to discuss? I thought that we were done," said Jane.

"Nope," Elizabeth popped the p. "So, Charlie is going to ask you to be his girlfriend. Interesting."

"Maybe. Sue told me that Gillian overheard Caroline complaining that Charlie told Darcy that he was thinking about asking me to be his girlfriend," she squeezed out.

"Uh, sure? Just a moment, I need to process this," Elizabeth paused. "So this is all speculation. There's been no real report of this. And don't think that you're not good enough to get him. I still remember you saying that. If there is anyone in that damned school that deserves a bit of happiness it's you."

"Goodness Elizabeth, you make everything sound like we're in school. But yes, there hasn't been trustworthy documentation. And you're just saying that because you're my sister," Jane played along. She reached down to the volume knob on the radio and turned it up, solidifying the end of the conversation.

They arrived at the frozen yogurt place with 45 minutes left before they were to return home.

"What flavor do I want to get Jane?" asked Elizabeth when they entered.

"How am I supposed to know? I'm getting lemon flavor, they just got it in I heard," she took off to the counter with the cups and filled hers full of lemon goodness before taking off to the toppings.

"Too many decisions," Elizabeth moaned with a cup in her hands. She was pacing up and down the array of yogurts analyzing each of the flavors.

"I like the chocolate one myself," said a male voice. Turning around she saw the one and only Wickham. She backed away startled a bit.

"Oh, hi," she blurted.

"Ah, so you do remember me. I was hoping that you would. Who would have thought that I would meet you again in a frozen yogurt place?"

"Not me," she replied. How does he remember me?

"Elizabeth you about done? Oh who is this?" Jane said, finally coming back over after filling her yogurt with blueberries, Nilla wafers, and chocolate chips.

"George Wickham," he said, grabbing Jane's hand and putting a chaste kiss on her knuckles.

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