Eileen woke up startled as she heard her alarm clock go off. She then realized today Rigby was going to be at the coffee shop and squealed with delight! She got dressed quickly and ate her breakfast as she was running out the door.

Eileen started to wipe the counter tops off when her friend Margaret came through the door. "Sorry Eileen, I had to stop at the store to pick up supplies for one of my stupid projects!" Margaret said tired.

"It's okay Margaret, you must be tired form working so hard at the university and here." Eileen said cheerfully. "I already covered one of your jobs." said Eileen.

"Thanks Eileen! You're the best friend a girl can ever have!" Margaret said. Eileen blushed and thanked her for the compliment. Eileen always loved helping others. "Besides, I still need to repay her from long ago.." Eileen thought.

Morning soon became afternoon and that is when the guys come in. "Come on man!" Rigby complained. "Why do we have to come on Eileen's shift!" Rigby complained more.

Tears filled in Eileen's eyes as she was about to run off crying. As she started to run off, she heard Mordecai punch Rigby in the arm and say "Shut up dude!" "Eileen is probably one of the coolest girls we know!" "Not only is she smart, but she knows a lot of things boring people wouldn't know!" "I just don't understand how you COULDN'T like her!" Yelled Mordecai.

Everyone in the shop froze and looked at the two friends. Mordecai looked embarrassed and sat down blushing. "Geez man! I've never seen you so worked up about something before!" Rigby said.

"I'm sorry dude, it's just that it's hard to see you talk about her like that." Mordecai said. Eileen started to blush and decided to take their orders.

"Hey guys!" Eileen said. She decided to pretend she didn't hear that. "Do you two want the usual?" she asked. Mordecai and Rigby decided to pretend they didn't have this conversation and decided to answer.

"Yeah we want the usual" They both answered. As Eileen went to go get their food. She then realized she loved Mordecai.