When River Forgot.

Just a little Chapter I wrote, may be a one-shot but I have left it open for more chapters depending on the feedback that I get, if I get any :_(


She lay so peacefully on her cell bed. Her figure cast into shadow as the nearest light was very dim. The Doctor stood outside her cell resting against the iron framework watching the sleeping figure of River Song. He had planned to make a quick entrance where he would then whisk her away to some romantic place where they would enjoy Fish fingers and custard that he had spent the last hour cooking. However the minute he had seen her sleeping form The Doctor felt that it would be an evil act to stop her having her sleep. All her troubles were forgotten, all her worries postponed. River Song could be herself when she was asleep. She didn't have to pretend or lie, she didn't have to distance herself from people as it wasn't the time. She didn't have to build up a wall fro which it was very hard to see the real River. Her cool, practical exterior was far from the soft, kind-hearted women inside.

The Doctor carried on watching her, drinking in her appearance as if it would be the last time he would see her. Even in the dim light The Doctor could make out her frizzy hair sticking out in all directions. Her arms were laying down by her side bending only to allow her hands to rest on her stomach.

The Doctor stated to fidget, waiting wasn't one of his virtues. He didn't have to wait long as River was already starting to stir from her sleep.

"Hello Sleepyhead!" He greeted cheerfully once her eyes were fully open. She turned her head slightly so she could see who had spoken.

"Well, it sure is nice to get a good morning. Normally you lot don't speak to me." River smiled as she looked up into The Doctor's face. "You're new here aren't you? None of the others would stand so close." River sat up so she could get a closer look at her visitor. Meanwhile The Doctor's face had split into an even wider grin.

"Oh River, you do like to wind me up."

"Wind you up? I think you've been on the brandy." River gave a chuckle and stated stretching.

"You know I don't drink River, can't stand the stuff." The Doctor was still standing in the same place, the fidgeting had stopped now River was awake.

"Sorry, But you talk as if I know you." River gave another chuckle.

"River, stop teasing me. I'll get you back for it later otherwise." The Doctor laughed at the thought of how he could punish River in some way.

"Ha, you are a strange one. What's your name?" River was still doing stretches in the little space she had.

"The Doctor." He tugged at his Bow-tie playing along with what he thought was River's new game.

"The Doctor, interesting. Could you tell me the time please I don't want to be late." River was now looking in a draw, searching for something.

"ummm, its about 10 o'clock at night. And I came on time tonight, in fact I came early so how can you be running late?"

"you're not making any sense, What are you talking about?" River had found what she was looking for, a Tardis blue notebook.

"Me not making any sense, you're the one who is pretending not to know me!" The Doctor's grin was starting to fade.

"I don't know you!" River was sitting on her bed again, skimming through the diary.

"Come off it River, I know you're just winding me up. To prove it you're looking through you're diary of the times we have met." The Doctor was now pressing himself as close to the bars as possible so her could see River better.

"Times we've met? This is my diary of my time in prison. Look you're just a guard, go do you're duty." River was still flicking through the diary not looking up at The Doctor.

"I'm not a guard here! River this is getting out of hand just stop it!" The Doctor's grin had completely faded. Why was River acting like this?

"Well what are you then? If you're not a guard what are you doing here? And how do you know my name?" River had shut the Book with a snap and chucked it on her vacant pillow.

The Doctor remained speechless. Something was up, he knew it. "River would you come closer please so I can take a better look at you?" River gave The Doctor a quizzical look but stood up anyway.

"So you are an actual Doctor, I thought that was just some name you had made up to sound cool."

The Doctor was now peering into River's eyes. "River please look me in the eye and tell me you have no idea who I am."

"I have no idea who you are." River repeated and The Doctor knew she was telling the truth. Even River wasn't that good of a liar. He could see that there was no recognition when she looked at him. He found himself sliding to the floor still gripping the iron bars tightly. "Hey, are you alright?" River had bent down so she could talk to him properly.

"River, River, River. What happened to you?" The Doctor whispered, he didn't want to talk any louder for fear his sadness would show in his voice.

"Doctor," two soft warm hands had been place over his own. "Who are you?"

The Doctor looked up into her eyes and found both his hearts shatter to pieces. He had never realized how much River Song meant to him until he lost her. Now he felt the pain she must have felt at the library when she looked into his eyes and he had told her he had no idea who she was. That pang of pain ripped through him like nothing else could.

"Please Doctor, I don't understand." River's voice pleaded to him.

"Why are you in prison River?" He had to find out what happened to her, why she didn't know who he was, How she had forgotten.

"I killed a man." River whispered bluntly, no guilt in her tone.

"Who did you kill?" There was no reply. "River, Who did you kill?" The Doctor said this more forcefully, not because he wanted to know, because he knew the answer but did she know it?

"I...I don't know." River barely whispered it. "I...can't remember." Tears formed in her eyes as she tried to find this vital bit of information. "Why can't I remember? Why haven't I though about it before?"

"Shhh shhh, River its OK don't worry." The Doctor was now gripping her hands in his own. In the distance the sound of steady footsteps could be heard coming nearer. "Come on Song." He got to his feet and helped River to hers as best he could through the bars.

"What? Where are we going?" River was still dazed and nothing was sinking in very well.

"You'll see." Acting on instinct The Doctor pointed his screwdriver at the cell door and soniced it open. The sound of alarms pierced the air, alerting the guards. The Doctor ran in the cell, scooped up the Blue book resting on the pillow grabbed River's hand and pulled her down the corridor.

Footsteps could be heard echoing through the corridor as dozens of guards responded to the alarm. The Doctor clicked his fingers ad the Tardis doors swung open. Pulling River though it and then shutting it he began flicking buttons here and there. Soon the Tardis started humming as she was driven out of Stormcage and through space.

The Doctor, who was grinning again, looked over to River. His face instantly feel as he saw her body on a heap at the bottom step. Running down the stairs and jumping over her body The doctor crouched beside her. She was laying quite still like she had been just minutes ago. "River, if you can here me then please give me a sign to let you know you're OK." The Doctor didn't wait for River's sign instead he whipped out his screwdriver and hovered it above her. He instantly relaxed when the little screen told him she was fine and just needed to rest.

Setting River on her usual bed that she normally occupied when she was travelling with him, The Doctor turned his thoughts to Rivers unusual behaviour.

"Don't worry River, I'll get you back. No-one takes my wife away from me and when I find them they will have to pay for what they have done." The Doctor whispered in her ear before kissing her briefly on the lips. "Goodnight River, I'll see you in the morning." And then he left the room shutting his door quietly behind him.


There you are, depending on reviews and hits I may make this into a full story. If I don't get much interest or feedback then it will stay as it is, Short and unfinished. I love River&11th so if I do carry this on I will try and get as many moments between them as I can. Thank you for reading this hope you enjoyed it!