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River's eyes fluttered open, the darkness instantly closing in on her vision. It stuck her as odd, normally there was a least one light always kept on in her cell. As she debated why the changed had occurred the memory of the night before came flooding back to her. They weren't bad memories, but then again neither were they good. Who was that man? How did he know her? River's thoughts were inturupted by a knocking on a door across the dark room. She decided to ignor it as she was already confused and her head was throbbing with pain for some reason. The rapping continued causing River to pull the pillow from under her head and stuff it over her face, trying to block out the insisting sound.

"River, are you awake?" The Doctor's voice drifted through the wooden door.

"I'm awake," River automatically replied, her voice muffled by the pillow.

"Great, I'm coming in...unless you're not decent, in that case...I'm coming in anyway." The Doctor rambled on as he opened the door sending a stream of light into the room. River pulled the pillow off her face so she could peer up at The Doctor. His figure was outlined by the light behind him, all she could make out was his arm stretching to a patch on the wall where he flicked on the light. Instantly the room was lit up, allowing River to look closly at her surronings. It was not much bigger than her cell at Stormcage however it was much more cosy than the cell, and better decorated. The main colour was a dark blue with splashes of red here and there. Although there wasn't much furniture in the room, only a bed and a small table and chair in the corner, there was three doors leading off the room. One door on the north wall: was which still open slightly, Another door on the west wall, and another opposite that door. River, finsished looking around the room, moved her gaze to The Doctor. He was standing in the middle of the room grinning, while holding a tray in one hand.

"How are you River?" He started rocking on the balls of his feet still smiling down at River.

"Fine...I think, I don't really know what's going on here...Could you" She trailed off mid sentence but The Doctor knew what she was going to ask.

"Exaplain? Well I could, but wheres the fun in that?"

"No, Please just tell me, How do you know me?" River's voice was pleading The Doctor for the truth, something he had rearley heard in his River's voice. He took a big gulp beofre answering.

"We were good friends, you must have bumped your head and forgotten. No matter we'll have you better in no time!" The Doctor decided that it would be better if River didn't know the whole truth and that she didn't know what he suspected. "In the meantime, lets get you fed. Don't want you fainting again."

"Fainting?" River asked going along reluctantly with the subject change, The Doctor's answer hadn't been enough to quench her thirst for knowledge but she wasn't going to give up.

"Yes...But anyway...Breakfast!"

"Yo-u d-i-dn't have to..." River stammered looking at the tray that The Doctor had lowered. On it was what looked like a fry up yet instead, it had fishfingers, a bowl of custard and some cadbury's cream eggs.

"You favorite" He said proudly. River didn't want to contridict him as he was in such a good mood, but she had never tried any of these things let alone have them as her favorite food.

"Umm...Thank you poppet." She said taking the tray from The Doctor and placing it on her lap.

"Poppet?" The Doctor asked involuntary. He haden't meant to voice aloud the question he was thinking, but it just slipped out.

"Yes, I call a lot of people poppet. Are you sure you know me?" River was still looking down at her food, not sure whether it was ok to eat.

"Oh." Was the only thing The Doctor could say. His mind had started working into hyper mode, piecing together everything that had happened since he first laid eyes on River yesterday. Why was she asleep? She always waited up for him. Why has her whole attitude changed? Almost like any personality traits she had developed around him had been reset. But why? And then she didn't call him sweetie. She always calls him sweetie, never poppet.

"This is really nice!" River had started eating her breakfast. She had just dipped in a little bit of fish finger into the custard and tried it. instantly she fell in love with the taste.

"I did tell you that you love that dish, Sweetie." He grinned at seeing River so happy, he quite enjoyed watching her fall in love with fish fingers and custard again. But he missed his River. Seeing her like this was painful. No recollection of him, no memory of what they were, everything had been erased like it had never happened. He felt a pang of sadness as the word sweetie called no recognition to River's face as she continued to eat her breakfast. The Doctor realized that River made him him and he made River River. If he hadn't met River he would have been a different person completely, if River never met him than she would be completely different.

"You're crying." River's voice broke his thoughts.

"Sorry?" He asked not quite catching what she had said.

"You're crying" repeated River.

"No I'm not..." He replied but then he realized a tear had slid down his cheek, one single tear that was shed in memory of River, of his River. No, why am I cring, she's not dead. River is here in front of me. But no matter how many times he said that his heart's knew that his River maybe gone forever. And it broke him, had he been alone he would have cried his heart out over the loss of the person closest to him, River meant so much to him. The Doctor slid to the ground and bowed his head, he didn't want River to see him like this.

"Oh poppet, what's wrong?" River put her tray to one side and knelt next to The Doctor.

The Doctor didn't answer her. His brain working into overdrive, as he thought of what to do next. His plan came to him, He would give this River what his River got. He would risk his life to let her have what the other River had. Thats what his River had done for him. She had sacrificed herself so he could still have that time with her past self. Now The Doctor knew how she felt when she looked into his eyes in the library, how her heart must have saddened to see the one you love know nothing about you.


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